Revealing the Method of the Armageddon-Engineers


The three words: electricity, light and life express divinity and their synthesis is God. When we know the three as one in our own experience, then we know God. We are now using and increasingly aware of the lowest aspect of light. The second aspect of light is on the point of revelation, through the right understanding of electrical phenomena. There lies the clue to the New-Age; the age of light, of illumination and of revelation.
Alice Bailey[1]

“Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”.



In this series of articles we venture into the probability of an engineered Apocalypse, after the likeness of the Book of Revelation. In my poem PAX ALCHEMICA I wrote the following:

It’s difficult to wade through the exoteric woes
To actually see how deep the rabbit hole goes
As with Babylon’s whore, you’re not in Kansas anymore
Understand Revelations to see what’s for us in store

So on a playful way I’ve described that you figuratively have to follow Dorothy and come out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown, wherever it takes you. You need to learn the esoteric side of the Agenda to really see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and Revelation might just be one of the most important ways to get there. This is a very intricate subject and it has many levels, so this will therefore be divided into several different articles. The question is if the Dominant Minority might be of mind to in some way act out the events in the Book of Revelation of John of Patmos. The Lord allegedly told John to “write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter”. [Rev. 1:19] Many fundamentalist followers of the three Abrahamic world religions have been anticipating this, well, for centuries. There are several viewpoints in literature in how they look at Revelation, like the historicists, futurists, and idealists. But it’s hard to deny that nowadays often ‘signs’ occur that can be interpreted as having strong references to Revelation. But that is always the problem with the religious scriptures: it contains such an incredibly amount of text, written in very different times with words having very different contexts or maybe even multiple meanings, of which some have long since been discarded. So most of it can never be interpreted literally.

In ON THE MOVEMENT I wrote a bit about how I started as atheistic / agnostic in the waking-up process, but due to the things I’ve learned and uncovered during my research had to change my convictions a bit. You normally just don’t think about good and evil, living in the relatively peaceful and protected environment in the West. But there has to be something which has ‘died’ or ‘disconnected’ in persons who’re actively pursuing this end-goal the NWO strives for. Or maybe something external has been added or changed to their mental and emotional state, that is also possible. Because for a ‘regular’ human these urges and goals are so strange, so alien, so enigmatic. Many researchers link this to inbreeding and selective breeding, or even trauma based mind-control. This is possible, but is it the whole story? I’ve already hinted in a few articles, like OUR DEMON-HAUNTED ELITE, that there might be more to it. There are literally hundreds of elites who can be listed there, but I haven’t found the time for this yet. But is it all a religious and spiritual fight, that’s the big question? It was Francis Bacon who said it best maybe. He was one of the main foundational Builders of the NWO-Agenda in our Age, who had access to much of the deeper and secret knowledge in his time. He made a very profound statement, certainly because he was the person who started the scientific method. After a lifetime of study he wrote, that

I had rather believe all the Fables in the Legend, and the Talmud, and the Alcoran, then that this universall Frame, is without a Minde. And therefore, God never wrought Miracle, to convince Atheisme, because his Ordinary Works Convince it. It is true, that a little Philosophy inclineth Mans Minde to Atheisme; But depth in Philosophy, bringeth Mens Mindes about to Religion. [3]

A side-note is that philosophy and science were in that time seen as one. But with ‘waking up’ this works the same, I think. If you’re a little bit awake, you’ll boast, you scream, think yourself better than the ‘sheeple’ around you who live in fairyland. You’ll think you’re able to detect shills under every bed, you’ll think you can blame a minority or a race or religion. You think you’re all of a sudden in some kind of way entitled to judge all those other people. This goes the same with the Skeptics, and I think it’s very important for all to follow, for this time only, Carl Sagan’s advice as quoted at the beginning of THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM. Don’t put yourself in a self-proclaimed minority position and elevate yourself above the rest, because this only weakens your own position. We’re all just ordinary people, doing what we think is best, in an extraordinary period in human history. A defining one.

If you are able to see this and thus able to venture into some deeper levels of understanding, then you’ll automatically transcend these lowest emotions, like hate and prejudice, and learn that it’s much bigger than that. Much bigger. But the group instigating and leading all this is in fact quite small. Not invincible, but unreachable and they have almost all the advantages, like structure, complete information, worldwide reach, consensus, alliance, solidarity. If there’s something like a ‘resistance’ to the NWO, it’s clear that all points I’ve just mentioned are lacking. But that doesn’t have to stay that way. Something which is very important, I think, is to learn and understand how the initiates communicate with each other. So let’s first see if we can come to a very basic understanding on how they have been collaborating and communicating through the centuries, and how the outline of the Agenda is put out in the open.

We don’t know if it always has been an ‘open conspiracy’ and of course for most of the time most people weren’t very literate, histories have been rewritten many times, important details lost into the memory hole, and an incredible but unknown amount of the real important information might just be stashed away in secret archives and private libraries. The digitalization of so many of this is one of the main ‘weapons’ for the ‘vigilant minority’ [us] to use, as long as it’s possible. Because they will do everything to eventually seal off these informational streams. They won’t shut off the internet, because they need us to become part of the Internet of Things [IOT], but they will go to extremes to take the anonymous out of the equation of the Net, and to have us log in with our personal biometric ID. And as soon as the synthesis between ID and IOT is reached, well, you can do the sum yourself…

APOC__blockcahinTheir newest spiel on so called digital currency safety and escape from the nasty bankers of the Old World Order is called Block-Chain. Yes, this is really for the people who can’t wait for the new feudal system to come in! By endorsing anything even remotely touching pure digital currency and paying methods is 100% playing into the hands of the NWO. Period.


We all know of the secret societies, NGO’s, and Foundations, but we also understand that most of these members aren’t conscious agents of the NWO at all. Individual organizations aren’t powerful enough, and secret societies are largely a ‘shield’ or window dressing for the higher initiates. There is factionalism among the elites, especially the political branches, but there has to be one higher level above it that controls all lower factions. And those people don’t have to be in high positions in the public perception, and I think most of them really aren’t. But if they’re higher in the secret esoteric hierarchy, people who are world leaders in our perception will listen to them without question.




David Noble provides in The Religion of Technology [1999] a detailed description how for the last thousand years the select groups of people that came up with the main technological development, did this based on religious grounds. He also published highly acclaimed works against the schooling system and bias and corruption in science. Unfortunately Noble died too early, after an acute blood infection. But before he died he did manage to write down these ‘heretical’ words:

The millenarian promise of restoring mankind to its original God-like perfection—the underlying premise of the religion of technology—was never meant to be universal. It was in essence an elitist expectation, reserved only for the elect. […] Half the species, women, were expressly excluded, and so too were the vast majority of the male population, who would likewise be left behind by the saints. Thus the cloistered monks—the spiritual soldiers of salvation epitomized by Joachim of Fiore’s millenarian vanguard of viri spirituales—pursued their own privileged perfection far in advance of the rest of humanity, as did the mendicant friars who followed in their footsteps, as missionaries and schoolmen.

