Align To Defy The Unholy Alliance


“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six”
Revelation 13:18, KJV

“This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666”
Revelation 13:18, NIV



Above you can read  one of the most infamous verses from the Book Of Revelation. I’ve taken two of the most widely used translations, because there are of course many others. Some translations differ quite substantially, adding to the already existing confusion amongst interpreters and making people come to different conclusions. If we compare the two we can see that in the KJV wisdom is freely given or already there, but with the NIV a wisdom is requested and therefore not yet immanent. The much older KJV speaks about understanding, while the more modern NIV [1978] speaks about a somewhat more modern term: calculate. While both normally mean the same, the word calculate or compute signifies counting with the help of something, a tool, or done by that tool instead of a person. ‘Counting’ would normally always signify this carried out by a person. So we see a slight change of hands in the new translasion: from an almighty person endowed with the necessary divine wisdom, to a third person, entity or object, handled by someone else with insight. We’ve already met King James I in the preceding parts of this series, as well as some of his most important advisors and confidants. It seems that James gave himself a bit too much credit in verse Rev. 13:18, because this one wise person would of course be no one less than himself. But according to the group of scholars who translated and published the NIV this version is much more true to the original texts. And it seems these non-aristocratic scholars were more of mind that the one who is going to confirm the number of the Beast is going to do this with the help of other persons or objects. In our digital age finding help with calculational problems is of course easy and with our information society we are well on our way into becoming a society of Mind, built through and completely operating on perpetual calculation and computation.

A verse that is connected to Rev. 13:18 is Rev. 17:9, which says: “this calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits” [NIV]. Here the KJV is almost similar. But the main questions remain of course who or what are this mysterious 666, the ‘Beast’, and who or what will be ridden by the Woman? There are probably hundreds of entities and individuals all through history who have been blamed of being the one behind the Number of the Beast. Of course the timeless adversary Satan, the Devil, or the Snake, but also Emperor Nero in his time and even until today. Other dissenting voices have come up with the argument that the ‘beast’ could also just be someone somewhat more mundane, namely…us. Because we’re beasts, you know. The last 150 years very persistent and powerful influences have spread the word across the world that we really aren’t anything more than beasts. Let’s see if we can penetrate to the core of this cardinal question. The standard pulpit commentary given by Rev. 17:9 is in fact quite good. It tells us that

we have repeatedly seen that the language of the Apocalypse and its numbers are symbolical. The seals are not literal seals, the Lamb is not a literal Lamb, the beast is not a literal beast, etc. So here, the mountains are not literal mountains. A mountain is a symbol of power; seven is the number significant of universality. The plain meaning of the passage, therefore, is that the woman relies upon a visibly universal power. [1]

For many people this might spoil the fun a bit, because without a literal ‘Beast’ a big worldwide battle of Armageddon might not even take place at all. Chances are slim that a devil in flesh will materialize on Earth anytime soon. People expecting to fly with Jesus to the stars on white unicorns might be disappointed too. And people who’ve sat on their asses in front of the TV their whole life, and who expect to be saved in one way or the other, might also become disappointed at one time. But a more important detail in the above quote is the interpretation of the seven hills/mountains, namely: power. Therefore the Woman—albeit Mummy, Queen Bee, Great Mother or whatever—will be brought in on “a visibly universal power”. So, the heat is on. The spark that starts the universal Enlightenment and what breathes life into the Glow-Baal Brain…electrifying from Pole to Pole!

And we ourselves luckily aren’t expected to become literal beasts, but only metaphorically. I’ve already written multiple times about the dehumanization of humanity. Let’s now descend into the deepest animal instincts and the lowest levels of animalism that our recent ancestors have managed to reach. Or have reached through management, that might be a better wording.  This is not pleasant, but it has to be done in order to get the full picture. A few of the most terrible examples of humanity descending into bestiality and lower can be found in the great book The Lucifer Effect  [2007] by Philip Zimbardo. This book goes mainly very deep into the Stanford Prison Experiment, but this is in fact the least interesting part. All side-topics are much more important and interesting. Zimbardo wrote for instance about the relative easiness with which a very repressive totalitarian system can be duplicated wherever needed. He described how a Californian teacher named Ron Jones copied the Nazi techniques in his classroom:

He began by telling the class that they would simulate some aspects of the German experience in the coming week. Despite this forewarning, the roleplaying ‘experiment’ that took place over the next five days was a serious matter for the students and a shock for the teacher, not to mention the principal and the students’ parents. Simulation and reality merged as these students created a totalitarian system of beliefs and coercive control that was all too much like that fashioned by Hitler’s Nazi regime.

The students then took over the assignment, making it their own. They issued special membership cards. Some of the brightest students were ordered out of class. The new authoritarian in-group was delighted and abused their former classmates as they were taken away. Jones then confided to his followers that they were part of a nationwide movement to discover students who were willing to fight for political change. They were “a select group of young people chosen to help in this cause”, he told them.

