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“Sages of every generation read the future like a printed scroll”.
John Lothrop Motley[1]  [initiate historian—1814-1877]

“The origins of alchemy are lost in the mists of time…Traces of it can certainly be found in all civilizations, and the enigma of its origins is a long way from being solved because alchemy, like speech, is perhaps as old as the human race. Alchemy is, in effect, a metaphor for the human race.”
Wordsworth Dictionary of the Occult[2]



In the first part of this series we already briefly met Joachim of Fiore [1135-1202], who was put in the universal chain of intellectuals of about the last thousand years, by courageous scholar David Noble. Joachim was a major influence on for instance the Rosicrucians and in his time an influential individual seen as visionary and prophet. Even several Popes and Knights sought his company and advise. He had a large output of books, of which only a part was probably written by himself. Both during his life and even posthumously his disciples embellished his works and published them. As I’ve mentioned before in earlier articles, this is something you encounter often while browsing through history, especially with the works of visionaries and prophets. In the 13th century Joachim’s name and fame was discredited by people who spoke negatively about him, which caused him to become a marginal figure in history until his re-emergence out of oblivion thanks to twentieth century scholarship.[3] As a good study by scholar Brett Whalen tells us that Joachim’s future visions

emphasized the harmonious conversion, rather than grudging assimilation or destruction of the Jews, leading a number of scholars to posit that his writings provide evidence of a countervailing sentiment that ran contrary to the persecuting mentality of the High Middle Ages.

According to Joachim, a number of spiritual awakenings into the inner-meaning of Scripture inspired his literary output. Taking the Bible as his starting point, the abbot interpreted God’s plan for history through the successive relationship of the Old and New Testaments, building upon the idea that the ‘letter’ of the Old Testament revealed hidden ‘spiritual’ meanings about the New Testament of Christ. In principle, of course, such Christian exegesis of the Bible was nothing new. In a highly innovative move, however, Joachim argued that the historical events recorded in the ‘time of the Old Testament’ provided a detailed set of coordinates for the course of events in the ‘time of the New Testament’. View through this principal of ‘concordance’, all of history consisted of two time periods: the first, from Adam until the arrival of Christ, and the second, from Christ until the end of time.

Important figures, wars, and other events that occurred in the time of the Old Testament directly corresponded to figures, wars, and events in the time of the New Testament. For example, based on the Book of Revelation, Joachim argued that the time of the Old Testament was divided into ‘seven seals’, each marked by an assault on the Jews. Likewise, the time of the New Testament was divided into seven seals, each one distinguished by a persecution of the Christian Church. [4]

So here we meet the Seals of Revelation again, which we’ve temporarily let go after the first part of the APOCALYPSE NEVER series. But besides the grand duad, Joachim also has a triade vision on human history. As another study tells us, Joachim

created a new theology of history, based on the idea of a gradual self-revelation of the triune godhead. […] The revelation of the Father brought about the patriarchal order of Israel, as described in the Old Testament; the revelation of the Son led to the creation of the clerical church; and, finally, the soon-to-be-expected third dispensation of the Holy Spirit would bring about the monastic ecclesia spiritualis. [5]

This means that he divided up our recent and best documented history—‘civilization’ you could say— into three parts, called ‘status’, with a gradual ascension of humanity into becoming gods themselves. The Ages of the Father, Son and finally the Holy Spirit, which according to Fiore also coincided with the esoteric Ages of Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. The study by Brett Whalen already cited above elaborates on this idea:

The first status originated with Adam, came to fruition with Abraham, and ended with Christ. The second status began with King Uzziah of Judah, came to fruition with Zachary (the father of John the Baptist), and was drawing to a close in Joachim’s own present. The third status had begun with Saint Benedict of Nursia, was coming to fruition around the abbot’s own day, and would end with the consummation of history.

This era of the Holy Spirit (corresponding to the seventh age of the New Testament) would form an age of peace and plenty, when a new order of “spiritual men” would help to reform the Church and preach the Gospel everywhere. As Joachim described it, this Sabbath age would be “without war, without scandal, without worry or terror, since God shall bless it and He shall sanctify it, because in it, He shall cease from all of his labor that He has accomplished”.

Throughout his writings, the abbot pursued and developed this important theme – that the Jews, written out of God’s plan for history with the coming of Christ, would be restored to divine grace with transition to the final era of history, the coming Sabbath age of the Holy Spirit.

And this “new order of spiritual men” materialized under the several secret societies that are among the main subject in NWO-studies. Looking back on history, I must say that this is probably the most intelligent grand vision of history out there, with many intellectuals from the last 400 years building on the concepts of the Spirit, Enlightenment and universal illumination. In the first Age God started as an amorphous and unreachable force, in the second Age he materialized into flesh on Earth and in the third and final Age he then would usurp everything into One. But where it went wrong for humanity as a whole, I’d say, is that Christianity has been transformed from a religion of the teachings of Jesus into a religion about Jesus himself. The first person who would condemn the ruling religious centers of wealth and hypocrisy, such as the Vatican, is of course Jesus himself.