The great explorers too believed that they alone had been chosen, and sent, to rediscover paradise, and the hermetic philosophers and learned magi they so inspired were similarly assured of their own special monopoly on divine wisdom. Stirred by the apocalyptic visions of just such an elite brotherhood of pious wise men, the scientific virtuosi of the seventeenth century imagined themselves the blessed new saviors of mankind, best prepared by their studies and knowledge to meet again in the glorious kingdom to come. And the mantle of perfection they so proudly wore, woven by monks, was passed on, through the closed ranks and secret rituals of Masonic society, to the enlightened elite of modern civilization, the engineers. [4]

This is a birds-eye overview of how the secret teachings for the unification of the world have passed through the centuries. Most will look familiar, only the engineers as being the initiates of today might for many people be hard to fathom. That is of course because we in the West have been reared in scientism, although we aren’t eager to admit that. Daniel Boorstin, the Librarian of Congress before James H. Billington, gives us some clues to understand how the Masons came out of their secrecy and moved into the limelight of the engineers and scientists as the main proponents of the Great Work. In his book Hidden History [1987] he tells us how the phrase “profession”, the oath taken by the priest class, slowly transmogrified into more mundane words like “professor” and “professional”. Boorstin goes on to tell us how the “professional” became more and more ubiquitous, strengthened by the carefully timed introduction of neologisms like “artist” and “scientist”. Later followed the professionals in military circles. And from the moment that the universities were expected to make profits out of their daily activities, the standards dropped quickly and hence even universities became mass-producers of largely mediocre minds. This led according to Boorstin to the “professionalizing of almost everyone”.[5] The professional or the expert is more or less just a cog in the wheel of society, a node in the system, or a bee in the hive; knowing very much on one subject, but ignorant on all others. And society has been steered this way for a very good reason!

If we return to Bertrand Russell’s Scientific Outlook, we see that he hinted that the world in the long run would be split into a sharp dichotomy between the ruling class [governors] and the plebs, almost becoming two different species. So for most people good education isn’t necessary in the technological society, or even a no-no. Gradually the scientific class, the new priesthood, would strengthen its stronghold on the people, ushering in the Technocracy, or scientific dictatorship, as Russell preferred to call it himself. As we’ve seen in other articles on this website, this is exactly what’s emerging nowadays. Bertie also promised the world would become more and more depraved, and the outlook on life and death would change too. He then concluded that the

advancement of knowledge will be held to justify much torture of individuals by surgeons, biochemists, and experimental psychologists. As time goes on the amount of added knowledge required to justify a given amount of pain will diminish, and the number of governors attracted to the kinds of research necessitating cruel experiments will increase. Just as the sun worship of the Aztecs demanded the painful death of thousands of human beings annually, so the new scientific religion will demand its holocausts of sacred victims. Gradually the world will grow more dark and more terrible. Strange perversions of instinct will first lurk in the dark corners and then gradually overwhelm the men in high places.

Sadistic pleasures will not suffer the moral condemnation that will be meted out to the softer joys, since, like the persecutions of the Inquisition, they will be found in harmony with the prevailing asceticism. In the end such a system must break down either in an orgy of bloodshed or in the rediscovery of joy. Such at least is the only ray of hope to lighten the darkness of these visions of Cassandra, but perhaps in permitting this ray of hope we have allowed ourselves to yield to a foolish optimism. [6]

Not exactly the prose you’d expect from a Nobel Prize winner in literature, or maybe you do. The ‘bolshevist democrat’ Alfred Nobel, who was also the inventor of dynamite, was of course adherent to the ‘Peace’ as defined by the Dominant Minority and not what we mean with peace. Anthony Sampson wrote some interesting things about Mr. Nobel in his book The Arms Bazaar [1977]. He wrote that Nobel sometimes told acquaintances that it was somewhat a “demonic business” they were working on, perfecting dynamite for all kinds of usages. Nobel lamented often that he was plagued by the “ghosts of Niflheim”, which are old Norse mythological entities. Nobel hated women and was a lonely man, full of resentment and misanthropy. He also played with the thought of starting up a ‘Suicide-Institute’ at the Italian Riviera.[7] What’s also important to remember is that Sampson noted that the Arms Industry was probably the first globalized industry. It’s also one of the main arms of the Dominant Minority, at least as important as the banking monopolies.

Below a newspaper article from the Buffalo Courier of July 24, 1921.[8] The article tells us about a big arms conference which was held to aid in the [public version of the] Great Rapprochement of the Anglo-American Establishment. So, unlike what many fundamental Skeptoholics think, the NWO-phrase wasn’t used the first time by George H.W. Bush, as I already have pointed out in THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM. In fact, the term was pampered by many globalists in the WWI and Interbellum years, then written out in detail by H.G. Wells and others, globalized by bodies like the Club Of Rome, and finally given to the speech-writers of President Bush.


How does the Dominant Minority in any time, and their larger coterie of intellectuals and helpers, actually communicate the plans? In the last big ‘New-Age’ period it was easier, it seems, because most of the world’s intellect was for a long time situated in Greece. Mainly through secret societies, of course, because the highest teachings are allegedly only given orally. But if you look very clearly at our history, you see that most of it has been made by a relative small number of individuals, who knew each other personally or were often even relatives. If you only take the people who started certain movements, revolutions and doctrines, almost all can in some way be connected with each other. In the scientific literature this notion hasn’t been very often said out loud, but there are of course some exceptions. For instance John Bernal wrote in his Science In History  [1957] about how in the 17th and 18th century the slow transition from “experimental philosophers” to “scientists as we would call them” happened. This were individuals who

no longer formed of the intense city life of the Renaissance; they appeared more as individual members of the new bourgeoisie, largely lawyers, like Vieta, Fermat, Bacon; doctors—Copernicus, Gilbert, Harvey; a few minor nobles—Tycho Brahe, Descartes, von Guericke, and van Helmont; churchmen, like Mersenne and Gassendi; and even one or two brilliant recruits from the lower orders, like Kepler.

In history they are made to figure as being isolated; but in reality they were, because of their very small numbers, always in far easier and quicker contact with each other than scientists of today. [9]

If we go back to David Noble and his book, we see him writing about the ongoing worship of technology based on a religion of self-engineered apotheosis:

Bacon himself disdained what he called the “innate depravity and malignant disposition of the common people.” He exhorted his peers to learn from lowly artisans, not to emulate them but only to enhance their more exalted efforts. Galileo displayed a similar disdain for “women and ordinary folk”—”the shallow minds of common people”—and he urged the Church to hide from the people scientific truth about the heavens lest they become confused and troublesome. Bacon believed, however, that science would teach “the peoples [to] take upon them the yoke of laws and submit to authority, and forget their ungovernable appetites ….”

Bacon’s followers sustained this elitist outlook. Though they earnestly envisioned the advent of an earthly millennium, Hartlib, Dury, Plattes, and other early Baconians depended heavily upon parliamentary power and privileges and held to a rigidly hierarchical view of society. In their educational-reform efforts, for example, they promoted universal education but divided their schools into “mechanical” and “noble”: the first to educate the masses in practical matters, the latter to educate the elite in theory and advanced science. The scientific societies which emerged in the seventeenth century, modeled upon Bacon’s vision, owed their existence and allegiance to royal authority, and aristocratic (and increasingly capitalistic) patronage. Accordingly, they viewed their social mission in much the same way as Bacon had his. [10]

If you add this for instance with the Aldous Huxley-quote in the article CLOSE TO PERFECTION, you will understand better what the noted historian Will Durant wrote in his book The Story Of Philosophy [1953]. Durant was schooled by the Jesuits and also very well connected, with fellow historians like H.G. Wells and Arnold J. Toynbee, but also with some of the top banking families. He also came up with the infamous Declaration of Interdependence in 1945. In the book he tells us about some of the most important philosophers in history. One of his main heroes was Francis Bacon, and about him he tells us that

again in a few words, Bacon invents a new science—social psychology. “Philosophers should diligently inquire into the powers and energy of custom, exercise, habit, education, example, imitation, emulation, company, friendship, praise, reproof, exhortation, reputation, laws, books, studies etc.; for these are the things that reign in men’s morals ; by these agents the mind is formed and subdued.” So closely has this outline been followed by the new science that it reads almost like a table of contents for the works of Tarde, Le Bon, Ross, Wallas, and Durkheim. [11]

And of course it was. On the same page Durant also wrote about Bacon that in “psychology he is almost a ‘behaviorist’: he demands a strict study of cause and effect in human action, and wishes to eliminate the word chance from the vocabulary of science”. So we might even add our good old friend B.F. Skinner to the list too. Please sum this with the Durant-quote near the end of THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM.