Ron Jones got into trouble with the administration because the parents of the rejected classmates complained about their children being harassed and threatened by the new regime. Nevertheless, he concluded that many of these youngsters had learned a vital lesson by personally experiencing the ease with which their behavior could be so radically transformed by obeying a powerful authority within the context of a fascist-like setting. [2]

But this wasn’t all, because Zimbardo even describes a much more disturbing example. In the chapter Endorsing The Final Solution In Hawaii  he describes how somewhere in the seventies another experiment was executed:

Imagine that you are a college student at the University of Hawaii among 570 other students in any of several large evening school psychology classes. Tonight your teacher, with his Danish accent, alters his usual lecture to reveal a threat to national security being created by the population explosion. This authority describes the emerging threat to society posed by the rapidly increasing number of people who are physically and mentally unfit. The problem is convincingly presented as a high-minded scientific project, endorsed by scientists and planned for the benefit of humanity.

At this point, he wants only your opinions, recommendations, and personal views on a simple survey to be completed now by you and the rest of the students in the auditorium. You begin answering the questions because you have been persuaded that this is a new vital issue about which your voice matters. You diligently answer each of the seven questions and discover that there is a lot of uniformity between your answers and those of the rest of the group.


Ninety percent of you agree that there will always be some people more fit for survival than others. Regarding killing of the unfit: 79 percent wanted one person to be responsible for the killing and another to carry out the act; 64 percent preferred anonymity for those who pressed the button with only one button causing death though many were pressed; 89 percent judged that painless drugs would be the most efficient and humane method of inducing death. If required by law to assist, 89 percent wanted to be the one who assisted in the decisions, while 9 percent preferred to assist with the killings or both. Only 6 percent of the students refused to answer. Most incredibly, fully 91 percent of all student respondents agreed with the conclusion that “under extreme circumstances it is entirely just to eliminate those judged most dangerous to the general welfare”! Finally, a surprising 29 percent supported this “final solution” even if it had to be applied to their own families!

So these American college students (night school students and thus older than usual) were willing to endorse a deadly plan to kill off all others who were judged by some authorities to be less fit to live than they were—after only a brief presentation by their teacher-authority. Now we can see how ordinary, even intelligent Germans could readily endorse Hitler’s “Final Solution” against the Jews, which was reinforced in many ways by their educational system and strengthened by systematic government propaganda. [3]

So! That’s very reassuring to know, in the light of things to come, hmm? This is how easy so-called sophisticated, liberal-minded and educated civilizations can be manipulated. Zimbardo also gave some very haunting examples of extreme violent outbursts perpetrated on Government command in less civilized surroundings. In 1994 one of the worst massacres of the 20th century took place, in Rwanda. Zimbardo quotes some writings by Hutu perpetrators and Tutsi victims who managed to survive:

“Since I was killing often, I began to feel it did not mean anything to me. I want to make clear that from the first gentleman I killed to the last, I was not sorry about a single one”.

“We were doing a job to order. We were lining up behind everyone’s enthusiasm. We gathered into teams on the soccer field and went out hunting as kindred spirits.”

“Anyone who hesitated to kill because of feelings of sadness absolutely had to watch his mouth, to say nothing about the reason for his reticence, for fear of being accused of complicity”. [in other words, kill or be killed—FS]

“Our Tutsi neighbors, we knew they were not guilty of no misdoing, but we thought all Tutsis at fault for our constant troubles. We no longer looked at them one by one, we no longer stopped to recognize them as they had been, not even as colleagues. They had become a threat greater than all we had experienced together, more important than our way of seeing things in the community. That’s how we reasoned and how we killed at the same time.”

“Before, I knew that a man could kill another man, because it happens all the time. Now I know that even the person with whom you’ve shared food, or with whom you’ve slept, even he can kill you with no trouble. The closest neighbor can kill you with his teeth: that is what I have learned since the genocide, and my eyes no longer gaze the same on the face of the world.”

We no longer saw a human being when we turned up a Tutsi in the swamps. I mean a person like us, sharing similar thoughts and feelings. The hunt was savage, the hunters were savage, the prey was savage—savagery took over the mind.” [4]

And now savagery is on a sacred mission to take over our minds. Slowly, but surely.

Usual suspect H.G. Wells published in 1896 one of his most controversial science-fiction novels, The Island Of Dr. Moreau. The well-known story can be placed in the lurid lineage of Shelley’s Monster Of Frankenstein. Wells’ novel was slightly autobiographical, with main character Prendrick saying at one point in the novel that he had studied biology under Dr. Huxley. In real life Wells was mentored by T.H. Huxley, as is well-known. And with the story being a somewhat tasteless eugenics-flick we can be certain that we’re in Wells’ deviant mind. With hindsight it’s in fact quite easy to understand that it is nothing less than a thinly veiled allegory of what the Fabians were planning for the West. Below some of the most important passages, near the end of  the book when the project of civilization is clearly failed and running on its last legs. Remember that the narrator is Wells [and his ilk] himself:

My Monkey-man’s jabber multiplied in volume but grew less and less comprehensible, more and more simian. Some of the others seemed altogether slipping their hold upon speech, though they still understood what I said to them at that time. (Can you imagine language, once clear-cut and exact, softening and guttering, losing shape and import, becoming mere limps of sound again?) And they walked erect with an increasing difficulty. Though they evidently felt ashamed of themselves, every now and then I would come upon one or another running on toes and finger-tips, and quite unable to recover the vertical attitude. […] They were reverting, and reverting very rapidly.

