Come To Our Aid Before The Trumpets Fade


We cannot afford to have a nation of malingerers and invalids; Utopia must begin in the body of man”.
Will Durant, paraphrasing  Plato –  [1]

“Music plays a larger role in the book of Revelation than in any other book of the New Testament, and few books in all of Scripture have spawned more hymns sung in Christian worship today”.
Craig Koester  [biblical scholar] –  [2]



Let’s recapitulate what we’ve learnt so far in this series, because it is difficult and heavy material to digest. One of the main weapons in our intellectual arsenal is probably how we established a basic understanding of how the Dominant Minority seems to communicate their plans. Quite out in the open, but hidden in boring, dusty and less well-known books. Most individuals who have written about the Agenda have been males, and preferably ones who came as close as possible to the Hermetic principle of Thrice Greatest: illumined as King, Priest and Philosopher/Scientist. The King might have become less relevant since the emergence of the democratic system, and especially the non-governmental system and the rest of the parallel government. We’ve already met quite a number of philosophers and scientists who were also initiates into the Mysteries or who were at least thoroughly familiar with these teachings. One of our main stumbling blocks is that members of secret societies are often bent on keeping their membership secret. And if they succeed in that, then there is no real way for us to learn and prove that they were. But often you can deduce it by the way they write, the words they use and the company they keep. Many researchers also think they can prove it by pointing out hand and arm gestures on photos, but this is really a tricky method, because you often don’t know where, when and why such a photo was made. And if someone is talking, especially an emotional and enthusiastic person, they tend to move their arms and hands constantly. You should film yourself for 5 or 10 minutes or so, while moving a lot and speaking about something so your attention isn’t focused on your gestures. If you then go through the film frame by frame, you will probably quickly learn to your abhorrence that you are part of the big evil Satanic brotherhood too!

We’ve also seen that the key people in the NWO Agenda have come from all walks of life, but mostly the more elitist circles. They’ve come from all religions, beliefs and creeds, and ‘Brotherhood’ matters more than ethnicity, social standing or wealth. As soon as two brothers recognize each other as such, all other divisions seemingly dissolve. They have their own inner religion, which we could call Illuminism, although that phrase might invoke religious prejudices and dogma with many people. They are mainly chosen from lower initiates into the Mystery Schools and who are available at a particular time and who have the potential to add to the collective. At the bottom all these Schools seem different, but how higher one ascends, the more they resemble each other. Absolute secrecy and absolute obedience are the most important factors, but also the fascination of the mysteries and grand scheme of which they feel themselves a member. It gives great pleasure and plays on the narcissism everyone of us has, to be part of something that others around you aren’t. Even with small secrets this is already the case, so of course even much more with bigger secrets. Everybody has tasted the pleasure of for instance knowing as a kid what your brother or sister will get as a present for their birthday, while they didn’t. And how they kept whining and nagging for you to tell. Even then you already feel some degree of power well up, that you sort of wield over that person, because you can decide to keep your mouth shut. If you extrapolate this to something of real proportions and importance, then you understand that the power to don’t tell anyone and stay part of the brotherhood is much bigger than sharing your secrets with anybody who wants to know. It would weaken your own experience. And of course the vows and the known repercussions when you do spill the beans are a firm reinforcement too. As soon as someone is told that he is special now, they tend to break bonds with people they formerly had contact with. As soon as someone wins the lottery or becomes ‘successful’ they tend to seek new friends in higher social classes. That is not because they hate their old friends all of a sudden, but because they think of themselves as ‘higher’ now than the poor slobs below them. New vistas emerge, new dreams pop up, you enter a whole new world. The world of your new peers.