But where Joachim of Fiore derailed quite badly was in his grand timeframe for this all to unfold. The third Age—of the Spirit—seemingly commenced already way before the second Age ended, because Saint Benedict of Nursia lived from 480-547. This is quite strange, and to me this could just be one of those obvious distortions that have been put into Joachim’s work. Or it was born out of a strange quirk in Joachim’s own imaginasion, because he wanted so eagerly for history to find its climax in his time, when he still was alive. This is very understandable, and writers and intellectuals all through history have thought of themselves as being in the End Times, which is of course one of the characteristics of scripture and how it’s been written. There’s so much text, so vaguely written, that you can connect almost every event that ever happened and happens to the good book. This is of course false and one of the most legitimate criticisms on creationists and bible-thumpers of all colors. And therefore we in our time too are anxiously seeking for signs and omens, because the End Times could just be planned for our lifetimes. There have been many predictions and time-frames given for the start of the Age of Aquarius; 2000 for instance, or 2040, but none seem to have been made without serious flaws in reasoning. So it’s our task to stay vigilant and do our best to decipher what’s given to us.

One of the most mysterious secret societies in our Age have for long been the Rosicrucians. One of the many incarnations of Hermeticism and one of the torchbearers of the legacy of Joachim of Fiore. Shrouded by the mists of time and many outer layers of myths, they are now mainly seen as predecessors of Freemasonry and early Humanism. Between 1605 and 1615 some Rosicrucian Manifestos appeared and began to circulate in Germany and later in the rest of mainland Europe. The Wordsworth Dictionary Of The Occult tells us that the “symbol of the order is a rose with seven petals and a cross, usually black. The rose presents evolution, while the cross symbolizes difficulties, the sorrows of life, and karma”.[6] So here we find the synthesis of several important things, all combined in this one symbol. The cross moreover also symbolizes the crossing between the mainstream and the underground stream, as I already hinted at in APOCALYPSE NEVER II. In English the word ‘ford’ means the crossing of the river, and in German ‘bach’ means stream, and that’s why it’s not strange that many of the important initiates in the NWO Agenda have had these two words in theAPOC3_firestreamir names. In you take for instance one of the most important revolutionary ideologues, Ludwig Feuerbach, you see that his name literally means ‘firestream’: the stream of revolution. In Greek mythology one of the five rivers
flowing from Hades [the underworld] was called Phlegethon and this was according to Plato a “stream of fire, which coils round the earth and flows into the depths of Tartarus” [the place in the underworld where the Titans dwell]. One of the best conspiracy researchers out there, Alan Watt, said in 2006 in one of his radio shows that

Masonry shaped society. It shaped the mind. It sculpts it basically in a direction and that is the whole method of controlling the public. You standardize things through mainstream. Mainstream comes from the underground. Stream which they called this current of teaching this thought process this underground movement from the Rosicrucian Era of the 1500’s onward, the underground stream. They shape form and content of your thoughts and by limiting you or directing you along certain lines of thinking with limited access to knowledge you must come to conclusions which they know you must come to. [7]

This rhymes with my own observations and conclusions, that the Dominant Minority of all ages only need to control the first individuals who come up with complete thought patterns and societal movements. The follow-up can be done by ‘regular’ people who hook into the ideas set out for them and build upon it. This also rhymes with what John Ruskin taught about illumination and how the true illuminator only outlines his work. Rus, or Russ, translates as the red/brownish color of Mars, as noted in ADAPT AND DIE. And kin is from the kinship system, making John literally part of the sacred group of warlike revolutionaries!

The Wordsworth Dictionary Of The Occult also tells us that “legend claims that Rosicrucians are ‘unknown higher beings’ who live in the invisible and manage the world”.[8] So here we also see the emergence of a major New-Age meme, as for instance so widely elaborated on by Alice Bailey and her ‘Hidden Masters’. So this should be met with a high degree of skepticism, because almost certainly a major part of it is gibberish. But, also more ‘serious’ individuals tapped into this meme. For instance one of the most important acolytes of Feuerbach: Karl Marx [1818-1883]. In his mind the fire of revolution burned intensely too. In one of his most puzzling statements, Marx cryptically described a sort of alchemical transformation that takes place in the mind of the true revolutionary—one which sets the intellect free:

It is a psychological law that once the theoretical intellect has achieved freedom within itself it turns into practical energy and, emerging from the shadow kingdom of Amenthes as will, directs itself against the exterior reality of the world.

Its relation to the world is one of reflection. Being inspired with the desire to realize itself, there is a tension between it and other things. Its inner self-sufficiency and perfection are destroyed. What was an inner light becomes a consuming flame that turns outwards. As a consequence, the world’s becoming philosophical coincides with philosophy’s becoming worldly, the realization of philosophy coincides with its disappearance, and the exterior battles of philosophy are against its own inner deficiencies… [9]

This intellect thus briefly turns into “practical energy” and visits Amenthes, the mythical Hades of the ancient Egyptians. Did Marx’ intellect take the ‘firestream’ to reach Hades? And did he met the Woman of his Dreams there? In the FUNDAMENTAL PHRASEOLOGY I’ve noted what Eliphas Lévi listed as the main points of the secret teachings of the Elect. One of those is “the assumption of the Woman, to be loved a Virgin, adored a Mother”, and another relevant one is “the Universal Church of the just”. Is it a coincidence then that Marx and his buddy Friedrich Engels were leading members of the League of the Just, one of the main predecessors of the Communist movement?