Dame Frances Yates tells us in her book Occult Philosophy Of The Elizabethan Age that Desiderius Erasmus wrote his famous Praise Of Folly, while living in the household of Thomas More in London. He was there at least from 1508 to 1513. Yates added too that none less than Cornelius Agrippa visited London in 1510 and was in contact with John Colet, who belonged to the inner circle of Thomas More. There is allegedly no proof that Agrippa met with Erasmus too, although it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. And speaking about John Dee, the main occult philosopher at the court of Queen Elizabeth and the most famous black magician ever, Yates tells us that during her research it became “more and more apparent that Dee had contacts with nearly everyone of importance in the age”.[12]

As far as I know the most important individuals in the progress of the NWO-Agenda are those who have been philosopher-scientists and who were also well-connected into the establishment families in banking and law firms. Having money is one thing, but designing the techniques of subjugating humanity and writing this down into detailed ‘project plans’ takes other and much more advanced skills. It are those ‘philosopher-kings’ so to speak, an old concept of Plato, who really have influenced society the most in the long run. But these individuals don’t always have to be the most famous people in history, that is a very important thing to understand. In INDECENT ATMOSPHERE you can read for instance that Sir Francis Galton was in his time the right person to start up the international atmospheric studies and continental weather coverage, because, well, he knew everybody in Europe who had the right connections and influence. In the book Eugenics And The Darwins by physicist Tom Blaney we read that Galton “had become part of the high priesthood of the Victorian intelligentsia, and he relished it. His autobiography has a specific chapter on his social life and is littered with the names of the distinguished people who inhabited the Galton dinner parties”. Blaney then tells us about Galton’s ideas of the social heredity of genius, and how this allegedly ran in families like in his own, the Darwins and the Butlers:

His primary material came from various biographical books that had listed great men (and even a few women) over the centuries, and later from newspaper obituaries. Among these illuminati, he looked for those who were related. [13]

One of Galton’s successors, Julian Huxley, was also one of those guys who could go anywhere, say whatever he wanted and still all doors would open. He experienced his academic downfalls and enemies, but he has been influential in an extremely large amount of scientific and sociological fields. In the very good book Beyond the Laboratory [1987] by Peter J. Kuznick we find a lot of less well-known information, largely based on private correspondence of influential Anglo-American scientists and eugenicists. And so we read about Huxley that he was one of the leading lights amongst a team of about 2000 American engineers and technicians who took off to Russia, and who helped setting up the Soviet Experiment in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Sidney and Beatrice Webb were also heavily involved and wrote a book out of their love for Stalinist Russia, named Soviet Communism; A New Civilization? In 1931 and 1932 the Soviet attitude against the US officially tightened and became more hostile, but at least 1000 American engineers stayed on the job, so that in 1933 Stalin “credited the Ford engineers with creating the Soviet automobile industry”. Kuznick cites a few Western scholars who couldn’t praise Stalinist Russia enough; they called it “Prometheus Unbound”, praised their “emphatic endorsement of science”, and the New York Times didn’t flinch when they described the first Five-Year Plan as the “most extraordinary enterprise in the economic history of the world”. Kuznick wrote that Julian Huxley the “world-renowned geneticist was enormous popular in the United States”, and that he later

accompanied journalist J.G. Crowther on a three-week tour of Soviet scientific institutions, recording his experiences in A Scientist Among The Soviets. Inspired by what he saw, Huxley, although never becoming Stalin’s ‘bulldog’ [as was his grandfather to Darwin—FS] did become a quick convert to the marvels of Soviet science. Huxley describes science “as essential part of the Russian plan. Marxist philosophy is largely based upon natural science…[and] asserts that the scientific attitude must form part of the Communist’ general outlook”. Huxley was awed by the concrete results of this ‘enormous experiment’ in planned collectivization. [14]

Later Kuznick teaches us that Huxley and Herman J. Müller were also friends for a very long time, and that the former was a bit of a mentor, to Müller, who himself was more or less a mentor to Carl Sagan, and also very influential in the field of genetic engineering. Kuznick cites Müller a few times, where he admitted that he really wanted to start on humans. Probably because the drosphila flies became a bit boring, although his research on that won him a Nobel prize. Müller also enjoyed Rockefeller and Guggenheim Fellowship money to finance his studies and books.[15] His most famous book is Out of the Night, hinting us that he couldn’t wait to see the Red Sun Rising after the long and cold Dark Night of the Soul. [See CLOSE TO PERFECTION]. He, too, was anxiously awaiting the dawning of a New Day. They all do.


In the 1980s former MI5 agent Peter Wright wrote his memoirs about his time in the service, which became a controversial bestseller because Prime-Minister Thatcher went to great troubles to stop its publication. To protect the State but also to protect some high people in the mass media of being exposed as agents.[16] There are a few very interesting admissions to be found in the book, and the counterintelligence actions against it have been severe, saying that the book is terrible and full of factual mistakes and so on. Which makes it even stranger that the British State would go as high up as the Supreme Court to stop its publication. Because of the extreme pressure Wright’s second book was never published. Wright was close friends with Victor Rothschild, who is another great example of the key people in the NWO we’re looking for; someone with the right connections but also with the hands-on knowledge to further the scientific dictatorship. Wright wrote how in 1958 MI5 director

Hollis introduced me to a man who did more than most to secure the modernization of MI5, Victor Rothschild. Rothschild worked inside MI5 during the war (he won the George Medal for opening bombs), and maintained close friendships with many of the senior officers, but especially with Dick White. At the time I met him, Rothschild was Head of Research for the Shell Oil Corporation, controlling more than thirty laboratories worldwide. Hollis told him of my appointment as an MI5 scientist, and Rothschild expressed an interest in meeting me. He invited me to supper at his elegant London flat in St. James’s Place.

I doubt I have ever met a man who impressed me as much as Victor Rothschild. He is a brilliant scientist, a Fellow of the Royal Society, with expertise in botany and zoology, and a fascination for the structure of spermatozoa. But he has been much, much more than a scientist. His contacts, in politics, in intelligence, in banking, in the Civil Service, and abroad are legendary. [17]

Overpopulation has for long been one of the major problems on the top of the global Agenda, and we’ve seen unprecedented declines in world fertility and unprecedented growth in fertility clinics. This even opted the London Independent to write that if “scientists from Mars were to study the human male’s reproductive system they would probably conclude that he is destined for rapid extinction. […] Human males also suffer a disproportionately high incidence of reproductive problems, from congenital defects and undescended testes to cancer and impotency. As these also affect fertility, it’s a minor miracle men are able to sire any children at all. In fact, an increasing number of men are finding themselves childless. Among the one in seven couples now classed as infertile, the “male factor” has been found to be the most commonly identified cause”.[18]

The Dominant Minority has decided already more than a century ago that they want to take over human reproduction so do you really think this is just coincidence? I suggest reading the full London Independent article, because the scientists also provide a brilliant spin, claiming that this infertility possibly already starts in the womb of the mother, which is of course one of their other major targets for attack and subjugation. The orchestrated demise of humanity is done in such an incredibly brilliant way, that can’t be denied.