We’ve also learnt that the goals of the NWO are absolute unity of the world and everything on it. The mainstream media keeps harping on about loss of privacy, but this is of course an intermediary stage of the Agenda that has been lost decades ago already. The end goal is a so-called Cosmic Sabbath of about a thousand years of peace. This is imbedded in most esoteric teachings in both East and West. Just like the Sun, the teachings and civilization started in the East and slowly but surely found its way Westward. And at the dawning of the Seventh Day a universal illumination must somehow be established. This illumination will be dispersed through an universal agent akin to electricity or electromagnetism, and this Great Mother—in ancient teachings sometimes symbolized by aAPOC5_spider spider—will somehow be brought in onto the world wide web. This will constitute Enlightenment, Peace and the next step in human evolution. All life would somehow merge, synthesize and grow together into a new living layer or material over the Earth’s crust. This would form a new and higher life-form, a single organism with a mind of its own which would then continue the sacred quest for conquering the whole universe. And this Great Work has been known for a very long time, probably since the beginning of civilization, to a small esoteric elite, who is putting the whole of humanity through a vast alchemical initiation in order to become perfected in this new and higher organism. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction indeed!

But with at least some of the bigger questions answered, a lot new questions emerge. Is it our destiny? Has this really been the end goal for humanity ever since civilization began? Ought we fight it? Can we fight it? If it is our destiny, why isn’t it put out in the open so that the whole of humanity can work towards it? Why should we sacrifice ourselves for something we don’t fully understand the outcome of? Is our human mind capable of comprehending the vastness of the whole issue? If we’re destined to evolve into something higher, then why are all individual humans dumbed down and degraded so much? Who or what is ultimately behind it? Does the Dominant Minority themselves know? Is it a test or an experiment for humanity, to see if we can transcend our lower ‘animal’ instincts and psychology? Is becoming self-aware of it and waking up part of the experiment? Has the same experiment been done before, and with what outcome? Are we alone in it, or is outside help possible? Will this outside help come anyway [‘God’], or only if we have met certain standards and values? Are religions weapons against us or do they contain the tools for us to break free, to solve the riddle? Is there an ultimate deadline of the experiment, an exact date when the ‘Sabbath’ has to be implemented?

And so we see that the further we seem to come in our understanding, the bigger the questions become, and the harder to actually answer them. Think about the above questions and see if you can come up with some answers and insights! I think the most compelling evidence that the ‘Experiment’ is malignant, is because humanity is being degraded in the process. If it really is our sacred destiny, then it would be infinitely more constructive to put all our resources and wealth into the betterment of the whole of humanity, doesn’t it? It should be the first thing every human learns at school, that we’re destined to evolve as one new higher lifeform. The secrecy could be discarded. And with a mentally and physically healthy world population, with nobody living in abject poverty, this point of evolution into something better and higher would have been achieved long ago, don’t you think?

Let’s try to at least make a start in establishing some foothold in this new and higher paradigm, to see if the conclusions thus far are in fact true, or if they are among the many decoys set out for us. It sounds too crazy to be true, but why would leading people from all sorts of different and often publicly hostile factions of world power write about the same unbelievable things in their serious books? Let’s turn briefly to the book Supernature: The Natural History Of The Supernatural  [1974] by a scientist named Lyall Watson. He is credited for coining the so-called hundredth monkey syndrome, a discredited psychological New-Age meme which pops up its head now and then in our Movement. In the book he documented on a scientific and eloquent way his thorough research into the fields of the supernatural.  Some of his conclusions rhyme with what we’ve learned:

I have looked as carefully as one can at the case histories of some of the world’s most wealthy and influential people and can find there no evidence of supernatural abilities. They achieve their success through application and some luck, but all make mistakes, often very elementary ones, and none have taken gambles that were not based largely on experience. Full precognition seems to be non-existent, but there is some evidence that some people sometimes have access to snippets of information that cannot be explained in any other way.

So many of our proudest new achievements seem to have been anticipated the alchemists and their contemporaries that one wonders what other lost skills we have yet to rediscover. [3]