Some of them—the pioneers in this, I noticed with some surprise, were all females—began to disregard the injunction of decency, deliberately for the most part. Others even attempted public outrages upon the institution of monogamy. [Wells was one of the pioneers in Feminism, don’t forget that!—FS]

The change was slow and inevitable. For them and for me it came without any definite shock. I still went among them in safety, because no jolt in the downward glide had released the increasing charge of explosive animalism that ousted the human day by day. But I began to fear that soon now that shock must come. My Saint-Bernard-brute followed me to the enclosure every night, and his vigilance enabled me to sleep at times in something like peace. […] Of course these creatures did not decline into such beasts as the reader has seen in zoological gardens,—into ordinary bears, wolves, tigers, oxen, swine, and apes. There was still something strange about each; in each Moreau had blended this animal with that. One perhaps was ursine chiefly, another feline chiefly, another bovine chiefly; but each was tainted with other creatures,—a kind of generalized animalism appearing through the specific dispositions. And the dwindling shreds of the humanity still startled me every now and then. [Wells is here already talking about the mixture of human races, the multicultural experiment, seen from the perspective of an elitist eugenicist!—FS]APOC4_moreau

[After fighting and killing some of the remaining man/beasts]
I burnt both of the bodies on a pyre of brushwood; but after that I saw that unless I left the island my death was only a question of time. The Beast People by that time had, with one or two exceptions, left the ravine and made themselves lairs according to their taste among the thickets of the island. Few prowled by day, most of them slept, and the island might have seemed deserted to a new-comer; but at night the air was hideous with their calls and howling. I had half a mind to make a massacre of them; to build traps, or fight them with my knife. Had I possessed sufficient cartridges, I should not have hesitated to begin the killing. [5]

So here we see a fictional description of Wells’ urges to wipe out the unfit. Later he would make these known to the scientific elite through books as Anticipations, as quoted in MAGGIE MACABRE. But they just haven’t got enough bullets to do the job! And it’s more fun to orchestrate wars—which were all well on time ‘foreseen’ by Wells—and let us do the dirty work ourselves, isn’t it? The book also gives a fictional allegory of how humanity was to be dehumanized and progressively weakened through Feminism and other weaponized social movements. One last interesting detail to note is that through social media humanity is really quickly descending into bestiality, and due to the unhealthy body postures we really are growing as curved as Wells wrote about. For instance Kyphosis due to long-term usage of computers and more recently the so-called text-neck. One of those fortunate side-effects. For them at least.


In earlier articles I’ve already written a lot about the silliness of our sick society, accomplished by decades of psychological warfare, propaganda, mass manipulation and indoctrinating deprativy through the mass-media. One point that is also often mentioned in our Movement is psychopathy—from loudly proclaiming all our leaders psychopaths till suggesting that we in fact live in a pathocracy instead of a democracy. The very interesting book Political Ponerology [2003] by the Russian scientist Andrew Lobaczewski has often been mentioned. But it’s probably clear to most people that in a materialistic, decadent and decaying society corruption skyrockets and the psychopaths roam free. Another interesting phenomenon are the so-called ‘almost psychopaths’. Two Harvard scholars, Ronald Schouten and James Silver, wrote a book about it: Almost A Psychopath [2012]. This is a good book if you’re new to the subject and is full of practical examples of patients and former patients of the authors. While probably less than 5% of the world population are full psychopaths, they indicate that the amount of almost psychopaths might even go as high as 15%. [6]   They tell us that

Jung pointed out that the less the Shadow is acknowledged and “the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is”. In other words, denying that we have such dark thoughts puts us at risk of being controlled by them. [7]

This is relevant because in our Western society people are kept busy all through their lives, immersed in a sea of information, and people are expected to have an opinion on almost everything. But they don’t really have the understanding or necessary background information to make any valuable judgment on all those subjects, so they tend to copy the viewpoints of the talking heads or pundits they see on TV. Hence we’ve come to the point that most people have an opinion on everything, but deeper knowledge on almost nothing. And in this process we call life they have forgotten themselves, their interior being, their inner peace. In the New-Age tradition people have also been conditioned to only look at happy things and only think happy thoughts. Probably very few people understand the basic structure of the human mind, spirit and psychology. Jung’s Shadow has thus become extremely dense in our society, inflating for many decades and waiting for a moment to burst. As soon as this happens, we might have a problem.

Some good additional remarks on the Nazi mentality and techniques can be found in the book Defying Hitler  [1939] by the German journalist and author Sebastian Haffner. While he was a little bit of a shady guy and a pupil of David Astor—a scion from the very influential and illuminated family who also funded the Fabian Society—the things Haffner wrote in this book are very profound and ring definitely true to me. The manuscript of the book was allegedly found somewhere hidden in a drawer by Haffner’s son, somewhere in the late nineties. This sounds a bit suspect, but it’s of course definitely possible that it’s true. The text speaks for itself, I think:

Apart from the terror, the unsettling and depressing aspect of this first murderous declaration of intent was that it triggered off a flood of argument and discussions all over Germany, not about anti-Semitism but about the ‘Jewish question’. This is a trick the Nazis have since successfully repeated many times on other ‘questions’ and in international affairs. By publicly threatening a person, an ethnic group, a nation, or a region, with death and destruction, they provoke a general discussion not about their own existence, but about the right of their victims to exist. In this way that right is put into question.