Famous occultist and cabalist Éliphas Lévi wrote in his Paradoxes of the Highest Science [1870s] some remarks that can be interpreted as reinforcing David Noble’s statements on the high-priests of scientism. Lévi proclaims in the book that already in his time the Masons didn’t held any real secrets anymore, and he hinted that every generation has received their own religion, manufactured by the high initiates, something which later was repeated by Albert Pike. Building on this claim the original anonymous translator of Lévi’s book tells us:


Here we see an admission that Darwinism also rhymes perfectly with occultism. But it also does with Humanism and the esoteric parts of Hinduism, as I already highlighted in PEACE OF MIND. Someone who helped big-time to get the loftier version of the same doctrine in to the West, under the names of Theosophy and later New-Age, was Alice Bailey. She wrote in her book The Externalization Of The Hierarchy [1957] about many subjects, and she also touched briefly on the Freemasons. She wrote that the

Masonic Movement, when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralysing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work.

The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lies hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man. In the comprehension of its symbolism will come the power to cooperate with the divine plan. [19]

This contradicts the statement by Lévi and reeks a bit like the standard New-Age propaganda that really pushes the Masons center-stage as being the root of all evil. But it also underlines the most plausible explanation of Freemasonry  in the Great Work nowadays, namely that the Craft can be seen as some kind of training ground from where individuals who have proven themselves and are picked to go higher up the elitist pyramid.

So if you would extrapolate the research on connections and hidden connections between all influential individuals in human history over the whole period, and if you have access to all knowledge available, I’m quite sure that a very detailed and complete network could be drawn out. A network where all people in history that really have made a difference, no matter which period or political side or whatever, that all can be connected in one way or the other. That all contemporaries of all times somehow have been documented in obscure books as being personal acquaintances of each other, or at least brothers in the same secret societies or Mystery Schools. It would then quickly become clear that the Dominant Minority, or their most influential helpers, have through the years always consisted of tight-knit groups who know each other well and probably discussed even in detail who would write and publish what. And that they often have been [portrayed] hostile to each other in the public arena, but in reality weren’t. Because if everyone in the Great Work adds their designated part into the whole, albeit a doctrine or scientific field or so, the dialectical technique will in the long run always achieve the synthesizing Progress needed to further the whole. And in that way most of the time only the first individual starting a doctrine or way of thinking has to be an NWO-agent, because if the framework and foundations are set, it’s no problem that ‘regular’ people build on that. And from then on it’s mostly observing and correcting, redirecting where necessary.

So what it all boils down to is secrecy. APOC__truemasonI’ve added a page from the book The True Masonic Chart [1826], by bro. Jeremy Cross.[10] We learn here that disobedience to the Craft is a great sin, and should be avoided at all costs. This because silence and secrecy are the cardinal virtues in the “important enterprize” in which they are engaged. As said before, it seems the world is like a house for them, a temple maybe. And they are building for it to become divine.

Starship Enterprise could then easily be an allegory for planet Earth, don’t you think? Because another way for the Dominant Minority to give out larger outlines of the agenda, is to simply air them, mostly through science-fiction and in allegorical form. Some other alternative researchers have concluded this before on behalf of Star Trek. The director of the series was Gene Roddenberry: Mr. Red Berry. What maybe is less well-known is that the red berry, or the rowan berry, has a quite peculiar crown form, namely a five pointed star. The red star has of course always been one of the central emblems for Communism. And if we look further into the rowan berry we learn that the “traditional names of the rowan are those applied to the species Sorbus aucuparia, Sorbus torminalis (wild service-tree), and Sorbus domestica (true service-tree). The Latin name sorbus was loaned into Old English as syrfe…The Latin name sorbus is from a root for ‘red, reddish-brown’.”[21] This would make it akin to Russ/Rust of for instance Russell fame, signifying the rusty red-brown planet Mars. It’s therefore maybe not surprising that in 1994 a crater on Mars was named after Roddenberry. This was supported by Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke, two important and well-connected initiates.[22] The red star can in some way be seen as the missing part from the red berry, making it also leaning towards the commonly recycled story of the missing part of the esoteric teachings, as I wrote about in HAUNTED HOUSE for instance.


Another important factor in the engineered destruction of the West has been the blurring of family values, and nowadays we are more or less living on the cusp on a full-blown gender war. This of course is no accident. If we for instance look at Marilyn Ferguson’s Aquarian Conspiracy  [1981] we can learn a bit more how this fits into the Agenda. Although this book is probably a product of the Tavistock Institute and therefore also some kind of social engineering, filled with disinfo and maybe even a gigantic mind-control experiment, it’s undeniable that in the long run many of its predictions and arguments have become very clear and have been implemented in society. The book peddled for instance the androgynous and gender-war agendas, which were at that time already gaining new momentum. The clear, all-knowing tone the book is written in is maybe its best weapon, because it makes the reader feel like it all has been pre-destined and decided already.

As women in transformation are discovering their sense of self and vocation, men are discovering the rewards of sensitive relationships. During these equalizing shifts, the basis for male-female interaction is being redefined. Men are becoming more feeling and intuitive; women, more autonomous and purposeful. According to very old wisdom, self-discovery inevitably involves the awakening of the traits usually associated with the opposite sex. [23]

What’s quite remarkable is that this book also describes in quite a detail the ‘waking up’ process of individuals, who from then on allegedly start to cooperate with their ‘open conspiracy’ towards the Aquarian Age. This has many similarities to what people often describe who are fighting the NWO. It certainly is possible that the whole meme of ‘waking up’ originates here, and was concocted somewhere in the bowels of Tavistock or the Stanford Research Institute. And, moreover, the concept in a different context is certainly much older, but it also is stained severely, because the Nazis used as one of their main mantras “Deutschland Erwache”, which means “Germany Wake Up”.

The concept of the ‘meme’ is also interesting. One of its main early theorizers has been Richard Dawkins, who is nicknamed the ‘new Bertrand Russell’ and is one of the contemporary intellectual acolytes of the Fabians. One of his most interesting forefathers is Sir Clinton Dawkins [1859-1905], who had ties to Lord Milner and who was a full partner in the British branch of J.P. Morgan banking. He was also member of the Coefficients Club, with the Webbs and Bertrand Russell himself. Richard Dawkins himself has of course often been in the news, often very controversially, and he’s known as an almost fundamentalist atheist. That is of course his life’s job, in the Great Work. He really has been made a celebrity scientist, a star, because he had something important to sell to the public. His book The Selfish Gene [1976] was probably his breakthrough, but another one of his bestsellers is more important for our understanding of his position in the greater NWO-plan: The Blind Watchmaker [1987]. In this book he gives a detailed and solid argument against Creationism and a defense for Darwinism. This made him one of the poster-boys for the Royal Society. But the most important side-dish he served in the book, is steering the public perception of evolution onto the direction of biotechnology and information technology, on our way to a global Pantheism. H.G. Wells and other Fabians were also at the foundations of this, and it constitutes one of the most important pillars in the synthesis between East and West, as explained in other articles as for instance PEACE OF MIND. Dawkins goes deep into DNA and how in the flora and fauna it’s achieving reproduction. Speaking about seeds and little fluffies that come from trees and plants, Dawkins teaches us that these

fluffy specks are, literally, spreading instructions for making themselves. They are there because their ancestors succeeded in doing the same. It is raining instructions out there; it’s raining programs; it’s raining tree-growing, fluff-spreading, algorithms. That is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth. It couldn’t be any plainer if it were raining floppy discs.