With this conclusion many people will agree, because information has really always been the most important and powerful weapon available. As I’ve concluded before, the Dominant Minority are not perfect—they are in fact seeking to become just that—and have often made mistakes or miscalculations. The ‘demonic’ way the peoples of the world have kept clinging onto the theme of nationalism for instance. This came back to haunt them and with hindsight the thoroughness with which their predecessors imbedded nationalism into the minds of the masses is now seen as a mistake. This has slowed down the process of unification quite severely, because they had to continue under the cloak of secrecy, which always slows down the spread of important information, documentation and regulation. The American people unwilling to give up their firearms can also be listed here, and also the 3D-printing techniques which allow people to slowly become more independent. And in some ways also the easiness with which people are able to connect and share research on the Internet might maybe have slipped beyond their power too. We are still able to uncover the Agenda bit by bit and the closer this will come to completion, the more visible and naked it will become. If we look at how much already can be uncovered and understood by a relative handful of people makes it look positive for us, at least if we’re able to achieve some kind of collaboration and stability in our Movement. As soon as people set aside their prejudices and unfounded hate for people and races their don’t even know, then we might stand a chance. This should in fact be our prime cause, as I wrote in ON THE MOVEMENT. Imagine yourself how quickly the Agenda or the Experiment would become completely clear if we were able to work in concert and all start to convey the same message on the same time. Or engage all simultaneously into the same research subject during a given period of time. If we could come up with for instance a few dozen folks all over the world, from all colors and creeds, and in concert spend for instance one week of our free available time looking into all literature that we can get our hands on and try to find all important intellectuals in history who have spoken or written about receiving mysterious flashes of light or insight. As soon as this collective research gets combined we will start to see real connections, I’m sure. We might probably be able to find several hundreds of them, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that it aren’t just random flukes which I’ve documented on this website so far. In fact, Lyall Watson wrote about these flashes too in his book Supernature:

Almost everyone, at some point in his life, has a moment or rapture, bliss, or ecstasy brought on by a flash of beauty, love, sexual experience, or insight. These momentary visions of perfection and aesthetic delight are glimpses of a state that Christians know as ‘divine love’, Zen Buddhists as ‘satori’, the Hindus as ‘moksha’, and the Vedanta as ‘samahdi’. Such experiences are so little understood that they have come to be shrouded in mysticism and regarded as supernatural. [4]

Watson concludes that these flashes aren’t supernatural at all, but narrows it down to the usage of mind expanding substances. On the one side he is of course right, because such drugs are especially made to trigger certain areas in the mind. But he neglects that fact that only a small part of humanity even uses such substances in their lives. As if all world-changing insights have been achieved in altered states of conscious, of course not. So that isAPOC5_boehme the New-Age spin he added. If you re-read the statements by for instance Hans Reichenbach and Karl Marx as quoted in my earlier parts of this series, you understand that this has nothing to do with hallucinations on LSD or so, but something deeper, straight from their esoteric religion of Illuminism. Alchemist and key-person in the Agenda, Jacob Böhme also wrote mysteriously about it.



One person that keeps popping up is Alice Bailey. I wrote her off years ago as being part of the New-Age disinfo machine, but in between her tedious stories there are some golden nuggets of information to be found. In INTELLIGENCIA we stumbled upon the Seven Sages of Greece, whose teachings greatly resemble seven of the main societal systems as used to usher in the New-Age. I added a clipping of a page from Bailey’s pamphlet The Seventh Ray: Revealer Of The New Age  [1953]. This quote actually ties in perfectly with the Kabbalistic and Hindu viewpoints that we’ve looked into in APOCALYPSE NEVER IV, so let’s build on that a bit. Bailey wrote that

the seven rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the Universal Mind; they might be regarded as seven intelligent Entities through Whom the plan is working out. They embody divine purpose, express the qualities required for the materializing of that purpose, and They create the forms and are the forms through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion. Symbolically, They may be regarded as constituting the brain of the divine Heavenly Man. They correspond to the ventricles of the brain, to the seven centers of force, and to the seven major glands which determine the quality of the physical body.

