Lucifer's Light will shine Bright as his Alchemists End the Night




This is the closing part of the series on my thoughts on a manufactured Apocalypse based on the Book Of Revelation. In the end the body of information comprised a lot more than only interpretations of this book, but that’s mainly because I sought to highlight both something of the exoteric and esoteric side of it, as far as I hope to understand it. This last part is mostly the tying together of the first nine parts and some final connecting of dots. Thought it was freaky until now? Then better brace yourself. It all only scratched the surface regarding the whole story of Revelation of course, but my main aim has been to make you think bigger, increase intelligent imagination and maybe opening new research topics for others to build on. And I’m glad that I at least have been able to highlight some details which weren’t detailed very often before. As many other people delving into these subjects have said before: some things sound very unbelievable and wicked, but the individuals executing the NWO Agenda believe it and therefore we also have to go into it to be able to understand and comprehend.

Until quite recently I dismissed the whole spiritual and demonic angle altogether. Until I got the idea of starting a website about six months ago. I began to systematically order all the notes and writings I made all through the last decade of research and started browsing through all the hundreds of books I’ve read and ravaged with shiny yellow markers. Only then I realized this ubiquitous ‘sparks of insight’ all through the writings of intellectuals all through history. So many that it goes far beyond coincidence or so. But what both the most remarkable and the most frightening thing is, is that these flashes were so often received by people who subsequently invented things that constituted to ‘Progress’ for the human race! The people who have changed the world, so to speak. So I came to the same question as many other people have come to before, namely if it’s good or bad what we are doing? Well, not really ‘we’, because most people are of course only quite passively affiliated with life and have no big impact on the whole whatsoever. Some people think humanity has risen to great heights before in history, but time and time again managed to self-destruct in the process. The evidence for this is scant but certainly not non-existing, although most proofs can also be explained otherwise. This all could also tie into the story of Genesis, where humanity seemingly was punished for achieving Knowledge. Some alternative researchers have asserted that humanity was punished long ago by extraterrestrial civilizations or gods or whatever, because we were too violent and destructive. Humanity was split up into male and female and had to start all over again. But this theory of course perfectly fits with the narrative of the NWO, who claims that androgyny has been our primary state and also our future evolutionary destiny. Or has this all been written into scripture and literature to make us easier agree with all this? It all depends on if these mysterious flashes of divine insight are benevolent or malevolent for humanity. The people receiving the flashes certainly have always been convinced of the benevolence of it all. But that could of course just be a standard ‘addition’ to the flash, like “ah, by the way, that’s what you received is of course positive”. If one has enough knowledge of the human brain it’s not that hard to bypass the censor and make the receiving brain think that all is well. On a much simpler level this is exactly what is done 24/7 in commercials and advertisements, which are basically cleverly packed sales enforcement messages that make people feel special and laugh. Many people who claim channeling entities proclaim that the voices always talk very beautifully and very funny. It’s all a nice ethereal experience, which is just how I would try to sell it if I were a demon!

And there are many other possibilities too. For instance that everything from start to finish regarding God, Satan, demons and the like is non-existent and invented by the Dominant Minority in the very ancient past, and slowly deeply imbedded. Some assert that it’s a collective mental trauma or even illness which has created the need for the worship of a God / Satan. That it’s all a collective figment of the human imagination. But if one of them doesn’t exist, then the other probably neither. Or both are one, pretending to be two and in conflict. That’s how it normally works, right? And finally we have some more recent theories of existence, for instance the universe being a giant computer simulation, or fractal or holographic. We shall see how the coming years play out. Maybe even new angles will emerge.

In preceding parts of this series I already quoted liberally from the book Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians  [1918] by one ‘Magus Incognito’. Here we can find an interesting and concise description of what later would become a pillar of the evolutionary teachings of the New-Age Movement:

The teaching is that the race as a whole is slowly evolving on to the said higher Plane of Consciousness, and long ages from now will conscious normally on it. In the meantime, however, certain advanced souls have transcended the Human Plane, and have passed on to the higher plane, where they aid and assist the rest of the race. Moreover, to the individual whose unfoldment is rapid, from one or more of many well-known causes, there come at times ‘flashes of consciousness’ from the higher plane aforesaid, which at least for the time being bring the individual into conscious contact with that plane. The pages of the mystic records are filled with statements of experiences of this kind. In certain forms of poetic fervor, religious exaltation, and mystic experience, these flashes come and are then recorded by the individual experiencing them—the record, however, usually being given in the terms of the philosophy, religion, or general belief of the person experiencing the contact or ‘illumination’, the person not fully realizing from just what source the flash of Truth has come.

In recent years many of these experiences have been classified and included in works of writers, under the general name of Cosmic Consciousness. In most cases the persons having attained these experiences, and those who have recorded them, are of the opinion that the flash of consciousness realized is the highest possible. But, as wonderful as are these experiences, they are in most cases but flashes of insight of the light of some of the lower sub-planes of the great Plane of the Demi-Gods—countless higher planes being existent and awaiting the unfoldment of being to experience their light and glory, and beyond all of such there existing the highest plane of all, the Plane of the Gods… [1]

So here we find a possible explanation of the mysterious flashes so many of the great thinkers and doers have received during their lifetimes, of which some I have documented on this website. We also see the take that the whole race is scheduled to evolve, which is, unfortunately, likely not the planned agenda. Magus thought those flashes came from mysterious so-called Demi-Gods and even claimed to know of higher planes of existence. So this is where our Magus goes from somewhere I and probably most readers are willing to entertain, to the realms of conjecture or even fiction. Because this knowledge is too sketchy to believe without any clear evidence. He might have learned this while in other states of consciousness or from other people or entities, but nonetheless it’s sketchy. At least for me, because I highly doubt that the primitive human brain is able to comprehend so many different levels of Being. Later on in the book he also goes into Atlantis and Lemuria and the like, topics that I would call spin or even bull. But that of course doesn’t mean that some of the other topics touched aren’t real or important. That’s really the art we have to master: picking out the nuggets between to large amounts of rubbish and disinfo provided to us.