The mythical founder of the Rosicrucian brotherhood was Christian Rosenkreutz / Christian Rose-Cross. [C.R.C.] It’s not sure if the man even ever existed, and for us this doesn’t even really make a difference. What for us is important though, is that the infamous Georgia Guidestones APOC3_guidestonesseemingly were erected by one R.C. Christian, an obvious allusion to the founder of the Rosicrucians. And that is what our hidden illuminated masters do, if we accept their premise, set boundaries to guide the adepts through the Great Work of alchemy. The Rosicrucian Manifestos were heavily influenced by the German philosopher and occultist Heinrich Khunrath, who on his term was heavily influenced by our good friend John Dee, who we’ve already met a few times before. One of the main pillars of Rosicrucianism and also Hermeticism in general, is the ‘Chymical Wedding’. This is a very difficult and intricate subject that probably few people in history have fully understood. I don’t pretend to know it completely either, but I have some clear ideas on the main outline. In my poem PAX ALCHEMICA I wrote:

‘As Above, So Below’ is how the plan’s supposed to go
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, as Blake said us so
Jachin-Boaz intertwined, singularity near
Completion on the globe; a perfect dictatorship here

The ‘As Above, So Below’ is of course from the Emerald Tablet, which is one of the most important alchemical texts. It is said to be the sacred teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, one of the most mysterious individuals in history. This because we know not very much about him, but he was the fountainhead of many streams of knowledge, influencing almost all early teachers and intellectuals. One of the most important of them was Plato. Below the contemporary translation of the Emerald Tablet:

|01| It is true, certain, and without falsehood, that whatever is below is like that which is above; and that which is above is like that which is below: to accomplish the one wonderful work.
|02| As all things are derived from the One Only Thing, by the will and by the word of the One Only One who created it in His Mind, so all things owe their existence to this Unity by the Order of Nature, and can be improved by the Adaptation of that Mind.
|03| Its Father is the Sun; its Mother is the Moon; the Wind carries it in its womb; and its nurse is the Earth.
|04| This Thing is the Father of all perfect things in the world.
|05| Its power is most perfect when it has again been changed into Earth.
|06| Separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the gross, but carefully and with great judgment and skill.
|07| It ascends from earth to heaven, and descends again, new born, to the earth, taking unto itself thereby the power of the Above and the Below.
|08| Thus the splendour of the whole world will be thine, and all darkness shall flee from thee.
|09| This is the strongest of all powers, the Force of all forces, for it overcometh all subtle things and can penetrate all that is solid.
|10| For thus was the world created, and rare combinations, and wonders of many kinds are wrought.
|11| Hence I am called HERMES TRISMEGISTUS, having mastered the three parts of the wisdom of the whole world.
|12| What I have to say about the masterpiece of the alchemical art, the Solar Work, is now ended. [10]

At point |02| we can recognize the theory of Evolution and the Big Bang, with everything stemming from one point or one life form. At point |03| we see the standard duad used in the Mystery Schools, where the male is the Sun and the female is the Moon. At point |07| we see the initiation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, as described in PEACE OF MIND. It also resembles Marx’ trip to Hades, although that would be a trip downwards instead of upwards. Point |08| then goes into the initiation of the whole world, the Glow-Baal; the whole world illuminated; darkness forever gone. Hermes called it “Solar Work”, so do they want to change the Earth into a second Sun maybe? Then we really are in the hot seat! The Rosicrucians explain the As Above, So Below of Hermes in this way:

Thus we have as above, so below. The outer marriage of the king and queen and the inner union of CRC, are one and the same. Their marriage is our marriage, his union is our union”. The book of the Chymical Marriage can be considered the above, while the tower in which the alchemical operations are performed, may be seen as the below. The book is the macrocosm and the tower is the microcosm. That is because the book has 7 Days and the tower has 7 levels. [11]


So, One has to come of Two. This is the hermaphroditic agenda that led to big societal movements as for instance Feminism. That’s one of the most malignant tricks the Dominant Minority has pulled, making the females believe that they really will win equality in the future. In reality modern Feminism was mainly designed by men, and meant to destroy the family unit, which has always been one of the main agenda points of Socialism and Communism. The New Man will be androgynous, and male and female as we know it will cease to exist. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Androgyny calls it the “Convergence Of Species”, the next step in the Darwinistic idea of Evolution. Homo sapiens has come out as the most evolved species due to the normal theory of natural selection, and now Man has to take fate in their own hands and arrange its own transformation:

More refined attempts at influencing the progress of natural evolution include efforts to create artificial intelligence and genetic research, specifically, cloning. These efforts which seek to alter and even create life itself incorporate notions of androgyny as it existed in the earliest life forms, both those posited by creationists and evolutionists. The highest form of artificial intelligence proposed by research teams at advanced research institutions will be able to learn, grow, sustain and even propagate itself without recourse to meddling with members of any opposite sex. Cloned plants and animals and some day, humans, will be created from only the most advanced materials and techniques, able to overcome all emotional, spiritual and physical limitations which now hamper the march of human progress. These ultimate beings will reproduce on their own, perhaps with the push of a button and will become immortal, ultimately doing away with the need to procreate at all. [12]

If you look into the field of Transhumanism—the term was coined by Julian Huxley—you quickly learn that overcoming such pesky things as human emotions is among the chief goals. This is also a reason why the initiates through the ages really have disliked females, because a woman is much more led through life by emotion. They see the female side of the total pallet of human will and emotion as the weak half, and therefore always taught that the woman represents Sin, and can only reflect the greatness of her man, just as the Moon can only reflect the light from the Sun. Mainly the Christian faction of the anti-NWO Movement, as described in ON THE MOVEMENT, has really taken this out of context by vigorously agitating against an alleged “gay agenda”. But, as far as I understand it, the promotion of gays is just another branch of the NWO-Agenda, similar to Feminism, and the fact that many important intellectuals and initiates are considered gay nowadays has less to do with them being attracted to men than the fact that they really hated women. In the end for no old human a place in the World Order is envisioned, so it doesn’t really matter what sex, creed or belief you have at all.