So here we find a major confirmation that there are at any time people on Earth who are used to work out the Agenda, Plan, Experiment, whatever you prefer to call it. A major contradiction though is that Bailey called the overarching entity a man, while until now we almost only have seen references to a female entity. But these seven illumined persons, called rays, more or less constitute the extension of a cosmic brain on Earth. They are conduits through whom this mysterious plan is working out. Let’s compare these “ventricles of the brain” with what the Kabbalist André Chouraqui wrote in his book De Tien Geboden Anno Nu—as quoted in part IV: “it is important to open the cavities and passages which connect the substantial essence with the contingent phenomena and the being with the existence and the lives”. I translated the Dutch word into ‘cavities’, but in this case ‘ventricles’ could also be used. So in a sense these seven individuals are more or less Avatars: incarnations of the Godhead on Earth. And through them the plan to unite us all and make us all susceptible for also becoming Avatars is worked out. So this might then be the real reason why they’ve decided to call it the Global Brain, right? Is Earth one brain cell in the cosmic mind? In HAUNTED HOUSE we saw that Bailey thought of Edward Mandell House as one of those seven “intelligent Entities” through whom the plan worked out in his time. Let’s recapitulate a part of the quote I’ve already put up in that article, because it’s highly relevant here too:

The Universal Mind is tapped by some member of the planetary Hierarchy according to His mental bias and equipment, and the immediate needs sensed by the working adepts. He then presents the new idea, new discovery, or the new revelation to the group of adepts (telepathically, of course, my brother) and, when it has been discussed by them, He later presents it to His group of disciples. Among them He will find one who responds more readily and intelligently than the others and this one, through his clear thinking and the power of his formulated thoughtforms, can then influence other minds. These others grasp the concept as theirs; they seize upon it and work it out into manifestation. Each regards it as his special privilege so to do and, because of this specialising faculty and his automatically engendered responsibility, he throws back of it all the energy which is his, and works and fights for his thoughtforms.

So here we see also how other people—from the profane masses—can be included in the Great Work, namely by putting certain thoughts or ideas in their minds. These individuals will then think it’s their own idea, hence working it out with the greatest vigor and zeal possible. And those ‘messages’ might just be experienced or felt as a flash of insight, don’t you think? In the article on Col. House I give an example of someone who worked with House testifying that he seemed to have such powers.

If we tie this back into the Book Of Revelation, then the seven seals could easily signify Bailey’s seven “centers of force” or “seven major glands” which first had to be opened in some kind of way for a Global Brain to be created. In APOCALYPSE NEVER  we met James Harvey Robinson, one of the great heroes of H.G. Wells, who proclaimed that all seals were off and that the progressive accumulation of knowledge could begin. This refers to Daniel 12:4, which tells us that “shut up the words, and seal the Book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”. So after the seals were broken or off, they could safely increase knowledge. To-and-fro translates to “the movement (of someone or something) forward followed by a return to the same position. May refer to a concept such as an emotional state or a relationship as well as a physical thing”. Besides this it can of course also mean the oscillating current of electricity. Let’s repeat the electrifying opening-quote from Part I of this series, where Alice Bailey again seems right on the money:

The three words: electricity, light and life express divinity and their synthesis is God. When we know the three as one in our own experience, then we know God. We are now using and increasingly aware of the lowest aspect of light. The second aspect of light is on the point of revelation, through the right understanding of electrical phenomena. There lies the clue to the New-Age; the age of light, of illumination and of revelation.

Who was this mysterious Alice Bailey? She seemingly came from nowhere and there isn’t very much interesting information known about her. She was probably brought in the knowing through her husband Foster Bailey, who was a very high Initiate. He saw to it that his wife became perfectly possessed and from then on Alice was in Wonderland, writing out the Plan as it ought to play out with the help of her spirit guide. She wrote in her Unfinished Autobiography  that her

father was Frederic Foster La Trobe-Bateman and my mother was Alice Hollinshead. Both were of very old stock—my father’s family dating back for centuries, even antedating the Crusades, and my mother’s forebears being descended from HoIlinshead, ‘the Chronicler’, from whom it is claimed that Shakespeare got so many of his stories. [5]

She further wrote that her family was not particular special in something and that nobody had become an important person after this original Raphael Holinshed, which is the correct spelling at the moment. So all of a sudden we might just find ourselves back into the circles of Francis Bacon again! But Alice Bailey’s main role was of course the ‘externalization of the hierarchy’, as she called it herself. This is in fact the main reason for the whole New-Age movement. First to attack, nullify and overtake the old thought patterns connected to the old world religions, and secondly to make the people slowly ready for the Seventh Day, the Cosmic Sabbath. Such big ideas asked for an all-embracing Entertainment Industry to capture the minds of the masses and to lead the sheep to wherever needed.