In APOCALYPSE NEVER III  Albert Pike was quoted on what was according to him the true sense of the Brahmanic doctrine: “the resolution of Duality in Unity, the return to God, and, morally speaking, the annihilation of the ME, the absorption of all Form in Being”.  That doesn’t seem to be a very nice thing. But it does resemble what for instance Cecil Rhodes proclaimed too. In APOCALYPSE NEVER IV  and thereafter we went into the important similarities of the esoteric side of all doctrines, from both East and West. We’ve encountered multiple sources which have confirmed that at the core all teachings are similar, mostly based on spiritual or physical evolution, the usurpation of power by a tiny elite, secrecy, and the strive for total unity. We also delved a bit into the emergence of electronic music, which probably comes the nearest to the Music of the Spheres or the addictive tune of Pan, who is their World God. Music will be a great tool for the Dominant Minority in chipping the hell out of humanity. Or chipping Hell into humanity, that might be possible too.

We’ve also seen that the goals of the occultists at the core quite resemble those written of in the mainline eschatological books, and are also actively working towards the establishment of the ‘New Jerusalem’ on Earth. Unfortunately the viewpoint on what and who is ‘righteous’ does differ quite a bit. In APOCALYPSE NEVER V  I gave a concise summary of what the NWO-Agenda seems to hold on a deeper level:

Just like the Sun, the teachings and civilization started in the East and slowly but surely found its way Westward. And at the dawning of the Seventh Day a universal illumination must somehow be established. This illumination will be dispersed through an universal agent akin to electricity or electromagnetism, and this Great Mother—in ancient teachings sometimes symbolized by a spider—will somehow be brought in onto the world wide web. This will constitute Enlightenment, Peace and the next step in human evolution. All life would somehow merge, synthesize and grow together into a new living layer or material over the Earth’s crust. This would form a new and higher life-form, a single organism with a mind of its own which would then continue the sacred quest for conquering the whole universe.

I might have better used “organic layer” instead of “living layer”, looking at it with hindsight. This notion was especially favored and theorized by the French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as we’ve seen in APOCALYPSE NEVER. Teilhard had an avid admirer in Julian Huxley, as one biography of the Association of World Citizens notes:

While Julian Huxley’s writings do not have the spark of his younger brother, the novelist Aldous Huxley, the essays are well written. He proposed a vision of a world society as an organic whole within which rights and duties would be balanced deliberately as they are among the cells of the body. [Man must become consciously evolutionary, in his individual thinking, in his collective outlook, and in his social machinery]

As his grandfather had been a leading champion of Charles Darwin, Julian Huxley became a champion of the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The Jesuit Order of which Teilhard de Chardin was a member had placed a ban on the publication of Teilhard’s philosophical writings which were passed around among a small group of non-Catholic scientists until the writings started to be published after his death in 1955. Huxley saw in Teilhard a fellow world citizen and one whose philosophy was based on the evolution of both matter and spirit.

So just as some other others did before me, I also had to conclude that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. If it’s truth, what I’ve scribbled here, because it sounds so far-out that it’s almost unbelievable. But it does seem to become more realistic by the day. In Part V—which was half-way through the series—I listed some questions. Unfortunately still some of them haven’t been answered by a long stretch and won’t be answered in this article neither. But that doesn’t mean they must be discarded or forgotten.

– Is it our destiny?
– If it is our destiny, why isn’t it put out in the open so that the whole of humanity can work towards it?
– Is our [profane] human mind capable of comprehending the vastness of the whole issue?
– Who or what is ultimately behind it?
– Is it a test or an experiment for humanity, to see if we can transcend our lower animal instincts?
– Is becoming self-aware / waking up part of the experiment?
– Are we alone in it, or is outside help possible?
– Will this outside help come anyway [God], or only if we have met certain standards and values?

We’ve also looked at the Golem and the Avatar as classical and somewhat comprehensible concepts of what this Global Brain could be like. The main difference is that the former is a creature more or less with a life and will of its own, while the Avatar more resembles a demonically possessed lifeform, remotely controlled and with no will of its own at all. Both concepts have in fact already been used frequently as future options for humanity. The term ‘avatar’ is even already for a long time ubiquitous in the world of social media, role-playing games, etc. to make people familiar with the concept. And also as one more giant joke foisted upon us, because when the world is one virtual reality game the former players in the game will become the played, the avatars themselves. I wonder if the right ‘Steering Committee’ is already formed?  In this series we also looked at Earth as ‘Spaceship Earth’ and as a global Beehive or Anthill, two species the high initiates of all times have revered, mostly because of their superior building skills, lack of individuality and perfect harmony. And that’s what they seek—perfect harmony—under the banner of peace and equality. Or maybe ‘Tranquility’ is more appropriate. That’s where the LM [Lamb] first landed the Moon, remember? Touch-down in the Sea of Tranquility.  Quite funny, landing in a ‘sea’ on a heavenly body allegedly devoid of water, hmm?  Now let’s see if we can connect some last few dots; dots on a cosmic scale. Feel fired-up yet?