Suddenly everyone felt justified, and indeed required, to have an opinion about the Jews, and to state it publicly. Distinctions were made between ‘decent’ Jews and the others. If some pointed to the achievements of Jewish scientists, artists and doctors to justify the Jews, others would counter that they were a detrimental “foreign influence” in these spheres. Indeed, it soon became customary to count it against the Jews if they had a respectable or intellectually valuable profession. This was treated as a crime or, at the very least, a lack of tact. The defenders of the Jews were frowningly told that it was reprehensible of the Jews to have such-and-such percentage of doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc. Indeed, percentage calculations were a popular ingredient of the ‘Jewish question’. People discussed whether the percentage of Jews among the members of the Communist Party was too high, and among the casualties of World War 1 perhaps too low. (This is the literal truth. I heard this argument in the mouth of an educated man with a Ph.D., who reckoned himself a member of the cultured class. He argued quite seriously that the twelve thousand Jewish dead in the war was too small a proportion of the Jewish population in comparison with the corresponding number of ‘Aryans’ killed, and derived from this a certain justification for Nazi Anti-Semitism).

Once the violence and readiness to kill that lies beneath the surface of human nature has been awakened and turned against other humans, and even made into a DUTY, it is a simple matter to change the target. That can be clearly seen today; instead of ‘Jews’ one can just as easily say ‘Czechs’ or ‘Poles’ or anyone else. [8]

These techniques are in fact probably as old as humanity itself and used all through history in times of planned conflicts. If we return to the study on psychopathy by Schouten and Silver, we learn that

almost psychopaths who flourish in the business world are proficient manipulators and influencers who are less prone to overt rule and law breaking than true psychopaths. More specifically, almost psychopaths seem to have particular proficiency for seeking out and developing relationships with people of high authority and influencing them. [9]

So here we enter the circles of the advisors and people in the NGO’s, who don’t aspire a life in the limelight and as a public figure but who do want to wield power and manipulate others. Almost psychopaths have the same characteristics as pure psychopaths but have less strong urges to be constantly led by their extreme egocentricity and narcissism. Pure psychopaths will often reach the highest or farthest, and are perfect recruits for the Dominant Minority. Many important initiates and key individuals in the Agenda have had childhood traumas or other psychological disasters, which set them on their journey into becoming full-blown psychopaths. In OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN  I’ve connected this to the Rhodes Scholarship. Schouten and Silver give another interesting clue, by noting that “psychopaths are on automatic pilot, and their moral compass is either absent or, if present, always pointing in the direction of their self-interest”. [10]  And so we learn that a true psychopath is in fact already well underway becoming part of the Borg-mind, because they already run on auto-pilot and have ceased to care for others. If such people can be enticed to join the secret societies and hence learn to hermetically shut their mouths and keep secrets, they might even have a chance of being asked to join the lower ranks of the Dominant Minority. They already have discarded empathy and other important emotions, so they are ready to make the leap to the New Man. But little do they know that they too will probably be deceived. Because we live in a time of universal deceit, as one wise man once professed.


“The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts, and ‘not even in inmost thought to think again the sins that made the past so pleasant to us’.”
Charles Darwin[11]

Yes, the eradication of sin is since long underway. If a true global hive-mind gets established, such petty things as individuality or private thoughts will become things of the past. In earlier parts of this series we already met the Borg and we learnt in quite gruesome detail how the world is slowly turned into a global Beehive, full of mind-controlled worker bees, protected and supplied by drones. We also already have at least some idea who or what the Queen Bee is, and how they establish some sort of higher form of communication, akin to electric telepathy. We’ve also seen how humanity is slowly being degraded into a degraded being, ready for a life in the hive. We’ve also seen how people are turning into a Golem, an infantile little creature as we know from the Lord of the Rings. The original Golem is of course a bit different, and we will now see if we can connect this with the other pieces of the puzzle. The official dictionary meaning of Golem is “(In Jewish legend) a clay figure brought to life by magic. / An automaton or robot. / Late 19th century: from Yiddish goylem, from Hebrew gōlem ‘shapeless mass’.” [12]   So here we immediately find a strange contradiction between the old Hebrew meaning and the contemporary meaning.


Above a painting of the sixteenth century Rabbi Judah Löw ben Bezalel [1525-1609] with his alleged Golem. In the nineteenth century the legend of the Golem of Prague grew out of this, of which probably not too much is still truthful today. What is interesting though is that Rabbi Löw means Rabbi Lion in English, and that his descendants’ surnames include Loewy, Loeb, Lowy, Oppenheimer, Pfälzer, Lowenstein and Keim. The Loeb and Oppenheimer families are of course not completely unfamiliar in NWO-studies, to make an understatement. The Rabbi was also in close contact with famed astronomer Tycho Brahe. The first that struck me when looking at the painting is his striking resemblance with the way John Dee normally is depicted.