As we’ve learnt in TOGETHER ALONE, the APOC5_tvreal reason the television has been introduced was already perfectly laid out by Theodor Adorno in the fifties. He entrusts us that “the hidden message may be more important than the overt since this hidden message will escape the controls of consciousness, will not be ‘looked through’, will not be warded off by sales resistance, but is likely to sink into the spectator’s mind”. This is in fact very old knowledge and also heavily used by the Greek philosophers in their teachings. In Plato’s Republic  we read for instance:

I mean those which are awake when the reasoning and human and ruling power is asleep; then the wild beast within us, gorged with meat or drink, starts up and having shaken off sleep, goes forth to satisfy his desires; and there is no conceivable folly or crime—not excepting incest or any other unnatural union, or parricide, or the eating of forbidden food—which at such a time, when he has parted company with all shame and sense, a man may not be ready to commit. [6]

As soon as they achieve bypassing the reasoning and conscious ruling power of someone’s brain, the mind really has no firewall at all. It’s more like an unarmed and out-of-shape doorkeeper suffering from severe urges of narcolepsy that protects most people’s mind. Therefore we are lulled into alpha-state all day long, subject to continuous indoctrination. The Greek sages also stressed the importance for the control of music output:

It is to this that the overseers of our state must cleave and be watchful against its insensible corruption. They must throughout be watchful against innovations in music and gymnastics counter to the established order, and to the best of their power guard against them, fearing when anyone says that “That song is most regarded among men/Which hovers newest on the singer’s lips”, lest haply it be supposed that the poet means not new songs but a new way of song and is commending this. But we must not praise that sort of thing nor conceive it to be the poet’s meaning. For a change to a new type of music is something to beware of as a hazard of all our fortunes. For the modes of music are never disturbed without unsettling of the most fundamental political and social conventions, as Damon affirms and as I am convinced”. [7]

So similar to what we’ve seen the British Fabian Socialist Herman Finer proclaim in DEEPER INSIGHTS INTO WORLD ORDER—PART II—namely “the world government must watch for subversive men and dangerous thoughts”—the Greek elites taught that there also must be a complete control over the Music Industry. Because music is the shortest and surest way into the human mind, and that’s where they want to be. They call it the Music of the Spheres.





“The heavenly bodies are nothing but a continuous song for several voices (perceived by the intellect, not by the ear); a music which… sets landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time. It is therefore, no longer surprising that man, in imitation of his creator, has at last discovered the art of figured song, which was unknown to the ancients. Man wanted to reproduce the continuity of cosmic time… to obtain a sample test of the delight of the Divine Creator in His works, and to partake of his joy by making music in the imitation of God.”
Johannes Kepler  [1618] –  [8]

“Nature-Music contains within itself the nature of all things. It is the great cosmos-music, the wonderful harmony of heaven of the elements and of all the creatures and especially of human music. What develops here is either in harmonic agreement of the human body or of all of the inner and outer senses.”
Athanasius Kircher  [1662] –  [9]


Note the remark by Khunrath that “sacred music and harmony are supposed to accompany and define the Work”. Let’s see how music fits into the New World Order Agenda for total unification into the Global Brain. A ‘Great Work’ which might turn out less than great for us. Albert Mackey’s Lexicon Of Freemasonry  [1860s] tells us:

MUSIC—One of the seven liberal arts and sciences, whose beauties are inculcated in the Fellow-Craft’s degree. Music is recommended to the attention of Masons, because as the ‘concord of sweet sounds’ elevates the generous sentiments of the soul, so should the concord of good feeling reign among the brethren, that by the union of friendship and brotherly love, the boisterous passions may be lulled, and harmony exist throughout the craft. [10]

In 1844 the former Grand-Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Thomas Power, published the book Masonic Melodies. In it we can find a lot of classic tunes the brotherly brethren bellow in their hermetically sealed-off temples. Below a passage from the song  Hope In Immortality:

Safe from life’s storm be our social retreat,
Where, free from danger, in kindness we meet,
Then Hope immortal each true heart shall tell,
Anthems of praise from each lip then shall swell,
Ever in God’s holy Temple to dwell,
Far, far away. [11]

As we know by now, the Masons teach that a temple is a body, a mind or a Lodge. Them longing for residing in God’s holy Temple would be the Pantheistic theme then, and in some ways also the Global Brain.