In some of the preceding parts we already cautiously ventured  into space. We looked at some of the biggest outer planets in our solar system and read some of the official key information given on them. We entertained also some  possible connections with the Book Of Revelations.  We’ve also looked a bit at the official imagery provided by the military-industrial complex, and played with the thought if those are real or not so very much mister. Alice Bailey once wrote about the issue of interplanetary evolution and the mysterious externally administered electromagnetic force. She tells us that “this electric energy is able to circulate through the schemes [planets] owing to the bringing about of a cosmic alignment. It is the bringing in of this terrific spiritual force during the final stages of manifestation which results in the blazing forth of the seven suns”. So here we also find seven different points in the solar system, just as the seven so-called chakra points of Earth and of the human body. It seems even our whole solar system is scheduled for a kundalini-initiation of some sorts. Chakras are also often called ‘wheels’, and the wheel is Man’s greatest invention ever, right? The key to Progress. It got the whole show on the road.  This doctrine was introduced into the West through Theosophy and the Rosicrucians. Again from the book The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians  [1918], this time from the chapter The Soul’s Progress:

A very important point in the Rosicrucian teaching is that in which we are informed that the evolution of man is not confined to this planet, the earth, but rather is extended to a chain of seven planets. The Rosicrucians teach that the evolutionary processes of this planet are linked with and blended into the evolutionary processes of six other planets; and that life on this planet is likewise linked with and blended into the life on the six other planets of our planetary chain.

The Rosicrucians teach that these seven planets of our planetary chain are closely linked and connected by subtle etheric forces, and that there is a constant etheric current passing from one to the others and flowing ever through the entire circuit. These connected planets constitute the chain of worlds which is the series of homes of the individual soul, and the circuit of which is travelled by all individual souls. [2]

I’ve added an image of the Caduceus of HermesAPOC10_caduceuschakra once again, this time with the seven chakra points of the Kundalini initiation overlaid on top. The chakra which I would think couples with Earth is certainly the fourth one, and probably you agree after looking closely. Alice Bailey herself confirms this in her Treatise On Cosmic Fire [1951], where she listed the planets / schemes / centers and their preferred sequence:

1.| Sun [Vulcan]
2.| Venus
3.| Mars
4.| Earth
5.| Mercury
6.| Jupiter
7.| Saturn  [3]

So here we might have found a deeper meaning behind the Mean Green Machine that is unfolding on planet Earth, and also behind the merger of the active male principle and the passive female. Because that’s where the hexagram here stands for, not as Jewish symbol. [4]   They seemingly want to make us think the whole solar system is anxiously awaiting until humanity finally evolves into hermaphrodites. And we’re now quite heavily in the process of being forced into accepting this. In Alchemy the Caduceus is the

magical staff of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods APOC10_solarand revealer of Alchemy. The staff is entwined by two serpents representing the solar and lunar forces. Their union is the Conjunction of alchemical principles and their offspring, if it lives, is the Stone. This Stone is represented as a golden ball with wings at the top of the caduceus. [5]

So it’s not only Red Bull energy drink that gives you wings… Although, looking into what this red bull stands for might give a hint too. The other image is also from Bailey’s book, and signifies the ‘roles’ the planets allegedly have to play in the cosmic alignments through which the cosmic serpent energy has to flow. Saturn seems to play the key role, and we already have seen some possible reasons why. Bailey was also convinced that our solar system is the cosmic equivalent of an atom. Let’s see what mainstream science says about this.

A 2004 article named A Tiny Solar System After All tells us that “the analogy between the atomic state and the solar system is very deep, but not quite as simple as it seems. Strictly speaking, the wave packet is analogous not to a planet, but to two groups of asteroids that precede and follow Jupiter on its orbit around the sun”.[6]   Another article gives some more background information on this issue:

In the first half of this century, the phycisist Niels Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize for using the Bohr/Rutherford model to explain the hydrogen atom. This model was based on a direct analogy between atoms and the Solar System. Subsequently this model faltered for atoms more complex than hydrogen, and atomic/stellar analogies came to be regarded as naïve or quack ideas.

More recently, however, it has been recognized that Rydberg atoms (highly excited atoms with principal quantum numbers [n] ranging into the hundreds) are far more analogous to stellar systems than had been realized. Consequently the idea of stellar/atomic analogies has been rehabilitated among those who understand that atoms become more and more classical as n increases, and that Rydberg atoms are often called ‘planetary atoms’ for good reason.

Moreover, the similarities between what might appear to be radically different types of systems populating vastly different size scales were predicted by a discrete fractal model of the cosmos, called the Self-Similar Cosmological Paradigm.

The degree of similarity between the fundamental shapes found in these atomic and stellar scale systems seems to exceed what one would expect to occur by chance, or by subjective choosing of unrelated systems. [7]

An article from AstroBiology Magazine  [2012] tells us about a similar experiment, in which some scientists tried to emulate our solar system on an atomic scale:

Dunning and co-workers previously used a tailored sequence of electric field pulses to collapse the wave function of an electron in a Rydberg atom; this limited where it might be found to a localized, comma-shaped area called a wave packet. This localized wave packet orbited the nucleus of the atom much like a planet orbits the sun. But the effect lasted only for a brief period. We wanted to see if we could develop a way to use radio frequency waves to capture this localized electron and make it orbit the nucleus indefinitely without spreading out, Ye said.