What lies at the heart of every living thing is not a fire, not warm breath, not a ‘spark of life’. It is information, words, instructions. If you want a metaphor, don’t think of fires and sparks and breath. Think, instead, of a billion discrete, digital characters carved in tablets of crystal. If you want to understand life, don’t think about vibrant, throbbing gels and oozes, think about information technology. [24]

Yes, because that’s the scientific base they need for the global implementation of the scientific dictatorship, as one of Dawkins’ intellectual mentors called it. It doesn’t come as a surprise then when Richie tells us that people like Bernard Shaw and Arthur Koestler have made a big impression on him when he was young. It were people who thought for themselves, he argues. Yes, it where real thinkers, I agree. But about what, that’s the question. Shaw eagerly philosophized about “weeding out” most of the human race, and Koestler wrote in his books, like The Ghost In The Machine, how the human race could best be lobotomized in order to be phased out! Really the people you’d like to invite on your birthday party, hmm. If we return to Dawkins’s book we see him propagating his usual dehumanizing psychological warfare, when he proclaims that

whales are mammals and not fish, and they are not, even to a tiny degree, intermediate. They are no closer to fish than humans are, or duck-billed platypuses, or any other mammals. Indeed, it is important to understand that all mammals — humans, whales, duck-billed platypuses, and the rest – are exactly equally close to fish, since all mammals are linked to fish via the same common ancestor. The myth that mammals, for instance, form a ladder or ‘scale’, with ‘lower’ ones being closer to fish than ‘higher’ ones, is a piece of snobbery that owes nothing to evolution. [25]

In his book Dawkins endlessly yaps about how great the ‘gradualism’ of Darwinism is, we’d call it Fabianism in the social sphere, and how bad the religions and their followers really are. He also went into the theory of ‘punctuated equilibria’ of scientists Eldridge and Gould, which tried to explain the gap in the fossil records with the idea that evolution maybe has happened a few times ‘in sudden bursts’. This doesn’t mean animals morphing from one species to the other overnight of course, but in a relatively short time. In this way a little transformation here and there would fit the bill fill the gaps in the records and theories. Something really smells fishy here, don’t you think? Their monkey-trick wasn’t enough, no, they won’t stop till we see ourselves and each other as mere cockroaches! In fact, for the Big Boys in the 0,1% most people are merely vermin. The far-leftist activist Naomi Klein published in 2000 a nice book called No Logo, which was become sort of a bible for the Alter-Globalists. This is a controlled opposition group, of course, but some writers have published interesting literature. In the book she quotes a top CEO of the Omnicon Group, who said that consumers are “like roaches—you spray them and spray them and they get immune after a while”.[26] But some of them roaches have enough of being sprayed every day; an ever increasing number is waking up!

The most important to see in all this is that dehumanization is always the first step on the way to tyranny and fascism. And with Darwinism the whole human race became instantly dehumanized. You can almost hear them plea that we really don’t have to care that all those people in Africa and the Middle-East are slaughtered, that one-third of women in India are sterilized, et cetera, et cetera. Genocide is really nothing more than fishing, that’s what they want to you to think and feel. Although I have to admit that mass killing has almost become sort of a hobby for them. The Dominant Minority really hasn’t got any qualms about it, because they are real Machiavellians and the end-goal is the only thing that matters to them. Take Bertie Russell for instance, who always had some good advice to spare. In The Impact of Science on Society [1953] he wrote that

I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s. [27]

Mind that this book was written about eight years after the end of the most bloody and devastating war in human history! And of course also that Russell became the hero of the public in his spiel as so-called antiwar activist. This book was meant for his own caste and above, while for the plebs he wrote books like The Conquest Of Happiness [1930] in which he spawned some torrents of lesser intellect and pseudo-wisdoms for the lower classes to chew on. Because the ‘pursuit of happiness’ has always been one of their lures for the masses. The pursuit, not the actual finding of course. But that is also a method the NWO uses to put their message out in the open: they always have a few very prolific writers who write about 90% of their books for the masses, but a few especially for the upper caste. And these are very limited in circulation and press coverage, so they get lost in the noise of the rest of the literature out there. Some of them have been so prolific that it is more probable that whole teams of ghostwriters have aided them. This idea and suspicion goes of course back to even Shakespeare, but in our time people like Isaac Asimov, who was the man to sell the robot-agenda to the peoples. We’re led to believe that such people were able to blurt out books on all kinds of subject on the highest public level possible, for their whole lives until a very high age. With Asimov even publishing own interpretations of the Bible spanning in total almost 1300 pages, just in between a steady flow of science-fiction and academic science books. No, some ideas and memes have to become ubiquitous in the public mind and therefore the market gets overflowed with books and later movies about these subjects. And sometimes they also publish books that really can’t be explained differently as being NWO actions plans. And I presume that in the higher circles the word gets out to check especially these titles, because they contain relevant information they need to know. And the rest of the output of these writers is irrelevant for them, and only meant for the public. This way they still adhere to their ‘Open Conspiracy’.




I recently stumbled upon a book that didn’t look interesting at first sight. The name is Mind in the Making [1923], by one James Harvey Robinson. This author was an influential American historian who greatly opened the way for historical scholarship in the social sciences. While the title is interesting, a quick browsing through the pdf didn’t looked spectacular. Until my eye fell on the Introduction. It saw none less than H.G. Wells wrote it, and what he wrote is especially interesting. He was so extremely flattering and praiseworthy about this book and its author, that it in some way has to be important in the larger NWO-Agenda. According to Robinson the aim of the book was “but the beginning of the beginning now being made to raise men’s thinking on to a plane which may perhaps enable them to fend off or reduce some of the dangers which lurk on every hand”. Hence the ‘mind’ in the making, a collective mind on a higher level than before. This would explain Wells’ interest, with him having published Mankind The Making [1903] twenty years before, which didn’t went into the human mind that much. He would later publish World Brain [1938], which is one of the main pillars of what later would become the internet and the Global Brain. So Robinson’s book might just be one of the pillars on which Wells’ himself built. Our Fabian friend wrote that for him and his worldview

James Harvey Robinson is going to be almost as important as was Huxley in my adolescence and William James in later years. He takes much that was latent and crude in my mind and gives it texture and form and confidence; and the spirit of the school he has organized liberates something of my private dreams into the world of reality. [28]

This is very remarkable, because T.H. Huxley was of course the great mentor of Wells and without him he would have stayed a nobody. Huxley has made Wells, it’s safe to say. So Robinson had made a gigantic impact on Wells in one meeting, and so did this one book, because it

has had the effect of illuminating me not only at its point of application, but all along the line of my curiosities. These autobiographical confidences would be inexcusable if they concerned me alone, but I feel that what has happened to me the sense of having created a bridge and come into a new land of understanding must be happening to quite a number of other readers of this great teacher.