And as soon as in December of 1945 at Nag Hammadi in Egypt twelve leather-bound papyrus codices were found, the mystery even deepened more. They contained a large amount of Gnostics texts and some hitherto unknown parts of the Hermetic scripture the Corpus Hermeticum. As we all know, this rattled the cage of religious peoples and particularly elites all over the world. It sparked especially new vicious attacks on the Christian Church and the works have been major influences on the New-Age movements and sects. I never intended to mix myself in this maze of magic and mystery, and I would advise you to tread this field with care too, because it has great power to suck you under into LaLaLand. One good book that stays very close to the original scriptures and puts in not too much bias is The Gnostic Gospels  [1979], by Elaine Pagels. This book is one of the main pillars on which the circus of holy grails, DaVinci codes and zeitgeists is built, obscuring and fictionalizing the important and sometimes profound original scriptures. In light of the androgynous agenda of the New World Order there are some important passages to be found in the book. Pagels quotes for instance the ‘heretical’ Gospel Of Thomas, which tells us that

Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, “These infants being suckled are like those who enter the Kingdom.” They said to him, “Shall we, then, as children, enter the Kingdom?” Jesus said to them, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same…then you will enter [the Kingdom].” [13]

Reading the book by Mrs. Pagels teaches you much about how deeply the New-Age movement, but also our anti-NWO Movement, has been influenced by the Gnostic teachings. You also see how timely the finding of the scrolls were, just in time to help set the foundations for the nascent New-Age movement. This is not strange, because it has been used in the last big ‘New-Age’ period too, just as Theosophy. In Ancient Greece also what we now would call theosophists roamed the lands, individuals who were especially known for their great oratory skills with which they too hypnotized the masses. Pagels also stresses the similarities between the Gnostic teachings and some of the teachings of that peculiar red-hot revolutionary who we’ve already met: “many Gnostics, then, would have agreed in principle with Ludwig Feuerbach, the nineteenth-century psychologist, that ‘theology is really anthropology’. For Gnostics, exploring the psyche became explicitly what it is for many people today implicitly—a religious quest”. Pagels also made another interesting and important remark in her book, regarding the Gnostic roots of Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry:

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth polemicizes against orthodox Christianity, contrasting it with the “true church” of the Gnostics. Speaking for those he calls the sons of light, the author says: . . . “we were hated and persecuted, not only by those who are ignorant [pagans], but also by those who think they are advancing the name of Christ, since they were unknowingly empty, not knowing who they are, like dumb animals”. [14]

As I already noted in a few earlier articles, the name Freemason even means ‘Son of Light’. The early Masons hated the profane because they persecuted and distrusted them. We as the profane of all times seem to have forgotten who we are, and without being in some way spiritually possessed, we do are a bit empty, don’t you think? They just really like to call us stupid animals and do their utmost best for us to believe this ourselves too. The exact kind of animals we have to resemble has varied through the centuries, but as long as it is a stupid or funny looking animal—like a sheep or monkey—we put ourselves in the denigrated position of the underdog. [no pun intended] That’s where they want us to be.

In The Secret Lore Of Egypt  [1999] one of the leading scholars in this field, Erik Hornung, noted that the ancient manuscript Kore Kosmou tells us that Isis and Osiris found the works of Hermes, which contained “the seeds of all culture and religion” and passed it through onto the rest of humanity. Hornung continues that the “gods endowed the priests of Egypt with three arts: philosophy and magic for the soul, ad medicine for the body. The rest is Gnostic salvation doctrine. The first human was formed by Nous, the creator of the world”.[15] Hence we got in English the word androgynous. This word in French means ‘us’. In Ancient Greece it was equated with intellect and ascending through history several other words—mind, thought, reason, spirit, worldsoul—have been added. On this website I’ve simply brought it back to one name: the Dominant Minority. When Hornung goes into Gnosticism he gives us an important clue on the meaning of the sparks and flashes of light which the initiates invoke or receive. He also tells us about the quite breathtaking end-goal the Gnostics have in mind:

But in Gnostic belief, ultimate release would not come until the end of the cosmos, with the annihilation of matter. Since the cosmos originated “through a flaw” [Gospel of Philip] or error, the reversal of the error also meant the dissolution of the cosmos, which would be consumed by fire. Only the pure realm of light would survive this end…

Every Gnostic was a spark from the kingdom of light who glowed in this world of darkness and absent-mindedness. [16]

Hornung also tells us that the Gnostic teachings re-emerged with the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. As examples of famous Gnostics in our Age Hornung names the likes of Newton, Paracelsus, Roger Bacon, Leibniz and Alberto Magnus. He also tells us that a few Rosicrucians took off to the New World in 1694, where they influenced a few of the Founding Fathers of the United States.


More information on the road to androgyny can be found in another great book from Alan Watt’s Recommended Book List: The Human Agenda [1968] by Roderic Gorney, a spokesman for the American Psychiatric Association. You didn’t knew there is a literal human agenda, did you? And we’re all on it. The back flap of the book says that “Not since H.G. Wells’ Outline Of History have the evolution and potential of humankind been charted with such breathtaking scope and impact”. Alvin Toffler wrote the foreword, and was of opinion that the book “fulfills a vital function”. You might already understand that this book constitutes a continuation of the eugenics agenda, which around that time resurfaced again after being severely stained and hampered due to the Nazis a few decades before. The book goes into great detail on how humanity could ‘evolve’ and be updated. It’s an early academic example of the androgynous agenda. Gorney for instance asks this rhetorical question:

Supposed by genetically engineering out of males their angular muscularity and broader shoulders, and out of females their softer curves and broader hips, people decide to speed up the trend toward unisex. Along with these distinctions, and the identifying if inconsistent personality demands of men and women, could go much of the charm of human life. From there it may be but one disconsolate step to accepting hermaphroditism. [19]