They succeeded by applying a radio frequency field that rotated around the nucleus itself. This field ensnared the localized electron and forced it to rotate in lockstep around the nucleus. A further electric field pulse was used to measure the final result by taking a snapshot of the wave packet and destroying the delicate Rydberg atom in the process. After the experiment had been run tens of thousands of times, all the snapshots were combined to show that Bohrs prediction was correct: The classical and quantum descriptions of the orbiting electron wave packets matched. In fact, the classical description of the wave packet trapped by the rotating field parallels the classical physics that explains the behavior of Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.

The research also provides new knowledge about the fundamental rules that govern the organization of matter in the Universe. Such information could be valuable in understanding the motion of objects in solar systems. This can help astrobiologists understand how materials become organized into planets, or how dangerous asteroids move through space. [8]

Always keep in mind that this is probably ancient science and that they are probably decades ahead. The time-advantage isn’t the same in every field of science, but we can assume that in fields like astronomy it’s higher than average, with so much unaccounted money flowing into operations and organizations we never heard of.

Let’s return to the Rosicrucian teachings once again, and see what more they say about unity and Oneness. Magus’ book chapter The One And The Many:

This concept of the World Soul, so manifestingAPOC10_manyinone itself in Manifoldness, Diversity, and Variety, yet ever remaining One, Unity, and Identical, is represented by the Rosicrucians by the symbol of a small circle within a larger circle, the smaller circles being filled with tiny points or centres of manifestation. The outer circle is, of course, the Infinite Unmanifest; the smaller circle, of course, being the World Soul; and the small dots, or points, being the individualized centres of life, being, and activity manifested by the World Soul. [could the ‘Thousand Points of Light’ of Bush and Bailey and others maybe be a reference to this?—FS]

That all beings are, in truth, but expressions of the One Being—centres of consciousness, form, and activity within itself,—is a fundamental tenet of all occult and esoteric teaching. That all Being is One; all Life, One; all Form, One; all Consciousness, One, is known to all true disciples of the occult and esoteric teachings of the past and present, occidental and oriental, philosophical and theological. Hidden behind and under the orthodox, exoteric teachings, there is always to be found this insistence upon Essential Oneness on the part of the Inner Teachings of all schools. That there is but One Life, and not Many Lives, is a fundamental article of all occult and esoteric faith. [9]

But if the common denominator of all occult teachings is the Oneness of life, then why does this have to stay secret and veiled and repackaged from time to time? The first thing that comes to mind is that it in reality is not completely true, right? Or only partially. If it is true, then this becoming known would severely undermine their so-called divine laws to rule over us though. Now, what does that symbol of “Many in the One” remind you of? An egg sunny-side up maybe? Or a cell, that’s what I thought of at first.


What’s interesting, I think, is that in both the depiction of the stem cell and the atom a hexagon is formed in the middle. Imagine yourself leaving Earth, floating into space and boldly hovering above the planet Saturn. Look downwards and what do you see? Might this be why Saturn has [been given] a hexagon on top? And how great are the odds anyway that a planet that for many centuries has been equated with Satan has a hexagon on top?

Below some official images of nebulae in space which—if these are real—clearly have remarkable similarities to cells, atoms or even unicellular organisms or lifeforms. Are planets, galaxies and nebulae macroscopic organisms or creatures? I’ve touched on this before in APOCALYPSE NEVER IX, so let’s build on that a bit.


The first image below on the left is a computer generated image from NASA, which allegedly depicts all satellites and [artificial] space debris around our planet. It’s a picture seen from above. The image on the right is one of the same situation, only from the side. This is taken from a Daily Mail article from 2013. It seems we are creating ourselves a ring too! Our own version of rings like the four outer giant gas planets have, as described in APOCALYPSE NEVER VIII.


Below a schematic view of our Solar System and the vast Oort Cloud which encloses our Heliosphere and seems to be the barrier with interstellar space.


The image below is of course a well-known artist rendering of the Andromeda galaxy. Compare this with the side-view image of Earth and the space debris that you just looked at above.

In this series we also touched on the plans of the Dominant Minority to merge humanity into one giant organic interconnected organism. A superorganism is what it’s called, akin to for instance large termite-hills that are more or less comprised of individual organisms who all dance to the tune of the Queen. Well, who on Earth wants Heaven merged with Hell? Will Lucifer be the perfect match to breathe life into the Hive? Who are the legions of the Light-Bearer? As we all know by now, we have to look at the still only barely carnal carnival of Transhumanism. The  Journal of Evolution & Technology  is quite a good source to see what they’re up to nowadays.  Studies like Swarms Are Hell, Transhumanism and Marxism: Philosophical Connections, Enframing The Flesh, What Is A Person And How Can We Be Sure, and Human Metasystem Transition  assure us that we’ve come to the right place. We for instance meet Dorothy Riddle, who’s definitely not in Kansas anymore. If they only have their Brain, right? [I thought the name was made up, but she seemingly does exist. She’s known in academia for the Riddle-Scale, which measures the degree of homophobia.]  We also meet George Dvorsky, the person who coined the terms ‘postgenderism’ and techlepathy and who luckily for us says he’s a democratic transhumanist. You can’t say they haven’t got humor, right? One Jesse Bailey is listed too. And Francesca Minerva, the co-author of the nice paper Why Should The Baby Live, which I’ve referenced in INDECENT ATMOSPHERE. Because they want us out of the equation of procreation, remember? Then there’s Anders Sandberg, which is quite a common name in Scandinavian countries of course. But it translates to ‘Manly Sand Hill’, which is quite funny if the field you’re working in wants to create a human anthill. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Russell Blackford, the ‘Red God at the Crossing of the Black River’ you could say. Think Hades the God of the Underworld crossing the river Styx. He is a fundamental Bioethicist, author of the book Intelligence Unbound, telling us that A.I. is their Prometheus, and he further specializes in ‘horror fiction’. He also runs a blog called Metamagician and the Hell-Fire Club, clearly a wink to the ‘liberal’ orgy-porgy 18th Century elite club where even Benjamin Franklin allegedly chased a helluva lot of tail too.