In 1928 one Gustav Meyrink published a novel about the Golem, building upon the already existing layers of fiction and mysticism. This is the official story of the Golem of Prague nowadays, the one told to the tourists:

Jewish mystical tradition describes the Golem as a sculpture animated by man. The idea of a clay figure brought to life has its origin probably as far back as ancient Egypt, where it is recorded in a literary tale from the second half of the 6th century BC. The Prague Golem, however, is one of the most famous earthen figures. Allegedly, it was created it in the late 16th century by the Jewish Rabbi Jehuda Liva ben Bezalel to protect the Jewish town from Christians. The Golem was animated after the insertion of a shem—a paper with the name of God written upon it—into his mouth, and he would only obey whoever inserted the shem. The destruction of the Prague Golem is connected with a legend telling how the rabbi forgot one day to remove the shem from the Golem’s mouth before leaving for the synagogue, and because the Golem did not have specified work to do, he began smashing all the precious statues and furnishings in the rabbi’s house. A frightened maid ran into the synagogue and begged the rabbi to put an end to the rampage. He shouted at the Golem to stop and took the shem out of his mouth. And because it was removed on the Jewish holiday, the Golem crumbled into dust. A legend says that the Golem was stored in the attic of the Old-New Synagogue, where since that time no one may enter. [13]

So a major contradiction here of course, because the Golem would have crumbled to dust but it also would mysteriously still be stored on a secret place?  The Jewish Virtual Library puts it this way:

Yehudah Loew of Prague, also known as the Maharal, was one of the outstanding Jewish minds of the sixteenth century. He wrote numerous books on Jewish law, philosophy, and morality, and developed an entirely new approach to the aggada of the Talmud. He was held in great esteem by his contemporaries and has had a profound impact on all streams of Judaism.

Ironically, he is credited with the creation of a golem, an activity he would probably have opposed. A golem is a human figure created from clay and brought to life by use of the Ineffable Name of God. Since the letters of that name were considered to be the original source of life, it is thought possible for one knowledgeable in the secrets of the Divine Power to use them to create life.

Discussions of golems go back to the Talmud. Rava is said to have created such a man. In the sixteenth century numerous golems were said to have been created, but in each case their power increased and threatened human life, so they were destroyed by their makers. [14]

What’s interesting is that Rabbi Löw was also called Bezalel, after an individual who in ancient times was the builder of the Tabernacles. These constructions signify a complete microcosm and therefore creation on a small scale. This means that some god-like powers were / are attributed to Mr. Bezalel.

In APOCALYPSE NEVER III we’ve already briefly met the Jewish scholar Gershom Scholem. In his book On The Kabbalah And Its Symbolism  [1960] he wrote some interesting things about the Golem. In Meyrink’s adaptation of the Golem he recognized the corrupting influence of the early New-Age doctrines: “Behind the façade of an exotic and futuristic Prague ghetto Indian rather than Jewish ideas of redemption are expounded. The alleged Kabbalah that pervades the book suffers from an overdose of Madame Blavatsky’s turbid Theosophy”.[15]  Scholem really liked Meyrink’s book though, but it should be read as fiction and not as truthful Jewish lore. The Golem as its widely known now in the public mind owes very little to the original Jewish tradition, he notes. Scholem then goes into the similarities between the story of Adam and of the Golem and argues that the latter is even mentioned in the Bible, in Psalm 139:16. A side-note here is that this is only the case in the Orthodox Jewish Bible [OJB], and in all other versions of the Bible the word is absent.[16] But in the OJB it says that a Golem is an embryo, something Scholem himself disputes in his book. So there is a slight contradiction here. Scholem argues that Golem in this case, and most other cases of early mentioning, means something like “unformed, amorphous”.  I myself would add: “without form, and void”.

Another interesting thing for us to remember is when Scholem concludes that “Adam was said to be ‘Golem’ before the breath of God had touched him”.[17] Now if we put this into the current perspective and keep in mind everything we’ve already learned about the Global Brain and the fact that the Dominant Minority seemingly thinks that this will constitute the next step in human evolution, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. Scholem also goes into some examples of stories and myths about Golem-makers in history that warn of the extreme dangers involved and that a Golem growing in volume and strength uncontrolledly might have the power to destroy the world! This would then tie back even more deeply to the whole of humanity becoming a Golem, leading to a possible Apocalypse.

Scholem also points out that some of the more controversial and esoteric teachings in Judaism severely contradict the mainline biblical teachings. These doctrines are their Mystery School teachings, with as the most prominent the Kabbalah and the Aggadah. The latter can be described as “non-legalistic exegetical texts in the classical rabbinic literature of Judaism…a compendium of rabbinic texts that incorporates folklore, historical anecdotes, moral exhortations, and practical advice in various spheres, from business to medicine”.[18] This to me mirrors what in our Western lexicon has become known as the New-Age teachings, which often diametrically oppose the original teachings as expounded by the old world religions. And it is probably safe to say of this Jewish mystical New-Age teachings that a very large amount of it is gibberish or irrelevant, but it also contains a solid core of knowledge and material that is necessary to understand the full picture of where we came from, are, and going to. And much of those teachings have been made contradictory on purpose, because without strife, clash and polemic there is no change and no Progress. Scholem tells us that according to the Aggadah

it was only after the Fall that Adam’s enormous size, which filled the universe, was reduced to human, though still gigantic, proportions. In this image—an earthly being with cosmic dimensions—two conceptions are discernible. In the one, Adam is the vast primordial being of cosmogonic myth; in the other, his size would seem to signify, in spatial terms, that the power of the whole universe is concentrated in him. [19]

So here we do find a connection with Hinduism, where the [somewhat] humanoid Brahma embodies the whole Universe. In the third part of this series on the Apocalypse we’ve already seen that much of the Jewish Kabbalistic teachings came from Ancient Greece, but we know too that most of the influential Greek philosophers were taught in obscure Mystery Schools in India, Persia and Egypt. It’s therefore almost impossible to pinpoint where the teachings originated, and I even doubt if most of the initiates themselves know this exactly. And the most important esoteric teachings have always been passed down through the generations orally, making it even more difficult for us.