The “people decide” is of course a bit vague, probably on purpose, because this can be interpreted in several ways. Most people will read it as ‘people in general’ or ‘we’, including themselves. The same ‘we’ as everyone often hears people around them mention. The ‘we’ who must do something about crime, war and the economy. But in reality this ‘we’ is of course ‘they’, because we ourselves have remarkably less influence on a remarkably large amount of important issues in life, and most of us like it that way. Even for smaller things in life our opinions and efforts aren’t requested or even deemed irrelevant by the  ruling powers, so isn’t it maybe a little naïve to think that the powers that bee are going to ask us what we think about big and important things such as the evolution of Man? As I’ve already noted in MOB FOOL, the concept of democracy is nothing more than a myth, and on its way to be discarded anyway. No, the decisions have been made already, even long before The Human Agenda was published. Gorney ends his conclusion and his book with an interesting passage, in which he philosophizes about “the new sort of man who is adapted to live in the era of abundance”:

His outlines are emerging. Willing to live perpetually with uncertainty, he abhor fixed dogmatic schemes which decide rigidly in advance about unpredictable inner or outer potentialities. Next, you will see in him a pervasive willingness to concentrate and attend, to experience and register, and to delightedly invest himself in the new life. And finally, he insists on controlling and transforming his inner self to bring it into harmony with its total internal capabilities as well as current external needs and possibilities.

This new man will engage himself in substituting for values evolved unconsciously to better equip our human survival kit. For a long time there have been a few such people—Goethe, Freud, Shaw, Einstein, Picasso, Russell—who are known to everyone because of other attainments, but who are also extraordinary in having ordered their lives according to prospectancy, as do increasing numbers of less accomplished men and women. These lives illuminate n flashes what human lives in general must become, as we quest into the abundant future of man. [20]

So here we once again encounter the mysterious light-flashes of pure intellect, their building blocks towards illumination. “Prospectancy” is a neologism coined by him, and constitutes a “compass to show the way”, “a dual attitude toward human life” consisting of “expectancy of new prospects” and “prospecting for new expectations”. You could call it a philosophical look onto future needs and the implementation of futurology as a science. As we know by now, H.G. Wells is seen as the father of Futurism thanks to great books such as Anticipations [1901], which I’ve already briefly quoted in MAGGIE MACABRE. Gorney oracled:

Carefully organized teams of futurologists will be necessary for the predictive and preventive application of the prospectant attitude to the biological revolution on the horizon. If we learn from past successes and mistakes, we ought to be able to extract the flesh from the thorns of the ripe prickly pear constituted by bottle gestation of babies, genetic manipulation, and life-suspension techniques discussed earlier. To do so we will need a change in human emphasis. [21]

Some complementary information on the official advent of Futurology/Futurism can be found in Alex Abella’s Soldiers Of Reason: The RAND Corporation And The Rise Of The American Empire [2009]. He tells us about Herman Kahn and his extremely controversial books that outlined a future in the thermonuclear age. Kahn finally left the RAND Corporation and started with a million-dollar grant from the Rockefeller Foundation the Hudson Institute, one of the major conservative bulwarks until today. From there the prophetic scientific field grew. Abella defines futurology as “a doctrine that held that Capitalism and technology had an unlimited future and that the destiny of humankind was to populate outer space”.[22] Kahn and his legacy have been shoved aside a long time ago. But the futurist dreams still live on, stronger than ever before.


I am the Borg.
I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many.
I am the collective.
I bring order to chaos.
You are in chaos…You are the contradiction.
We too are on a quest to better ourselves. Evolving toward a state of perfection.
By assimilating other beings into our collective, we are bringing them closer to perfection.
Borg Queen

In the first part of this series we already touched upon Gene Roddenberry and his place in the NWO. One of the most iconic creations of the whole Star Trek brand is of course The Borg. Above you see the most important scene, where the Borg Queen introduces herself. In some way the Borg is an allegory for the Dominant Minority and their helpers, who act and in some way think already with a hive-mind and work together like buzzy little bees to create a global Beehive. They want to create order out of chaos—where have we heard that before—and they want to overtake us and our minds, perfect us. The word “cybernetics” comes from the Greek word for steersman or the helmsman on a ship.[23] That’s a perfect description for people who think of themselves as the controllers of humanity, the navigators of spaceship Earth!

One of the most infamous quotes from the Book Of Revelation is of course: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”. [Revelation 13:16-17]  Nowadays it is course very clear what is meant with this particular passage. But the microchip has a much wider purpose than only the option of buying and selling. We can learn more about the bigger picture here in another great book from Alan Watt’s reading list: Future Man [1984] by Brian Stableford. The subtitle of the book is “brave new world or genetic nightmare?” Which is a good joke, with him naming the Huxley-scenario as the positive outcome of the future world as envisioned by him. But here we also meet another ‘ford’, and this one seemingly provides constant and stable information on the Agenda. That might be said indeed, because he didn’t mince words on the wish for the Dominant Minority to mind-control humanity:

The best opportunities for close social control are probably offered by cyborgization. The clever future tyrant will probably take the trouble to equip his subjects with tiny mechanical devices—perhaps located beneath the skull—that will allow their location always to be known, and their conversations to be monitored. Similar devices might also be used to administer shocks of pain in response to signals from a remote source.