In MUSIC MAESTRO you can find a video clip of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven  with the lyrics. Besides one of the best songs ever written, it might also be one of the most mysterious and misinterpreted songs in history. But analyzing it carefully might just give us a clue on how the initiates feel inside, to understand their yearning for unity. Jimmy Page and Robert PlantAPOC5_pan were of course well-known for dabbling deep in the occult and were Kabbalists in the tradition of Aleister Crowley and Éliphas Lévi. The song is about the longing for a spiritual rebirth—“my spirit is crying for leaving”—for the “May Queen”, a “lady we all know”. The May Queen is named after Mayday, the Communist holy day. And we are starting to know about her a little bit too, slowly but surely. The end-goal of the spiritual journey they sing about is “when all are one and one is all”. And we even can recognize some traces of the Borg-mind:

You’re head is humming and it won’t go
In case you don’t know
The Piper’s calling you to join him

And that Piper might just be Pan, the name-giver of Pantheism. Can you hear his whistle yet? William S. Burroughs made some interesting remarks in 1975 on Led Zeppelin and their monster-hit:

The essential ingredient for any successful rock group is energy–the ability to give out energy, to receive energy from the audience and to give it back to the audience. A rock concert is in fact a rite involving the evocation and transmutation of energy. Rock stars may be compared to priests.

The Led Zeppelin show depends heavily on volume, repetition and drums. It bears some resemblance to the trance music found in Morocco, which is magical in origin and purpose–that is, concerned with the evocation and control of spiritual forces. In Morocco, musicians are also magicians. Gnaoua music is used to drive out evil spirits. The music of Joujouka evokes the God Pan…representing the real magical forces that sweep away the spurious. It is to be remembered that the origin of all the arts–music, painting and writing–is magical and evocative; and that magic is always used to obtain some definite result. [12]

That’s why we nowadays have MC’s, both in the Hip-Hop and EDM scenes, meaning Masters of Ceremony. The synthesizer has been designed and developed as the ‘ring to rule them all’, the one instrument that could imitate all and in the end replace all. I’ve added a clipping from a 1963 study on the history of electronic music in the Americas. [13]  APOC5_musicIt might not surprise you that the Rockefeller Foundation has been on the forefront into developing and pushing all sort of electronic music into the mainstream. Electronic music has for many years been my great love, inspiration and engine on which I lived, in the time of my life when I still was ‘asleep’. Researching the roots of electronic music and learning that it really is a psychological weapon was not very fun. But as with everything on waking up really, as soon as you manage to come out of the initial phase of anger and disgust, your senses for love, beauty and art return and you’re even able to enjoy them on a much deeper level. The four main pillars of Electronic Music are probably Synth-Pop, House [and its intermediary predecessor Disco], Techno and Trance. There have been many more subgenres of course, but it might be clear that all are very much New-Age names and concepts. All are meant to put the people in a different state of consciousness, preferably with the help of mind-expanding drugs, just as the ‘ekstasis’ in Ancient Greece. In Europe the initiator of Electronic Music was the German group Kraftwerk, which is of course a very Masonic name. The documentary Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution acknowledges that the whole concept of electronic music was an “experiment” and in effect the successor of the hippie movement. In the United States, Techno grew out of Detroit and House from Chicago. The ambassador and face of the early House scene at the end of the eighties was ‘Jack’, in the track and accapella My House. Here are some excerpts of the lyrics:

Jack boldly declared
“Let There Be House!”
And House music was born

I am you see, I am the creator
And this is my house
And in my house there is only House music
But I am not so selfish, because once you enter my house
It then becomes our house and our House music
And, you see, no one man owns house
Because House music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all
You see, House is a feeling that no one can understand really
Unless you’re deep into the vibe of House
House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body

In every House you understand there is a keeper
And in this house the keeper is Jack
Jack is the one, who gives you the power to jack your body
Jack is the one, who gives you the power to do the snake
Jack is the one that can bring nations and nations of all jackers
Together under one house

You may be black, you may be white
You may be Jew or Gentile
It don’t make a difference in our house.