This is probably all quite innocent fun, and mostly conjecture from my side of course. But some of them make it in fact a bit more clear. Take for instance one of the main proponents in his time of Cosmic Humanism, Oliver Reiser, who we already met in APOCALYPSE NEVER VI. He too wrote about the urgent need for his upper caste to start to treat humanity as one giant superorganism, even as early as 1940. This is a full twelve years before Fred Kohler published his book on this issue, which I also already quoted in Part VI.  So this is quite a good example of how a much less radical author is pushed upfront and ‘sold’ as being the originator of an idea even until today, whilst the real radicals were already much further and wrote about it too in their lesser well-known books. Because, already in the introductory pages of his mind-blowing book The Promise Of Scientific Humanism,  Ollie Reiser tells us that “the entire human race really appears as an embryonic being developing here on earth. Mankind, it may be supposed, is the central nervous system, the developing neuroblast, of the system of animate nature; and races and nations then have their being only as parts of the evolving superorganism”. Later he added that they

can no more have a healthy society with sick social groups than you can have a healthy organism with some unhealthy organs in it. In this sense society may be regarded as a superorganism. It may be as we shall suggest later that the reason society is functioning on a relatively low level of response is that it has not yet developed the organ for society which can do a work comparable to what the central nervous system does for individual organisms. At any rate it seems clear that today we need badly a social philosophy which will provide us with concerted plans giving unity and direction to the social process.

The statement that we need a new intellectual synthesis, if society is to secure the kind of harmony of response appropriate to an organism, is not the utterance of a prophet crying in the wilderness. It is the refrain of a chorus of voices steadily growing in strength. [10]

The chorus of a heavenly choir, or the other way round? But on the central nervous system issue you probably understand that he was talking about something like what we now know as the Internet. Note the “we” he wrote, as so many of them do. Not “we” as in creating a bond between the author and the reader, as I tend to do, but Reiser clearly meant he and his ‘choir-boys’ or maybe even himself and the demon guiding him. His peers were the likes of H.G. Wells and Julian Huxley, even John Dewey. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise then that he also steered into the way of the Global Brain. Wells published his book World Brain  only a few years before, which is only a short work containing a few compiled speeches and essays. This book is nowadays more or less seen as one of the major ideological pillars of what later would become the Internet. See for instance the presentation  From World Brain to the World Wide Web  for a simple introduction to this. The presenter is kinda oblivious of Wells’ real intentions, but that seems to be quite standard among specialist academics, as I noted in DIVINITY DEFERRED. Another pillar of the early Internet was the high initiate Vannevar Bush, who we’ve already met in INDECENT ATMOSPHERE too. In the presentation I’ve just mentioned you can hear that Wells at one time had dinner with President Roosevelt and that he very probably communicated his ideas on the World Brain at this occasion. Later Roosevelt would order Bush to fully dedicate himself to work out several technologies for wide public application and for world peace, on an unlimited budget from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. In his book Wells wrote that

some favour the idea of a gradual supersession of the political forms and methods of mass democracy by government through some sort of elite, in which the man of science and the technician will play a dominating part. There are very large vague patches upon this idea, but the general projection is in the form of a sort of modern priesthood, an oligarchy of professors and exceptionally competent people. Like Plato they would make the Philosopher King.

I put forward the development of this new encyclopaedism as a possible method, the only possible method I can imagine, of bringing the universities and research institutions of the world into effective co-operation and creating an intellectual authority sufficient to control and direct our collective life. I imagine it as a permanent institution—untrammelled by precedent, a new institution—something added to the world network of universities, linking and coordinating them with one another and with the general intelligence of the world.

I do not believe there is any emergence for mankind from this age of disorder, distress and fear in which we are living, except by way of such a deliberate vast reorganization of our intellectual life and our educational methods as I have outlined here. I have been talking of real intellectual forces and foreshadowing the emergence of a vital reality. I have been talking of something which may even be recognizably in active operation within a lifetime—or a lifetime or so, from now—this consciously and deliberately organized brain for all mankind. [11]

Yes, they like creating order out of chaos! But we see that it has been all about controlling collective human life and connecting the world population to a central mainframe basically from day one. But does that really still surprise you? Let’s return to Oliver Reiser. Building on the theories on extra-sensory perception of one Dr. C. Hilton Rice, he tells us that

the organic kingdom as a whole is the body of a single embryonic and developing being that is feeding upon the substance of a gigantic egg, the earth. According to this picture of the world-organism the plant and animal kingdoms form (functionally) the entoderm and ectoderm of a super-organism, and the human race serves as the nervous system of the embryo. This evolving system of life is operated by the energy from the sun, which fabricates the essential substances that the earth-yolk feeds to its embryo.