Cruder than producing tailor-made slaves by biological and behavioural engineering, and it is probably more practical. Of course, the would-be tyrant would have the problem of imposing such devices upon people, but he would be able to do it one step at a time, beginning with delinquents and criminals and slowly extending the net. By the time a substantial fraction of the population had been converted, it should be possible to use their support to enforce conversion upon the rest. There are rulers in the world at present who have sufficient political power to undertake such a programme if only the necessary technology were cheaply available.

Once such a system of tyrannical control were established, the way would then be opened for more sweeping uses of biological engineering. When political domination had been completed by these means, it would become feasible to begin using techniques to modify developing embryos without the fear of too much opposition. If the minds of the oppressed could not be controlled closely enough to make perfect slaves, there is much that might be done to a body to fit it for a subservient role.

We need not doubt that there are people in the world who would be prepared to impose this kind of rule to their fellows. [24]

So here we see that in 1984 this was all long clear and tested, and the plans were laid out. I’ve already explained the step by step plan that they’ve used in APOCALYPSE NEVER II and a system which makes it “possible to use their support to enforce conversion upon the rest” in APOCALYPSE NEVER. This also should explain why we see everywhere in the West the push for extra civilian security services and NGO’s which are empowered with security functions.

A great example on how to learn how much the cutting edge of science—largely tucked away in black projects—really is ahead of what they tell us in the regular magazines and studies, we turn to the book The People Shapers [1978] by Vance Packard. This book was widely circulated and read then, but just as I concluded about his book The Hidden Persuaders in APOCALYPSE NEVER, way too far ahead of its time to give any real meaning for the common people. Because Packard wrote in great detail about experiments he witnessed, for instance some mind-control experiments done by the infamous José Delgado. The latter’s book Physical Control Of The Mind [1969] is a classic and often mentioned and cited in NWO-studies, but Packard’s book tells infinitely more and learns you much more about the bigger picture. It surprised me somewhat that this book is quite absent on the internet, at least the most important passages and chapters of the book. But on the other hand it’s very understandable why some people would prefer to keep this content out of the public mind. Let’s add something to the internet, shall we?

Packard’s book starts with a quite well-known quote by professor Carl R. Rogers, who said that “we can choose to use our growing knowledge to enslave people in ways never dreamed of before, controlling them by means so carefully selected that they will perhaps never be aware of their loss of personhood”.[25] With hindsight it’s of course not so difficult to see that they actually have embarked on a sacred mission of global dehumanization; and succeeded quite thoroughly too, I might add. So it probably won’t surprise you that Mr. Rogers was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize  in 1987, because we now know they mean something different with peace than we ourselves do. Note that funny “we” in the statement by Rogers again. Do you still think that you too are included?

Let’s compare some recent experiments that in some way are presented as breakthrough with some ‘ancient’ experiments as described by Packard in the seventies. In 2013 Washington University published the press release Researcher Controls Colleague’s Motions In 1st Human Brain-To-Brain Interface.[26] The blurb says “University of Washington researchers have performed what they believe is the first noninvasive human-to-human brain interface, with one researcher able to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of a fellow researcher”. The crux is of course the “what they believe”-part, because, what the hell do hyper-specialized scientists really know about the bigger picture? And furthermore, this always has been quite thoroughly shielded by their tinfoil propaganda and their weaponization of conspiracy theories. Now this particular subject has gone mainstream, because it’s allowed into the public sphere, so now it’s OK if you talk about it. But until recently you were a mouth-foaming moron. APOC3_delgadoThat’s how psychological warfare works.  This subject is where the whole meme of tinfoil hats even comes from: the Manchurian candidate, MK-ULTRA, etc.  But let’s see how far they already where in the sixties and early seventies with this technique. In the chapter Producing Robotlike Behavior, Packard tells us about some experiments by our friend José Delgado. The most famous is of course the remote-controlled bull, who could be stopped by pushing on a button. Packard elaborates:

In some of his preliminary testing with several brave bulls Delgado triggered a variety of stereotyped physical movements. He caused a bull to move in a circle, to turn its head, to lift a certain leg, and to utter ‘moo’. The latter so intrigued him that he repeated the stimulation one hundred times. One hundred consecutive ‘moos’ were uttered. [27]

This nowadays is achieved on a daily basis amongst whole armies of hipsters and fashionistas alike, with a push-button blurting out of fashion-words like ‘racist’ or ‘cook’, as on commando. Those folks are so well conditioned, that not even a button has to be pushed anymore. Packard also tells us about the many experiments done with monkeys, where a real push-button behavior could be achieved. Delgado programmed in a sequence of movements the monkey had to do, and with every signal given the monkey would execute them as requested. Even with a repetition rate of tens of thousands of times the mind-raped robot-ape would slavishly obey. I wonder…‘mon’ comes from ‘man’ in both Middle-English and Modern English, so this would make our alleged closest cousin in the animal kingdom somewhat the ‘key to man’, hmm? Delgado would agree. The official etymology of ‘monkey’ is quite vague. I prefer my translation, but this is of course conjecture.

Packard also described mind-control experiments by other researchers. Take for instance ‘Project Donkey’ by Edward and Ruth Brecher. Somewhere during the mid-seventies they purportedly gave a show at the Pentagon, which was top secret, but some information was put out. Packard tells us that

The project was to send a donkey on a ten-mile trip APOC3_phonelaneover rough terrain solely by brain stimulation. An electrode was planted in a pleasure center of the donkey’s head. The electrode kept titillating the donkey as the donkey walked straight toward the goal. When sunlight struck a prism attached to the donkey’s collar a photoelectric eye switched on the reward-giving electrode. The current switched off whenever the donkey went off course or stopped walking. The Brechers related: “thus accoutered, the joyful donkey trotted straight ahead up hill, down dale, even crossed a mountain, even straying nor lagging, to its predestined goal—a substation some five miles away”. [28]

If you remember the quote by T.H. Huxley from CLOSE TO PERFECTION: “If some great power would agree to make me always think what is true and do what is right, on condition of being some sort of a clock and wound up every morning before I got out of bed, I should close instantly with the offer”. That’s what they’re working towards. For everyone. Assimilated.