I took up my pen not to review or discuss Professor Robinson’s book, which every intelligent person will very soon be reading, but to pay my personal tribute to its inspiration. It is a cardinal book. [29]

Now let’s go into Robinson’s book a bit. We quickly understand that Robinson asked for himself and for humanity how they had to put themselves “in a position to come to think of things that we not only never thought of before, but are most reluctant to question? In short, how are we to rid ourselves of our fond prejudices and open our minds?” Later Robinson clearly preached to the Darwinist and Humanist choir by stating that

Man started at a cultural zero and had to find out everything for himself; or rather a very small number of peculiarly restless and adventurous spirits did the work. The great mass of humanity has never had anything to do with the increase of intelligence except to act as its medium of transfusion and perpetuation. Creative intelligence is confined to the very few, but the many can thoughtlessly avail themselves of the more obvious achievements of those who are exceptionally highly endowed.

Our scientific leg is lusty and grows in strength daily; its fellow-member—our thought of man and his sorry estate—is capricious and halting. We have not realized the hopes of the eighteenth-century “illumination”, when confident philosophers believed that humanity was shaking off its ancient chains; that the clouds of superstition were lifting, and that with the new achievements of science man would boldly and rapidly advance toward hitherto undreamed-of concord and happiness. [30]

Robinson later referred to Bacon and Descartes, and wrote that the former taught us that the “first object was, as Bacon put it, light, not fruit.” And slowly Robinson builds the foundation for the need of ‘externalizing’ the mind, so to speak. He tells us that

I have ventured to describe mind as our “Conscious knowledge and intelligence, what we know and our attitude toward it our disposition to increase our information, classify it, criticize it, and apply it.” If accepted in this sense the mind does not appear any longer as a fixed thing, something complete and ready for use, with fairly preordained possibilities. On the contrary it becomes a thing that is going on which has long been accumulating, ever since man made his first step in civilization. It would seem, moreover, that man can aspire to possess indefinitely more mind, if he honestly desires it, puts himself in the proper frame of receptivity and avails himself of the resources at hand.

We must first endeavour manfully to free our own minds and then do what we can to hearten others to free theirs.

We are in the midst of the greatest intellectual revolution that has ever overtaken mankind. Our whole conception of mind is undergoing a great change. We are beginning to understand its nature, and as we find out more, intelligence may be raised to a recognized dignity and effectiveness which it has never enjoyed before. An encouraging beginning has been made in the case of the natural sciences, and a similar success may await the studies which have to do with the critical estimate of man’s complicated nature, his fundamental impulses and resources, the needless and fatal repressions which these have suffered through the ignorance of the past.

There can be no secure peace now but a common peace of the whole world; no prosperity but a general prosperity, and this for the simple reason that we are all now brought so near together and are so pathetically and intricately interdependent, that the old notions of noble isolation and national sovereignty are magnificently criminal. [31]

So we see here the basics, the primitive form, of what for instance H.G. Wells and some of the others that follow later in this article built on. We also already have nationalism be called crazy, old-fashioned and even demonic, but now we can add ‘criminal’ also to the list. But the real important part in Robinson’s book is the passage where he refers to Goethe, who wrote in Faust that the ‘Book with Seven Seals’, as mentioned in Revelation and other parts of the scriptures, has to be seen as human History. Many of the great [initiate] intellectuals in our history have looked deeply into this, but seemingly never provided the answer on what these seven seals embodied. Robinson thought he finally knew:


So the seals are off. Knowledge was finally completely set free, and would from then on go increasing exponentially. Outside Revelation also Daniel 12:4 goes into the Book of Seven Seals:


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the Book, even to the time of the end:
many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”

So now we’ve established some kind of connection between Revelation and the Global Brain. The essence of the world brain is of course the exponential increase of knowledge, leading to the gradual overtake of this very technology into a technological singularity. Was Robinson in some way appointed or authorized to declare “the seals are all off now”, making a clear reference to Revelation? Was this book in some kind of way the OK-sign for the NWO to start or proceed in their unfolding of an engineered Apocalypse? With Wells so pretentiously praising it, proclaiming “every intelligent man will soon be reading this”, this seems tempting to conclude. With all this in mind, let’s see if we can establish some framework to connect it all.



The earlier referred to Aquarian Conspiracy [1981] also tells us some important details about the ‘open conspiracy’ to unite the world in a melting pot of minds. Ferguson tells us that the

proliferating small groups and networks arising all over the world operate much like the coalitional networks in the human brain. Just as a few cells can set up a resonant effect in the brain, ordering the activity of the whole, these cooperating individuals can help create the coherence and order to crystallize a wider transformation. Movements, networks, and publications are gathering people around the world in common cause, trafficking in transformative ideas, spreading messages of hope without the sanction of any government. Transformation has no country.

Just as we have defined health in negative terms, as the absence of disease, we have defined peace as nonconflict. But peace is more fundamental than that. Peace is a state of mind, not a state of the nation. Without personal transformation, the people of the world will be forever locked in conflict. If we limit ourselves to the old-paradigm concept of averting war, we are trying to overpower darkness rather than switching on the light. [32]

So here we once again see that it’s our brain they’re after. This has to be transformed. Ferguson also concluded that the network is “the next step in human evolution”. This is the same definition as Julian Huxley ascribed to the New World Order, as you can read in THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM.

The French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has been called the Father of the New-Age, for many reasons, with one of them being that he was probably the first who on a conclusive way described the synthesis between God and Evolution. Teilhard’s most important contributions were published posthumously, adding to the suspicion that his writings were manipulated or ‘enriched’ by others of the NWO-priesthood. This because his works span such a gigantic wide array of subjects and knowledge and most importantly: contain so much prophecy. In CLOSE TO PERFECTION we’ve seen that after the worldwide clash of the white Mercury and the red Sulfur the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ commenced, which was embodied by the Cold War. Out of this the ‘colours of the rainbow’ would emerge, spreading warmth through Love. This is where Teilhard kick-started the New-Age movement. René Hague wrote in the Preface of his book The Making Of A Mind, which contains translated letters of Teilhard, that

one can appreciate the extraordinary serenity of mind that could be produced only by Pere Teilhard’s vision of an all-embracing unity in the universe. It was this that enabled him both to be one with warring humanity and at the same time to understand that the chaos in which human cells were struggling was only apparent and that beneath these shattering events there was an underlying order. He saw beyond the horizons of this world so that the field of battle, where death seemed to triumph, was to him the living crucible or mould in which a new world was being fashioned. [33]

But what is sure though, is that from Teilhard on the search for unconditional Love and Truth would get into hyper-drive, continuing until today. The New-Age Movement constitutes the antithesis of Darwinism/Humanism, with both being the ‘mortal’ enemies of the three Abrahamic world religions, and proactively used and misused as such. As Teilhard himself wrote in 1934:

The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth.