…the nervous system of this superorganism consists of the sum total of the nervous systems, with the human race functioning as the cerebrum, the whole held together, not by material continuity as in the case of the cellular structures of the component parts, but by the herd instinct, the group mind, etc. [hence the urgent need to enforce psychology and psychiatry on the world population in the earlier stages of their Agenda—FS]

For Dr. Rice the most interesting phase of this developing embryonic being is the manner in which a great composite mind is beginning to dawn and reveal its form and potentialities in the social consciousness. Thus man’s deep religious sense finds its confirmation in the coming into existence of a being in whose image man fancies he has been created. And just as the unborn babe cannot know and communicate with its parents until it has developed the ears to hear and the eyes to see, so this huge embryo, the earth-organism, cannot know itself until it has developed organs of sight and hearing, faint anticipations of which we now see in radio and radio-vision. These are the precursors of the extra-sensory perception of Humanity, the brain of the embryonic earth-organism. [12]

So you see that some folks really had different things on their mind than the silly Second World War that was staring much of the population in the West in the face at that time. It was all still only theory at the time of his writing, Reiser had to admit, and it wasn’t really sure if all could be achieved like Dr. Rice had theorized. But he built on this nonetheless and added his own layers to it. He of course played the ‘wannabegod-card’, which is something that always puts a smile on the face of the Transhummies:

The potential form of humanity acts as a morphogenetic field of force controlling neuroblasts of the embryonic organism so that the mutations behind man’s evolving psychic faculties are not due completely to chance. The emerging world-organism helps to create the inter-personal continuity that its gradual synthesis heralds and foreshadows.

Evolution is not yet through with the human organism, for still higher functions remain to be developed. Humanity thus appears as a god in embryo, a developing being with the psychic powers omniscience and omnipresence which man has hitherto assigned to his God. Perhaps man will eventually find that he is made in the image of God because God is being made in the image of Humanity. [13]

Near the end of his book Reiser asserted that a new updated form of Alchemy would be helpful. He steered the subject to humanity acting in unison creating ‘ether’, which has always been one of the main building blocks for the alchemical process. And as we read before also the connecting force between the “seven planets of our planetary chain”.  Reiser also pleaded for cultural alchemy to be started as soon as possible—what indeed happened directly after the War and what we at the moment of this writing, in 2015, are enjoying to the fullest. Reiser raised the bar even higher:

The greatest of the problems that the future must face is that of the humanization and spiritualization of chemistry itself. […] And how is this spiritualization to be achieved? This is indeed a difficult question to answer. But if we are to make any progress at all in that direction, it is surely evident that the present-day methods of expounding this science in polysyllabic jargon must be abandoned. If chemistry is to mean anything as a humanizing force in society, we must approach it from the cultural viewpoint as the progressive realization by man of a desire for knowledge and mastery of nature, as a spiritual quest for sublimation and refinement of nature.

The dream of the alchemists has been like that fabulous bird of mythology, the Phoenix, which tradition says lived in the Arabian desert, and was said to rise rejuvenescent from its ashes after having offered itself as a sacrificial victim on a funeral pyre. For this reason the Phoenix was taken as the emblem of immortality. And for the same reason we can regard the myth of the ‘philosopher’s stone’ as the Phoenix of the human mind, representing an immortal quest for some magic substance or formula that would enable the physician to cure the ills of metals and men.

There are many and diverse accounts of the nature of the elixir of life: some held it to be like sea water; others some sort of wine. By many others it was held to be liquid gold. Curiously enough, it was also supposed by some alchemists that mineral gold in the earth had imprisoned the sun’s rays, and that the sun was the source of life. This recognition of the potency of light in the creation and regeneration of life is a surprisingly good guess, and forms one of the connecting links between the old and the new alchemy. [14]

And the last quote from the book I have to provide directly through a clipping from the book itself. Otherwise nobody would probably believe that Mr. Reiser really wrote the following:


It has never really been a secret, you know. Remember too that in 1940 the Dominant Minority really thought that they were only one War away from their World Government, and therefore they took a little more liberty in their books written in this period. It was probably big bummer for them that the peoples even after the Second World War still weren’t downtrodden enough to totally give up their sovereignty and freedoms. That’s why they decided to play the multiculti-card, as noted in DEEPER INSIGHTS INTO WORLD ORDER—PART II, and continued their amalgamation in secrecy.


In APOCALYPSE NEVER VIII and APOCALYPSE NEVER IX we’ve already seen a bit of how James Morgan Pryse described the esoteric explanation of the Book Of Revelation  as a Kundalini awakening and initiation. We also have stumbled upon the ‘speirema’, the spiritual force which allegedly arranges this illumination. I’ve extended this to the global level, because the Earth is often compared with a human body and we’ve already seen some of the ways they are compared. Let’s add another interesting quote by Pryse, which also goes a bit into cosmic evolution:

When the seventh trumpet-call is sounded, there is a choral announcement that the God, the true Self, has come to his own and will reign throughout the aeons. The adytum is opened, disclosing the ark, the mystic receptacle in which were placed the tablets whereon was inscribed the contract of the God with man. Thereupon appears the Woman clothed with the Sun, star-crowned and standing on the moon ; travailing, she gives birth to a man-child. She symbolizes the Light of the Logos, the World-Mother, that is, the pristine force-substance from which is moulded the solar body—her ‘man-child’.

But when the brain is fully restored to its true functions by the energizing of the speirema, the parakletos of the New Testament, that “Light of the Logos” which is literally the creative force of the Logos, then it, the brain, becomes an androgynous organ, wherein takes place the immaculate conception and gestation of the self-born spiritual man, the Monogenēs, who is in very truth “born from above”. [15]

So here we once again meet the androgynous theme, and some connections with things we’ve seen in the second clipping of the book Bi-Sexual Man in Part IX. According to Pryse the illuminated man becomes the Monogenēs, which translates to ‘the only begotten son’, the ‘one’, or a ‘child’. [16]   The most well-known Biblical verse with this word is probably John 3:16—“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son [o monogenēs uios], that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. So in their version the initiate who is “born from above” becomes part of the godhead, part of the One: Mono-Genes.  And from then on they dance to the tune of some higher power. This has also been called the “song of the Soul”, for instance by our Magus Incognito:

From the writings of the ancient philosophers of all races, from the songs of the great poets of all peoples, from the preachings of the prophets of all religions and times we can gather traces of this illumination which has come to them—this unfoldment of spiritual consciousness. One tells the story in one way, the other in other terms, but all tell practically the same essential story.