Packard also described mind-manipulation techniques which haven’t been used directly on the public, but if you look around it’s easy to see that they have been implemented very gradually and subtle—the Fabian way:

Wiping out the maternal instinct: Delgado reports that when a ten-second electrical stimulation was applied to the mesenchepalon of a mother monkey named Rose she completely lost interest in her baby for ten minutes. [indespensible for a good Feminist-battle plan—FS]
Altering the mood to eat or sleep: most people have very positive attitudes towards producing change by taking pills. And they already have accepted medication via flouridation of their drinking water. Other chemicals may in the future be added to their water without their awareness. Buckets of pacifying chemicals might be quietly poured into reservoirs by the authorities in times of ugly social unrest. [Americans, watch your tap!—FS]
Chemical castration: the equivalent of castration can apparently now beachieved chemically by treating a person with an anti-androgen drug called cypoterine acetate. [see for instance The Rise Of The A-Sexual—FS]
Electronically stimulated hypersexuality: In aminals, at least, operations on the amygdala sometimes produce spectacular hypersexuality. Male cats for example try to mount any other four-footed animal they can climb on. [“In a recent study the research team demonstrated that the brain activation patterns of children viewing violence show that children are aroused by the violence (increased heart rates), demonstrate fear (activation of the amygdala-the fight or flight sensor in the brain) in response to the video violence, and store the observed violence in an area of the brain (the posterior cingulate) that is reserved for long-term memory of traumatic events”.—FS]
Personality changes by electricity: Roberth Hearth of Tulane University and his collaborator Charles Moan found that a conspicious element of one patients’s personality underwent lasting change because of electrial stimulation. […] The patient had long been suicidally depressed and had been a drug addict. He was a homosexual and tended to be chronically angry. He was first shown a stag film of nude males and females frolicking in intercourse. He reacted with anger and disgust. Later the pleasure center of his brain was subjected to a series of stimulations that put him into a state of euphoria. While he was in this new mood the same stag film was rerun for him. He became sexually aroused and masturbated to orgasm. During the following week his interest in women continued. […] Stimulation of his septal pleasure center continued periodically and he eventually expressed a desire for a heterosexual relationship. [Packard described several of such experiments. These techniques have been used the other way round, in order to achieve the ‘gay-explosion’ we have seen all over the West the last decades. The infamous Kinsey experiments claimed that about 10% of human population is gay, nowadays even almost 20% would consider themselves not completely heterosexual. This is of course not a natural growth and unfortunately a recipe for extinction.]  [29]

I could easily list yet another ten or twenty points, but I suggest obtaining the book yourself.

Conspiracy scholars Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. Hart also did some good work on making the difficult esoteric roots of Transhumanism understandable. While most of their work is way too ‘far-out’ for me, their book Transhumanism: A Grimoire Of Alchemical Agendas [2011] is very good. The authors venture into the works of Shelley, both Percy and Mary, and rightfully connect the modern idea of Frankenstein to the ancient ideas of Prometheus, homunculus and the Kabbalistic Golem. They also write about Erasmus Darwin, one of the highest known Masons of his time and a real important Philosopher King in the NWO-Agenda. Darwin’s lengthy poem The Temple Of Nature [1803] gets dissected, and Farrell and De Hart conclude that it has both an exoteric and an esoteric side of it—as most of the initiates’ works have of course. They tell us that “the esoteric influence on his poem is no longer in doubt when Darwin turns to a consideration of man and to his primordial masculine alchemosexual androgyny”. They also conclude that “Darwin is reproducing the old esoteric tradition that the male is the differentiating creative force”, and that “Darwin even attributes the rabbinical idea that mankind was created as a ‘male androgyne’ to an Egyptian origin”. [30]

One of the most important points that Farrell and De Hart make in their book, is that the NWO wants to undo the Biblical Fall and to re-ascend back up to the godhood Primordial Androgyny. This is somewhat similar to my own conclusions that I’ve came to a few years ago, only I’m not sure if it’s a re-ascendance or a first-time ascendance. Because with the former you must believe the Bible to be literally accurate, which for me as a non-religiously brought up person is quite hard to comprehend. To me the most truthful, at this moment, is the notion that Male and Female have always been this way and that several thousands of years ago the Plan was made to unite the sexes and in a later stadium unite the whole world as one living entity. But if you take the Eastern esoteric teachings in consideration, then it might even be an ongoing process of life ascending and descending through the stages of matter, already ongoing for millions of years or so. It really is a mind-boggling subject and really the core of the NWO-Agenda, so we need to try to make this as clear as possible. So let’s take it one step back again. In PAX ALCHEMICA I wrote:

The real meaning of Sion is the merger of Sun and Moon
Dissolution of the sexes: androgyny will reign soon
Then the despised Fall of Man will be finally overcome
By another Great Leap Forward, for an Illuminated some