But, for all the fascination that the lower shades have for us, it is only towards the “ultra” that the creation of light advances. It is in these invisible and, we might almost say, immaterial zones that we can look for true initiation into unity. The depths we attribute to matter are no more than the reflection of the peaks of spirit. [34]

So here we learn that Teilhard’s teachings set the world on a crash-course onto “true initiation into unity”. In the FUNDAMENTAL PHRASEOLOGY we already have seen that the end-goal of Progress can be seen as a worldwide initiation. The father of modern occultism called it the “definite establishment upon earth of the New Jerusalem”. The phrase ‘Initiation’ is derived from the Latin ‘in ire’, which means “to enter into”.[35] This also rhymes with the Aldous Huxley-quote featured in the Phraseology article, in which he says that “only when we permit God’s kingdom to come by making our own creaturely kingdom go”, humanity can achieve Godhood. But, as said before, this would mean the end of humanity as we know it. And to achieve all this Teilhard invented the neologism ‘Noosphere’. In his cardinal book The Phenomenon of Man [1955] Teilhard explains this very intricate subject:

A glow ripples outward from the first spark of conscious reflection. The point of ignition grows larger. The fire spreads in ever widening circles till finally the whole planet is covered with incandescence. Only one interpretation, only one name can be found worthy of this grand phenomenon. Much more coherent and just as extensive as any preceding layer, it is really a new layer, the ‘thinking layer’…In other words, outside and above the biosphere there is the noosphere…The earth ‘gets a new skin’. Better still, it finds its soul.

The greatest revelation open to science today is to perceive that everything precious, active and progressive originally contained in that cosmic fragment from which our world emerged, is now concentrated in a ‘crowning’ noosphere. [36]

And this “spark” that will start the “glow” of Earth is called “Love” by them, it seems. Because, as Teilhard concluded: “Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being”. As conspiracy researcher Alan Watt has hinted at a few times in his radio shows, the world ‘global’ might just be derived from ‘glow-Baal’, with Baal/Bal/Beelzebub being the ‘Lord of Heaven’. [But not ‘our’ Heaven, I’d say]  This external spark would then breathe life into the ‘Glow-Baal Brain’. But for this to happen, first the Earth must be totally covered with a new “skin”, a “thinking layer” of electronics and technique. And this is of course where Transhumanism and the Technological Singularity come into view. The United Nations also agrees on a glowing Ball earth covered in Green, as this image from their website http://poweringthefuture.un.org depicts.


But this is more or less the nice version, covered with the Green cloak, as I’ve explained in earlier articles. Because when the Transhumanists are done with Earth, it will look nothing like what it looks now, or what it looks on the image above. Once in a while NASA releases some new pictures of Earth, and through the years these have come to look more and more digitally en electronic, almost to the degree like it’s done to make us used to the idea of the electric Earth. Also one of the major branches of the New-Age conspiracy movement has adopted the spiel of the electric universe. Below one of those NASA photos of electric Europe at night. The second image is a screen shot from the movie Contact [1997], a very realistic science-fiction movie based on the novel by Carl Sagan. With Sagan being deeply imbedded in the NWO-crew, as established in some of my earlier articles, I think this might be quite a realistic depiction of what they really are working towards. A barren wasteland of darkness and death, graced with a handful of extremely large electric megalopolises that look like spider-webs, interconnected in all ways possible to form the Global Brain. A society of Mind and not of Man.



In his book Between Two Ages [1970], Zbigniew Brzezinski also wrote about Teilhard de Chardin and explained his popularity as being “symptomatic of our age’s felt need to combine ecstasy with science, mystic belief with knowledge of the material world”.[37] Well, this was of course also the NWO-Agenda, as explained before. And if enough high-placed people tell us that this is our need, then most of us will start to believe that after a while.

One important critique on the work and legacy of Teilhard de Chardin was made by the French philosopher Bernard Charbonneau, who wrote a book agitating against the Jesuit evolutionist and claimed, correctly I might add, that Teilhard longed for a totalitarian world system. This is of course the reason why Zbig Brother likes him so much. Charbonneau’s book isn’t translated in English as far as I can see, but it is in Dutch, and the title translated in English doesn’t mince matters: Prophet of a Totalitarian Age  [1966]. It goes deep into the core writings of Teilhard and its most important conclusions are that Teilhard’s evolutionary theory and Progress [yes, Teilhard used also a capital P] wasn’t based on the summing of existing systems and individual human beings, but the synthesis into one bigger whole. It would be the end of individuality. And Charbonneau also understood the fact that Teilhards system would both work in a Fascist and / or a Communist world empire, which meant that it would always be a winner. That’s how the NWO normally operates. And with this all we of course once again recognize the Global Brain or the World State, the same end, only through slightly different means achieved. Teilhard also foresaw a sort of Golem that will start to live its own life and swallows humanity whole or takes over our lives completely. A world grid that covers the whole Earth and constitutes a new skin, a top layer of ‘organic machinery’: the real Biotechnical Era where Mumford and Ruskin worked towards, as you can read in the second part of OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN. Moreover, as you can read in the quote with endnote [43] in CLOSE TO PERFECTION, this is also exactly what even T.H. Huxley already longed for, as did Friedrich Engels as you can read in the quote with endnote [28].

And with the sublimation or destruction of humanity at stake, a humanity of which 99% is completely ignorant and uninformed about the end-goal, how else can this intergenerational agenda be called as a conspiracy? In fact, it goes way beyond that. There doesn’t exist a word that even comes close to describing this… And the most unbelievable of it all is that it has been in the open for so long now, only mostly published in small parts or quick side-notes, so that most people don’t really understand the big picture. But the end-goal has always been clear. And this  makes it absolutely sure that the individual Builders have had access to far-advanced knowledge, explaining to them what they were actually working towards. And with this foreknowledge they were able to become the ‘prophets’ history now calls them. And so the trick the NWO uses becomes clear, because by publishing the agenda way before people actually understand the implications of it, before they really can oversee the consequences, they get away with it and even are seen as heroes or  great visionaries. And most of the time those books are long forgotten as soon as the implementations come into reality.

A good example of this can be found in the book The Hidden Persuaders  [1957] by Vance Packard. This man has written some outstanding books that really were ahead of its time for decades, in the face of warning the public for the shape of things to come. In the chapter on bio-control he wrote about a meeting of cutting edge scientists he attended, and which for the public in the fifties and sixties of course was obscure future talk that they really couldn’t comprehend. But we can now. Yes we can. Packard cited a scientist called Curtiss R. Schafer, who already in 1956 proclaimed their far-reaching plans:

The ultimate achievement of biocontrol may be the control of man himself . . . The controlled subjects would never be permitted to think as individuals. A few months after birth, a surgeon would equip each child with a socket mounted under the scalp and electrodes reaching selected areas of brain tissue…. The child’s sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bioelectric signals radiating from state-controlled transmitters.[38]


Noticed any transmitting towers or masts being erected the last decades?



Let’s now turn to another NWO-acolyte, one who became known as the “oracle of the electric Age”: Marshall McLuhan. He built on other people I’ve mentioned before, and was made a star similar to Einstein and Freud. Not because he was such a nice guy, but because his teachings were ‘Agenda’. His groundbreaking book Understanding Media [1964] was gobbled up widely by the rebellious youth who, well, gobbled up almost everything they could get their hands on in that time of course. McLuhan ‘oracled’ that

our new electric technology that extends our senses and nerves in a global embrace has large implications for the future of language. Electric technology does not need words any more than the digital computer needs numbers. Electricity points the way to an extension of the process of consciousness itself, on a world scale, and without any verbalization whatever. Such a state of collective awareness may have been the preverbal condition of men, Language as the technology of human extension, whose of division and separation we know so well, may have been the “Tower of Babel” by which men sought to scale the hi hest heavens.

Today computers hold out the promise of a means of instant translation of any code or language into any other code or language. The computer, in short, promises by technology a Pentecostal condition of universal understanding and unity. The next logical step would seem to be, not to translate, but to by-pass languages in favor of a general cosmic consciousness which might be very like the collective unconscious dreamt of by Bergson. The condition of “weightlessness,” that biologists say promises a physical immortality, may be paralleled by the condition of speechlessness that could confer a perpetuity of collective harmony and peace.