I’ve quoted from the great book The Greek Qabalah  [1999] before in earlier articles in this series on the Apocalypse. Author Kieren Barry has even written many more interesting things though. He tells us for instance that Pythagoras is probably the individual who developed the idea that numbers are the key to the universe. The mysterious Greek sage

is quoted in his biography by Iamblichus as having laid down, in his Sacred Discourse, that “number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons”. The teachings of Pythagoras drew a large following in the Greek colony of Croton in southern Italy where he went to live. Here, a kind of Freemasonry evolved among the aristocracy, a fraternity with Pythagoras as its master.

The Pythagoreans viewed the numbers from one to ten as the primordial powers that formed the base of all possible numbers. […] The number one was identified with the creator, and so represented male and strength; two represented the female and weakness; three was the number of the whole (beginning, middle, and end), four portrayed righteousness and stability; five was marriage as the combination of odd and even, male and female; six represented wholeness, peace, and sacrifice; seven was identified with joy, love and opportunity; eight indicated steadfastness and balance; while nine signified completion. [20]

The number ten was especially sacred, and represented the tetraksys on which the sacred oaths were sworn, as already mentioned in APOCALYPSE NEVER III. Barry continues that for “those familiar with the Hebrew Qabalah, the ten sefiroth are nothing more than abstract forms of the Pythagorean decad, further dramatic evidence of Greek influence on that school”. [21]

One very good source to build on this is André Chouraqui [1917-2007], a Zionist Jewish intellectual who was at one time in his life deputy-mayor of Jerusalem and a special advisor to David Ben-Gurion. He was one of the main pupils of René Cassin, one of the lead authors of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. In 2000 Chouraqui published his mind-blowing book Les Dix Commandements Aujourd’hui, which would translate into English as The Ten Commandments Today. I say would, because it seems that no English translation was ever published. The title can be found in English on the internet, but no official release information. I’ve sent an e-mail to the French publisher if an English translation is available, but I don’t expect an answer. So we must roll with my own translations, which is unfortunate due to the extreme importance of the contents. I have the Dutch translation, because my French isn’t fluent enough to read books in this language. But it might be clear that Chouraqui puts the Ten Commandments in the big picture and he also gives his grand view of human history, which is very relevant for NWO-studies. He tells us that the Hebrew Kabbalah has its roots in the Bible—which is not the full story, as we’ve seen already—especially the books of Ezekiel and Daniel. He also makes it completely clear that Kabbalists are pantheists and that their most sacred quest is one of striving for unity:

The commandments make it clear that it is the duty for humanity through living by the rules realizing the unity of the Godhead among the people. The regulations demand that the immanent presence of the Being becomes one with his transcendental dimension . . . not everything is God, but everything is in God. [22]

So here we hear some distant echoes of Einstein. Chouraqui also mentions and depicts both the two hands of the Kabbalistic priestly blessing called Shefa Tal, and he explains that these ten fingers connect with the ten sefiroth. Both connect with the Ten Commandments.


The two hands are divided into twenty-eight sections, each containing a Hebrew letter. The bottom marks on the hands both contain two letters, which together form YHWH. The hands seem to come out of what the Hindus call Lotus flowers. I’ve added a picture below for reference. The androgynous Hindu gods do most of the time something with their [many] hands, but not the same gesture as the Jewish hands. According to Chouraqui the five fingers of the right hand signify the first five of the Ten Commandments, and the five fingers of the left hand the last five Commandments. The right hand signifies compassion and charity, and the left hand severity and strictness. He concludes:

The Ten Commandments signify the APOC4_brahmacompletion of the Creation. They relate to the six days of the week which are crowned by the seventh day, the Sabbath. All together they form an archetype of the history of the world. This history itself is like a big cosmic week which will end with our return to Paradise, where we shall enjoy the peace of the righteous. [23]

So this is a very interesting viewpoint, and might give extra food for thought if you combine this with my notion that the whole of human history might be a vast alchemical initiation, as I wrote in APOCALYPSE NEVER II.

The only things I’m not sure about yet is the timespan of this week, or even a single day. If you look at human civilization, existing on an intelligent and somewhat sophisticated level, then about a thousand years per day would seem logical. About 4000 BC the Sumerians suddenly became civilized, marking the start of intelligent human Progress. If we take the rounded off year of 4000 BC, then the year 2001 marked the start of the cosmic Sabbath. This would mean—as some NWO-researchers have already acknowledged too—that the Dominant Minority is a bit behind on schedule. But on the other hand it’s very unlikely that the cosmic clock of the stars completely coincides with our earthly calendar. And it’s likely that a new cosmic day doesn’t really start on an exact moment, but has a very long ‘in between’ time, a transitional phase. The same as with the astrological Ages, because the New-Age is also already underway and in a transitional phase for 50 to a 150 years or so. But this would mean that we’re on the threshold of the cosmic Sabbath. In fact, Chouraqui agrees with this notion:

While it took the Creator six days to create the Heaven and Earth, the Creation now continues in all kinds of ways in anticipation of the seventh day.