The name ‘Jack’ has some very interesting connotations: “late 14c., jakke ‘a mechanical device’, from the masculine name Jack. The proper name was used in Middle English for ‘any common fellow’ (mid-14c.), and thereafter extended to various appliances replacing servants (1570s)”. [14]  So here the deeper meaning of Jack in the greater technological agenda becomes clear, with robots also being planned as the replacements of servants, namely, us. ‘To Jack’ means something else in this musical jargon, but normally it means ‘to hoist’ or ‘to raise’. That’s why it doesn’t make a difference who you are, because the [bee]keeper of Jack’s House doesn’t really make a difference which color or creed you are. As we’ve already seen in APOCALYPSE NEVER, Corinthians 15:52 refers to the Seven Trumpets of the Apocalypse, which tells us that “the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed”. The dead would be us, the profane, and the ones changed would be the whole of humanity. They seek to raise us all, because we’re just base people and not illumined at all. Some other connections to Jack are that this name is derived from Jacob—of Ladder fame, another stairway to heaven—and that in German it’s derived from Bauer, the original family name of Rothschild. Are we living in their House? There are some who think we are. And as soon you enter the Borg Jack’s House, you become part of it, you get an uncontrollable desire to raise your body, a feeling no one can really understand, the feeling you’re part of the Creator. You’re now dancing to the tune of the Harmony of the Spheres.


Electronic Music can thus be seen as the first ‘global’ music, because it has the possibility to combine all other old-world music styles into one tune. While during the whole history of music borrowing or stealing from older ideas has been prevalent, as in most other artistic fields, since the advent of ‘sampling’—a term borrowed from eugenics/genetics—it became possible to literally take pieces of older music and use it in an own composition. This kind of music production is a backbone of globalization, whereby different sounds possibly taken from all kinds of musical styles from all over the world are used as building blocks: music without boundaries. That’s how they want it to be. One of the fathers of musical synthesis is of course Ray Kurzweil, who is also one became one of the main proponents of Transhumanism. Another key person in the spinning of the electronic prison-grid around the world was Dr. LSD:

Most people know Timothy Leary as the “LSD guru” who encouraged people to “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” in the 1960s. But a surprising number of Transhumanist types don’t know that he was one of them. In fact, Leary may have been the first to signal a memeplex for the transhuman future — SMI2LE (Space Migration Intelligence Increase and Life Extension) — back in the mid-1970s.

Leary emerged from prison in 1976 as one of the advocates for advances in the human condition that would soon be called Transhumanism. […] Besides Leary, a number of major figures in 1970s culture became part of the movement for space colonization, including Carl Sagan, Freeman Dyson, Stewart Brand—a former Merry Prankster who had started the Whole Earth Catalogue and was about to become, arguably, the central figure in the creation of digital culture, NASA astronaut Rusty Schweickart, and California Governor Jerry Brown, who sponsored a conference to explore the possibilities. Other people cycling through the movement who would later become widely known for their participation in other techno-movements included K. Eric Drexler—considered by many the father of nanotechnology—and Hans Moravec, one of the early proponents of “strong AI” (Artificial Intelligence that exceeds human capacity). [15]

Leary was one of the many NWO-agents who went to prison for the cause, and came out a different person, armed with a new set of knowledge and an undying zeal for unification and enlightenment. He also assisted in getting  electronic music mainstream and a few music albums were published under his name, with trendy titles like From Psychodelics To Cybernetics. Alan Watt gave in 2006 his vision on Leary and his task in the Great Work:

You can find in the 1960’s for instance they came out with Timothy Leary who always wore a white coat showing that he was a scientist and gave stage appearances. He wrote books on the wonders of drugs and how it expanded the mind and this was pushed down the throats of the young people who just gobbled it up eagerly, you see.