All who have recognized this illumination, even in a faint degree, recognize the like experience in the tale, song, or preaching of another, though centuries may roll between them. It is the song of the Soul, which when once heard is never forgotten. [17]

Remember APOCALYPSE NEVER V, where we’ve seen Led Zeppelin sing “your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know. The Piper’s calling you to join him”. What the above quote acknowledges too, is that the road to manufactured illuminasion—what we would call the NWO-Agenda—has been ongoing for most of modern human history and that all those doctrines on an esoteric level convey the same message. In our time Magus instantly would be called a bad-boy conspiracy theorist. The audacity! Claiming that our history has some kind of continuing structured blueprint. If you look deep enough you find that in fact quite many high initiates or elites write about this. The factor that determines who’s the tin-foil terrorist and who’s a visionary is solely the political or societal position one has, or the amount of financial backing. Most people accused of being a conspiracy theorist merely quote and repeat what the elites have said or published themselves. And now we’ve come to the point that for the lower ranks of helpers in the mass-media and academics such catch-phrases are the only things left they can yell in return, preferably accompanied with as many instances of “paranoid” or similar buzzwords. But that doesn’t really matter anymore, because the proof is nowadays quite right in our face. But for most people things like evidence are irrelevant anyway, and the sweet safety of backing the majority will always remain their easy way out. And if we as regular citizens in the West as a collective peoples once again fail to see the danger coming, before it’s literally on our doorstep, then it’s hard to argue that we don’t deserve what we get.  It has always been an open conspiracy, long ago turned into enforced global policy. They are guilty, and proud of it. Most of the people around us are consciously ignorant and just as or even more proud of it. “Honey, what’s on TV tonight?”

And this inner alchemical agenda has been ongoing for a very long time. If we for instance look at the English translation from one the oldest publicly known alchemical texts, the Chinese Cantong Qi  [100-200 C.E.] we read:

Between the month’s last day and dawn on next month’s first day, Zhen ☳ comes to receive the token. At that moment, Heaven and Earth merge their essences, and the Sun and the Moon reach out for one another and hold onto one another.

The masculine Yang spreads his mysterious emanation,
the feminine Yin transforms her yellow wrap.
In indistinction they conjoin;
at this incipient time, the root is planted.

Steadily and orderly the seed is nourished;
from the coagulation of Spirit the corporeal frame is formed.
This is how living beings come forth:
even the wriggling worms all proceed from this. [18]

So here we see that even so long ago the texts hinted at how the so-called ‘perfection’ of Man is to be played out. If you would only read the second and third paragraph it seems the subject is androgynous evolution of one single person or organism. But the first paragraph notes Heaven and Earth merging, hinting at least at a global evolution. The adding of Spirit arranges for a new body, a “corporeal frame”, to materialize. You can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg!


Is planet Earth a giant embryo or egg-cell floating in a cosmic womb, destined to receive a spiritual insemination of ‘speirema’? Or are they just screwing around with our minds; the ultimate mindfuck? I never thought I would ask myself a question like this—just like you probably never expected reading such a thing being asked—but sometimes things turn out differently than planned in life, right? But it’s all in fact less strange than it initially sounds, if you for instance compare it with the Panspermia Theory . This is one of the leading theories for the origin of life on Earth. Let’s hope it wasn’t the giant cosmic ‘Penis of Osiris’ that once emanated all life with a Big Bang! This would by the way give a whole new meaning to the phrases ‘Great Mother’ and ‘Love’ the initiates always use, wouldn’t it? And also to the first and second ‘coming’ of Christ. And to the seed of Abraham, seed of Jesus, the serpent seed and all the other seeds that seemingly have populated Earth and have always tried so hard to fit in and find their place. Always trying to ‘settle’ or ‘nestle’. Always seeking warmth, first of the Sun and later through the gift of fire. Always in perpetual fight with each other. Always wanting to win, always wanting to be first. Always busy fertilizing the lands, or crossing the waters as semen seamen. But despite all the infighting we always kept sticking together. Out to get her. Finding entrance to the deepest secrets of Mother Earth. Everybody wants to rule the world.