In the light of this, humanity must discover the love which will finally give him the key that will set him free, the Pass-Over of a new age. [14]

So here we find a synthesis of mainline and New-Age doctrines, written by one of the most influential Jews of his time. And we finally see why all those elites—from all religions, colors, creeds—have always longed so much to the dawning of the new day: the last day of our cosmic week. They’re tired orchestrating wars and need a long and deserved rest. In my poem PAX ALCHEMICA I chose to formulate it like this:

Then the long foreseen ‘1000 Years Of Peace’ will commence
All the people in the world in a perpetual State of Trance
New-Agers will be One, with no real thoughts of their own
No longer afraid of everything, most of all of being alone

With cosmic days of roundabout a thousand years very much unexplainable details in history could be explained. For instance why Hitler was convinced that his Third Reich would last for this period, because due to the cosmic rules a longer period is forbidden. But on the other hand we’ve seen the Masons claiming to build for eternity, as with Cecil Rhodes and his dreams. Although, in OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN we can read their membership card which says that they were planning to “secure the peace of the world for 999 years, with privilege of renewal”. So seemingly Rhodes’  “higher mystic side” knew of these cosmic rules too. No wonder, with buddy William T. Stead being the Custodian of the Universe!

But we aren’t there yet, because we still lack a good vision of the Eastern influence. So let’s go a bit deeper into the Hindu influence and perspective on the NWO-Agenda. One Stephen Baxter wrote some interesting things in his book The Science Of Avatar  [2012] on the similarities between the Golem and the Hindu concept of Avatar. The book is about the movie Avatar  [2009] of course, and the makers of the film have been thoroughly involved in the contents. According to Baxter an Avatar

is a made creature: that is, made by humans, not by nature, or any god. Avatars are like Golems of early Judaic legends, which were beings created from mud by rabbis who approached God closely enough to attain the power to create life. The most famous such story concerns the Golem of Prague, set in the sixteenth century.

Typically a golem is the slave of its creator. And having been made by a mortal it is a lesser thing than any human, who is made by God. The Frankenstein monster is a descendant of the golem myth, the dead brought back to life through science. But golems have minds. The avatars of the movie are like golems but without minds of their own: they are controlled by the consciousness of their human operators. As such the name ‘avatar’ is apt. The word is used in computing to describe a user’s representation of herself in some computational world, a game or a shared space like Second Life.

The control of the avatars by minds outside their bodies is like demonic possession, in which a human is controlled by an outside force. [25]

The concept of avatar goes far back into history. Its for instance mentioned in the Isopanisads, a collection of about 108 scriptures which in total embodies the core of the deepest Hindu wisdom and teachings. The Bhagavad Gita on its turn is the center of the Isopanisads, and so is the Sri Isopanisad. So these books are the most interesting for us. In 1969 a new and widely spread translation of the Sri Isopanisad  came out, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. One interesting message Lord Krsna gives to the devotee is “One who is engaged in devotional service, despite the most abominable action, is to be considered saintly because he is rightly situated. Very shortly does he become righteous, and attain to lasting peace”. [26]  This curiously resembles the Machiavellian credo of the end justifying the means, something the Dominant Minority of all times have firmly abided by! Mr. Prabhupada also tells us that

Those who imitate an uttama adhikari in terms of the sense of oneness or fellowship, but who behave in terms of bodily relationships, are false philanthropists. Therefore the concept of universal brotherhood must be learnt from the uttama adhikari devotee of the Lord, and not from a foolish person who has no proper vision of the individual soul and of the Supersoul—the plenary expansion of the Supreme Lord, Which dwells everywhere.

The Vedic literature can regulate the working energy of the human being in such a way that one can gradually realize the authority of the Supreme Being. When one realizes the authority of the Personality of Godhead, it is to be understood that he has attained the stage of positive knowledge. At this purified stage of life, where the modes of Nature namely goodness, passion and ignorance-cannot act, one is enabled to work on the basis of naiskarma, or work which does not bind one to the cycle of birth and death.

The Vedas are not compilations of human knowledge. Vedic knowledge comes from the Spiritual World, from Lord Krsna. Another name for the Vedas is sruti. Sruti refers to that knowledge which is acquired by hearing. lt is not experimental knowledge. Sruti is considered to be like a mother. We take so much knowledge from our mother. [27]

So here we find another interesting hint on the mysterious Mother, who now and then sends some knowledge from the Spirit World. But is the whole mindgame of the Dominant Minority based on Hinduism then, or is that just one of the many incarnations? [pun intended] And what do the mainly Western elites in the Dominant Minority have with Hinduism? Because esoteric Hindu roots can be found in Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, but also Humanism and even Darwinism. Could it really be that the real unknown upper echelon has all the time been based in that vast mysterious but also very quiet, modest and reclusive country of India? This is what for instance Alice Bailey taught.