Today, when we have extended all parts of our bodies and senses by technology, we are haunted by the need for an outer consensus of technology and experience that would raise our communal lives to the level of a world-wide consensus. When we have achieved a world-wide fragmentation, it is not unnatural to think about a world-wide integration. Such a universality of conscious being for mankind was dreamt of by Dante, who believed that men would remain mere broken fragments until they should be united in an inclusive consciousness. What we have today, instead of a social consciousness electrically ordered, however, is a private subconsciousness or individual “point of view” rigorously imposed by older mechanical technology. [39]

So here we find a few interesting remarks by McLuhan. The computer would be the ‘medium’ that will bring humanity its somehow needed “cosmic consciousness”. The chaotic social consciousness was to be “electrically ordered” in a world-wide integration, as even dreamt of by Dante Alighieri. If we then turn to Clarke’s and Kubrick’s 2001; A Space Odyssey, we see that in fact they first want to constitute some ‘Dante’s Inferno’ while creating the glowing global electric order. While most people probably only know the movie, there was also a novel written from the movie script by Arthur C. Clarke. In this novel a lot is clarified what remains a bit sketchy in the film. In chapter 45, Recapitulation, we read that

In his sleep, David Bowman stirred restlessly. He did not wake, nor did he dream, but he was no longer wholly unconscious. Like a fog creeping through a forest, something invaded his mind. He sensed it only dimly, for the full impact would have destroyed him as surely as the fires raging beyond these walls. Beneath that dispassionate scrutiny, he felt neither hope nor fear; all emotion had been leached away. He seemed to be floating in free space, while around him stretched, in all directions, an infinite geometrical grid of dark lines or threads, along which moved tiny nodes of light—some slowly, some at dazzling speed. Once he had peered through a microscope at a cross-section of a human brain, and in its network of nerve fibers had glimpsed the same labyrinthine complexity. But that had been dead and static, whereas this transcended life itself. He knew—or believed he knew—that he was watching the operation of some gigantic mind, contemplating the universe of which he was so tiny a part. [40]


Did Clarke foretell the birth of the Global Brain here? The world first has to be brought in a state of non-being, somewhere between conscious and unconscious. This is like how Nirvana has been described, as highlighted in PEACE OF MIND. Then Clarke let us know that something will invade the mind of humanity, probably through the brain-chip they so eagerly want to implement. This force, electrical I’m sure, will wipe out those terrible traits they hate in us, like emotions and free will. And why the baby, you’d ask? Let’s ask our old friend Francis Bacon:

The entrance into the Kingdom of man, founded on the sciences, being not much other than the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, where into none may enter except as a little child. [41]

This little baby floating safely high above the Earth signifies the small group of initiate elites, the Dominant Minority, who will watch the Global Brain coming alive. If we return to the 2001 novel, we read that Clarke wrote it all with a bit of doubt of what really would happen:

The vision, or illusion, lasted only a moment. Then the crystalline planes and lattices, and the interlocking perspectives of moving light, flickered out of existence, as David Bowman moved into a realm of consciousness that no man had experienced before.

And even as he relived these events, he knew that all indeed was well. He was retrogressing down the corridors of time, being drained of knowledge and experience as he swept back toward his childhood. But nothing was being lost; all that he had ever been, at every moment of his life, was being transferred to safer keeping. Even as one David Bowman ceased to exist, another became immortal.

With eyes that already held more than human intentness, the baby stared into the depths of the crystal monolith, seeing—but not yet understanding—the mysteries that lay beyond. It knew that it had come home, that here was the origin of many races besides its own; but it knew also that it could not stay. Beyond this moment lay another birth, stranger than any in the past. Now the moment had come; the glowing patterns no longer echoed the secrets in the crystal’s heart. As they died, so too the protective walls faded back into the nonexistence from which they had briefly emerged, and the red sun filled the sky.

His indestructible body was his mind’s present image of itself; and for all his powers, he knew that he was still a baby. So he would remain until he had decided on a new form, or had passed beyond the necessities of matter. And now it was time to go—though in one sense he would never leave this place where he had been reborn, for he would always be part of the entity that used this double star for its unfathomable purposes. [42]

So we seemingly are taken along on some kind of initiation, where the initiates, as a baby, visit another star system or a higher realm, which is especially characterized through a red sun. At the end of chapter 46, the reborn baby Bowman comes back, “precisely where he wished to be, in the space that men called real”. We then learn that the newly formed baby Gods, the “masters of the world”, are eager to test their newly found powers:

A thousand miles below, he became aware that a slumbering cargo of death had awoken, and was stirring sluggishly in its orbit. The feeble energies it contained were no possible menace to him; but he preferred a cleaner sky. He put forth his will, and the circling megatons flowered in a silent detonation that brought a brief, false dawn to half the sleeping globe.

In the Transhumanist movement nowadays the emergence of robots is anticipated with much glee. Building on the foundational work of, as we’ve seen, even Richard Dawkins, they fully endorse robots as being the next evolutionary species after humanity. Author Tom Lombardo describes how the more well-known transhumanist writers like Ray Kurzweil and Hans Moravec sell it to the masses:

Although it may sound odd to say this, computers (and computerized robots) can be seen as the evolutionary children of humanity, intentionally designed by us, but eventually going beyond the capabilities of their parents. […] Again, computers are not the enemy; they are the next stage in our own evolution—in this case the vehicle of our perpetuation into the future. [43]

Below you can watch the documentaries Transcendent Man [2009]  and Technocalyps [2006]



To conclude this all, we now for the last time return to Marilyn Ferguson and her team of conspirators, who also addressed Aldous Huxley and called him “the hub of a kind of pre-Aquarian conspiracy, an international network of intellectuals, artists, and scientists interested in the notion of transcendence and transformation”. We learn that our Aldous

had written earlier to his brother Julian that social transformation—”a direction of the power of the state, self-government, decentralization”—could best be accomplished by simultaneous attack along all fronts: economic, political, educational, psychological. H.G. Wells also insisted that change must occur in all parts of society at once, not one institution at a time. This view parallels transformation in natural systems, the sudden change of the dissipative structure. The jump into a new order is sudden, all or nothing. [44]

So here we see that jumping phenomenon again in evolution. If you then combine this with the Huxley-quote in ADAPT AND DIE, we can deduce that the new order they’re working towards will be achieved “all of a sudden”, and after that magical moment “the human race will give no further trouble”. Is there already something dawning in the back of your mind? Or still experiencing brain-freeze? To make some last connection with scripture, we turn to  an interesting passage from the book Understanding The New Age [1988]. In this book Russell Chandler ventures deep into the warped mindsets of the New-Age gurus and followers. He described how these people see Jesus and his legacy:

This ‘Risen One’ left his followers with a commission: to announce to the world that through himself, others, too, could share the life of the Kingdom, the ‘real’ New-Age. “The New-Age is not the Kingdom. But the Kingdom can be said to be the New-Age”.

“When anyone is united to Christ”, the Apostle Paul taught, “there is a new act of creation; the old order has gone, and a new order has already begun”. [2 Corinthians 5:17, NEB]. [45]

And to add one myself, 1 Corinthians 15:52, which refers to the seven trumpets of Revelation:


“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound,  and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”


And changed you’ll be, you SEE?






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