Face the dark, face it without fear
It’s the essence of you being here
– Me

And so we come to the end of this series on the Apocalypse. I hope I’ve been able to generate at least some food for thought and imaginasion for you. Think big; think ever bigger. It are troubled times on the horizon, but on the other hand also great and exciting times to be a part of. What will our role be in the bigger plan? We have the right on our side, one day this will become clear. The further I progressed in my research, the more it looks to me that there is at least some kind of help from higher powers. For instance me accidentally pushing a book from a shelf while I was browsing there, and which ended up on the floor opened on just right page to find a new lead perfectly in line with what I was writing at the moment. Or while writing this article I was stuck and decided to browse through a rather large old download folder with hundreds of unnamed pdf’s, and at random I opened one file. And that one was coincidentally that book by Oliver Reiser that is so prominently featured in this article and which connects so many needed dots. Freaky, but motivating nonetheless. Those things do happen. That’s how we still can push the envelope and see a bigger part of the full picture, if we become able to do this together. Be critical at each other’s work. Build on it, strengthen it, complement it. Discuss theories and knowledge together, so that it becomes rock-solid and irrefutable for both naysayers and people interested but still in doubt. Everyone can see that we’re on the threshold of something big, and more and more people are starting to see that the eight o’clock news no longer suffices in giving them answers. Therefore we need some of the bigger names on the forefront, who reach thousands or even millions. They can arouse the attention of the masses of people seeking answers. And some of those people will, if they really want it themselves, end up automatically at the smaller websites and blogs which are only suited for people who are mentally ready for it. Because it can sometimes be quite a heavy load, as we all know. And some information just can’t be conveyed through websites and radio shows that really are in the picture of the mass media and governmental agencies. We need minds to be opened, our imagination and intelligence again working properly. The newer generation of NWO-researchers must seek to complement the older ones, because we can give them new faith and confidence. Because the worst that can happen is thinking you’re all alone, screaming in a room full of people who are deaf to you. Some of the long-term researchers know far more than they have conveyed until now. Maybe some new impulses can fire them up again too. Understand that everyone just does their best to add to the collective. We must stop the perpetual infighting about who is right and who is even more right. This only makes us look far-right, which is wrong altogether.

We live in a world of opposites: manufactured contradictions and divisions that are always designed to find their synthesis. ‘Coincidentia Oppositorum’ is the Latin phrase they often used in times gone by. The exact phrase probably emerged only a few centuries ago, but the underlying principle is timeless. The union of the opposites, in Alchemy called the conjunctio, or end-goal of the Great Work: the union of ‘total man’ with the Unus Mundus—One World. Is it destiny or fate? Or a big hoax to deceive us all? Is it an experiment to see how far human imagination, courage and will can be stretched, while faced with the ultimate threat? We will find out, sooner or later. The literal translation of the Latin phrase I just mentioned is “coincidence of opposites”. This might even be more appropriate for us, the Vigilant Minority. For some reason we have woken up. We started to see and understand things we weren’t able before. But most people around us still haven’t or cannot wake up. Why not? We find ourselves in opposition against something we still even struggle to comprehend. Is it a coincidence that it is us who are more or less forced into this opposition? That it is we who find ourselves in what I call THE EYE OF THE STORM?  In this poem I wrote a bit about the process of waking up as I experienced it, which is both pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. Your life is changed forever, if you want it or not. And if you venture deep enough you understand that you have a task.

But suddenly you’ll be hit, with the most awful feeling of all
The demise of all that’s pure in life, felt deeply in your soul

This feeling might just be our spiritual life-force, providing us with energy and intellect we never thought we had. Melancholy, evolving into determination. I will end this quite sobering apocalyptic series therefore as motivating as I’m able to squeeze out at the moment. Yes, this is the right thing to do. We must not recoil from fear, and we must learn about the most evil details of the Agenda to be able to understand them. But this can only be done if you also counterbalance this with other emotions. Yes, there might be little good news to tell others nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be joyful. In the spirit of a man who once wrote something like “if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that our children may have peace”. Words like this you don’t often hear anymore. Why not?

We live in a world of eternal opposites, but no real opposition. Somewhere between a planned society and a plant society. Some say the truth is the first casualty of war, other that truth sets you free. What if the only truth we still know is war? If Orwell was only here to see! We’re presently up against ultimate sinners, who want to go down in history as saints. Shadows conspiring from the dark, claiming to act on behalf of the Light. Forces that promise to take us forward, whilst turning most of us backward. The Right just wants to be left alone; the Left just wants to be right alone. And so we’re left with the idea Progress is right, but are we right with the idea Progress is Left? No, our problems are in front of us; they are not on our sides. Side with us, and form a front. Many have long turned their back, still blinded by the light they no longer see. They have chosen, subconsciously, what their future fate will be. It’s not the beginning of the end, no it’s the end of the beginning. And without you we won’t be winning. First stand alone to come together. First be individual to form a collective. It’s from above that will come our downside. From below must come our uprising. Use your inner to strengthen your outer, so we can meet them in the middle and smack their Wholeness into pieces. Because that’s not what our Peace is…

We must not fight who knows it all. No, we must fight for all to know. Honor your teachers, teach with honor. Leave your hate at the gate, this inferior mental state. Bring out what is in, but don’t come ‘out’ because it’s ‘in’. Find your beauty in knowing the Beast. Know the Beast can’t know beauty back. Stop bee-ing and start Being. Update yourself to Human Seeing. Look internal for the eternal. This will help if it gets infernal. Mind your brain, take care of your body. Embody care and train your mind. Be yourself and one of a kind. Stay kind to others, but not to yourself. Demand of you the most of all, so you earn pride before the fall. Again times that try men’s soul. Protect your loved ones, that’s your goal. The way your teachers came through to you, for others you can do this too.  One well-placed word might be enough, so you’ll find peace when times get tough. Even a little can mean a lot. You can touch others with just one thought. Don’t ask life to be an easy road, but learn to carry the heavy load. Don’t be afraid, reach deep inside, because it’s there where you will find. Find who you are reborn to be. Be who you’ve become, for all to see. Not everyone wants to see you be, which is a strange dichotomy. Most won’t understand the you in you, that’s what all Awake are going through. No clue on Earth will break their trance. If they leave, they’ve never been friends. Find the courage, find the will. So you can go deeper still. Time is short, our time is nigh. Start living before you die. Are it the worst of times, the best? Or is it all some giant test? If it is, we must not fail. Do we have it in us to prevail? It’s getting crazy now in life, and you ain’t seen nothing yet, cuz. . .  the Grand Finale is now going live!

Apocalypse now?
Apocalypse never?
Become clever, now,
If ever…





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