The Sanskrit Avatara means “incarnation” or “incarnation of the Godhead”. [28]  So here we see the resemblance with what André Chouraqui wrote about Kabbalism. In his book he also wrote how his biography of Moses was inspired. He was residing near Kyoto in Japan, and was invited at the tendai-community, an esoteric Buddhist sect. This turned out to be one of the highlights of his life, a truly illuminating experience. The meeting was in 1992 and the monk “resembled a living Buddha, radiating with light, an embodiment of the virtues of joyous compassion which are required by the Buddha”. The monk told Chouraqui that he was the first outsider who was allowed into this “holy of holies”, and only after a persisting questioning why the monk said: “you just have to think, mister representative from Jerusalem, that it’s one of the many favors bestowed upon you by your Elohim”. Chouraqui concluded that his stay among the monks in absolute silence “opened a new door for me to the impenetrable riddle of Moses and the Ten Commandments”. [29] You probably have to read the whole passage in the book to fully get the message, but to me it looks like Mr. Chouraqui received some very high initiations during this stay, probably of the Pythagorean kind. The monk who led him through his journey just had ended a twelve year recluse, in which he lived in total solitariness, but still he knew who Chouraqui was and where to find him.

The term avatar has become more and more popular since the internet got more universal. While it were first people in the digital world who were called avatars, this is now also rapidly changing. For instance the article A Freaky Idea for Remote-Controlled Sightseeing With Human Avatars we learn about the program Omnipresenz, with which you can log in into people on the other side of the world wearing special headgear, “explore the world with a human avatar”. Its significance will become clear as soon as we connect it all to the Book Of Revelation again.


“Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds”.
Robert J. Oppenheimer[30]

If we go back to the beginnings of Artificial Intelligence, we find that it was meant from the beginning to be God-like. Professor Seymour Papert was the co-founder of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT, together with Marvin Minsky. In a 2002 interview with MIT, Papert said:

“We started with a big ‘cosmic question’: Can we make a machine to rival human intelligence? Can we make a machine so we can understand intelligence in general? But AI was a victim of its own worldly success. People discovered you could make computer programs so robots could assemble cars. Robots could do accounting!” AI, he told his listeners, wasn’t supposed to end up like that. A.I. was meant for Bigger Things. [31]

Funny to see the last two words capitalized. Elsewhere in the MIT article it also says Big View, resembling the Big Idea of other people who tend to see themselves as being Great.

Below a quote from the song Computer God by Black Sabbath, from the album Dehumanizer  [1992]


Yes, Ronnie James Dio and his friends knew of the electrifying Agenda a long time ago too. Especially the “when the walls fall down” is interesting. Compare this with the “when the walls bend” by another respectable Rock group, Radiohead, as quoted in OUR DEMON-HAUNTED ELITE. They also noted that the computerized A.I. god might just become the destroyer of mankind. That would constitute a Big Thing, don’t you think? Another interesting line is “take a look at the toys around you”. I wish more people would do that, because the toys are certainly real. Especially that addicting little devil in your pants. It’s probably not the tool you initially thought about, but I of course meant the mobile phone. This thing is turning people slowly into a Golem, and we’ve already seen in the first three parts of this series.

Let’s go into another use the smartphone has for the Dominant Minority. An intermediary use, but an important one. Alfred Rosenfeld’s book The Second Genesis  [1969] is interesting in this regard. The rosy scientist, who we’ve already met in PEACE OF MIND, wrote copiously about biochemical tinkering in the human mind, but lamented that in his time wide-scale application wasn’t possible yet. This would become possible though,

only after scientists have learned to deliver the desired chemicals to the desired sites more easily. They are prevented by doing so by a set of circumstances which exist nowhere else in the body—the so-called ‘blood/brain barrier’ […] But the brain’s cells are uniquely surrounded by a little-understood electrochemical fence, the blood/brain barrier, which admits only certain selected substances and keeps out everything else. [32]

Through the years there have been published many studies that had to conclude that one of the major influences the radiation of mobile phones has on the body, is the narrowing or even complete breach of—you already know, don’t you—the blood/brain barrier. [33]  So one of the many checkmates-in-the-making by the Dominant Minority is the fact that the more people call with their mobile phones, the better susceptible or receptive they will become for the mind-control grid that they’ve planned somewhere in the future. Yes, let that sink in for a while.

In his book on the Ten Commandments, André Chouraqui also gives his interesting vision on the internet:

On this moment internet is completing television by making it interactive, resulting in the disruption of Heaven and Earth as we have known them since Adam and Eve, dissolving borders and realizing the ‘global village’ from the visions of the prophets. The world which is given to us, is a genuine surrogate for the transcendental.

Theologians have made conceptions of the three states of the universe: Heaven, Hell-fire and Hell. Just as in Dante’s Divine Comedy the internet gives access to all three worlds, which provide a good conception of the three aspects of humanity.

Where do these website reside? In Heaven or on Earth? In Hell or in Paradise? Everywhere and nowhere, just like God himself. The monstrous omnipresence of the nothingness which characterizes ‘virtual reality’ has already begun to start affecting the brain of our fellow-humans. [34]

Let’s ponder on that for a while.



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