It’s a simple rhyme, but also a concise description of the whole shituation we’re facing. I’ve already wrote in earlier articles that Sir Francis Bacon openly admitted that he started the scientific method to make humanity androgynous again. Alan Watt gave some good clues in his talks, by explaining that SION comes from the merger of SIN and ON, the Kabbalistic method being that the first two letters of words can be combined to create a new one. Sin was the Moon goddess, On the Sun god, symbolizing female and male.[31] He also explained that the word ‘science’ phonetically is ‘sions’. We’ve already seen in APOCALYPSE NEVER II that the letter S esoterically stands for ‘the way to’ or the long and winding road. The stairway to heaven you might say. So this would mean that science literally means ‘the way to sion’—the way to the androgynous synthesis of both sexes. For a good confirmation in the Dutch language that Bacon’s main goal was the synthesis of male and female, and in the end conquering the whole universe, is the Dutch translation of The New Atlantis [1627]. This contains a very interesting introduction, which is written with the cooperation of the librarian of the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands. Here you’ll find confirmation of this all, and more. They note that Bacon even saw it as a “religious duty” for Man to win back the mastery over Nature. This introduction is in fact even more interesting than Bacon’s story itself. [32]

This word-trick as done above on science is interesting and quite illuminating. As I’ve already shown with multiple names of key-people in the NWO-Agenda, they sometimes seem to have been named for their task in the Great Work. Another one of those obscure Philosopher-Kings who is not all too often mentioned is the Augustinian friar Johann Gregor Mendel [1822-1884], the founder of the modern science of Genetics. He’s another example too of someone who was posthumously propelled into semi-godhood, with much of his work only becoming widely known decades after his death. It might not surprise you that Mendel’s main hobby was beekeeping, with the Beehive as their ideal structure of society, as explained in the two preceding articles in the series on the Apocalypse. The cradle of genetic theories lay, of course, in Ancient Greece, where seemingly through sheer intellect what we now would call atoms, cells and genes were thought of. One of the intellectual predecessors of Mendel was the Dutch microscopist Antoni van Leeuwenhoek [1632-1723], whose name curiously translates to ‘Anthony from the Lions corner’. They’re lions you know. And our Tony the Lion—who was very probably a Freemason[33]—“discovered ‘animalcules’ in the sperm of humans and other animals. Some scientists speculated they saw a ‘little man’ (homunculus) inside each sperm. These scientists formed a school of thought known as the ‘spermists’. They contended the only contributions of the female to the next generation were the womb in which the homunculus grew, and prenatal influences of the womb”.[34]

Now, the name Mendel can be divided into three parts, men-d-el. The letter D in Greek is called Delta or Δ, which according to the early Greek philosopher Empedocles means “the four elements”. Contemporary scholar Kieren Barry explains in his great book The Greek Qabalah  [1999] the deeper meaning of this all. He notes that Δ also means the number four in the Greek esoteric and Kabbalistic teachings, because “its triangular shape, and the fact that 1+2+3+4=10, led to it being identified with the sacred tetraksys, the triangular representation of the decad upon which the Pythagoreans swore oaths”.[35] Seen from this angle the name Mendel would then translate to Man-Four Elements-El/God. As as I’ve already noted in CLOSE TO PERFECTION, the ancient end-goal of alchemy is to reach androgyny by the mastery of the four elements, and therefore Nature. So the four elements stand between Man and God: Mendel. The fact that the surname was already for several generations in the family might contradict that the name can be thus translated. But on the other hand the Augustinians of course descended from Augustine of Hippo [354-430CE], who on his turn was heavily influenced by the Neo-Platonists, who on their turn descended from the Neo-Pythagorians. Connectng this all to the Book Of Revelation, Kieren Barry’s book can also teach us something:

The Greek word for monad [ΜONΑΣ] has an isopsephsic value of 361, counted as equavalent of the 360 degrees of the circle, presumably because the first degree is counted twice to indicate a complete revolution of the zodiac. Plutarch [who was a high initiate—FS] noted that the Greek name for the god of the Sun, Apollon, signified a unity, since pollon meant ‘many’, and the prefix a- was a negative. Thus Apollon, to a Greek, could be read as meaning ‘deprived of multitude’. [36]

So here we can see some glimpses of how very old the urge to unite us all really is. As I noted in ADAPT AND DIE, Éliphas Lévi taught that the real initiate of all ages is “a man of no party; he desires only unity, mutual indulgence and peace”. The infamous verse from Revelation goes:

They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).”
Revelation 9:11 [NIV] –

Apollyon is Apollon plus an extra Y: why? APOC3_apollyonBoth seem to have different meanings altogether, but I can’t believe that both aren’t connected in some way. If you divide Apollyon up, you get A-Poll-Y-On. The prefix A- means negative. Poll is Greek for “the many, the masses”. On is the Sun God. Only the Y is a bit more difficult to understand. The book The Greek Qabalah might come in handy again:

According to Pythagoras, the letter that represented the “dual ambiguity of mortal fate” was the crossroads letter, upsilon (Y). [37]

Man at the Crossroads; ring a bell? Well, there seemingly was a little controversy in 1934 about the Rockefellers and their deep admirasion for Lenin, which materialized as a painting called Man at the Crossroads. Man, controller of the universe! Yes, we know ambition runs deep in their circle.

Author Kieren Barry also made clear that there was a very big Gnostic influence on the Greek teachings which later materialized in several thought streams, for instance the Jewish mystery school of the Kabbalah: “the earliest surviving Jewish Qabalist work, the Sefer Yezirah or Book Of Creation, was written in Platonic-Pythagorean spirit, probably some time between the third and the sixth century CE, certainly well after the Greek Qabalah was already established”. Barry also notes that “even the word ‘ synagogue is Greek”.[38]

We go deeper into Abaddon, Apollyon, Kabbalism, the idea of the Golem and the connection between East and West in APOCALYPSE NEVER IV.






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