He wasn’t the only one put out there. It’s interesting to bring his name down to the Masonic coding because Tim, is time, you see, and you also have Leary—Leary in Britain was the man who went around lighting the gas lamp in the street at night in the 1800’s. So another little reference to the Illuminati. A little tongue and cheek High Masonic joke and he was one of many put out there to promote that. [16]

It was in fact written “Leerie” then, a so-called Lamplighter. One of Timothy Leary’s acolytes, Carl Sagan, subtitled his book A Demon-Haunted World [1995] with “science as a candle in the dark”, more or less a wink to his buddy. And now since we are beginning to understand a larger picture of the Agenda, the title of Sagan’s book all of a sudden receives an extra layer too, doesn’t it? Another high-Masonic joke? Sagan was often accused of being an initiate, and played around the issue a bit with his answers. But I haven’t found convincing proof yet. At the online archives of the Leary Papers some letters sent between Sagan and Leary can be found. The people running the site tell us that

similarities between Leary and Sagan abound. They were both scientific explorers and political activists—men of ideas and action. They were geniuses at communication, not only in their books and talks, but as showmen, with extraordinary abilities for communicating their theories and beliefs to a mass audience. Tim, with psychedelic theatrical events and multimedia lecture tours in a variety of venues, and Carl, with his hugely successful television show (Cosmos) and NASA projects. They were prolific writers. Both knew how to use the media to illuminate big ideas about inner space (Tim) and outer space (Carl).

Eminent psychedelic historian Peter Stafford, author of Psychedelics Encyclopedia, placed Sagan in a list of famous people who have taken LSD. Sagan was also number 1 on io9’s recently published list of 10 Scientific and Technological Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs. […] Leary and Sagan both developed cosmologies that integrated the landscape of the mind with the journey to the stars. Both of these giants passed away in 1996, within six months of each other. [17]

Sagan was also very influential in the pushing the agenda of human evolution into the public mind, for instance with his book The Dragons Of Eden; Speculations On The Evolution Of Human Intelligence. Sagan seemed very engaged in research on snakes, spirits, dragons and demons, which is quite funny because in Hindu and Buddhist Mythology the Nāgas [Sagan backwards] are just that. Sagan was a major influence in the synthesis between Eastern and Western mythology and cosmology. The Nāgas are often portrayed as [underwater] snakes or dragons and associated with Vishnu—the Preserver and antithesis to Shiva, the Destroyer, who we’ve met in part IV—and are said to carry the Elixir, which is the end-goal of Alchemy. [18]  This would make Sagan [and his successors] stand on the opposite side of the alchemical agenda as the Eastern initiates are. But that doesn’t mean they’re in opposition!

On the right you see a clipping fromAPOC5_nagaspan a book on Eastern mythology, which gives us some nice additional connections.[19] The Nāgas are as close to Pan as one can expect, encompassing different religions and thought-streams. In Buddhism the Nāgas are often depicted as a Cobra, encircling the Buddha on an almost Egyptian manner. But these same snakes encircle the main Hindu God as depicted in APOCALYPSE NEVER IV. On that picture you can see them coming out of the water. Might that be the underground stream, emerging into the mainstream and thus visible to all?



And what they want to do is to stop our beautiful tunes of life. As Revelation 18:22 tells us about the fate of a future Babylon:

The music of harpists and musicians, pipers and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No worker of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound of a millstone will never be heard in you again. [NIV]

This gets coupled to Jeremiah 25:10, in which the unrelenting prophet oracled that “I will banish from them the sounds of joy and gladness, the voices of bride and bridegroom, the sound of millstones and the light of the lamp”. The millstone was in that time the symbol and center of food manufacturing. So this all would quite resemble a totally automated society where humans have become obsolete and everything is done by machines. What if the whole world is our Babylon?

If you take a peek at music hit-lists through the decades then it’s quite clear to see that more and more music is produced digitally, and that the ‘old-fashioned’ music styles are getting pushed aside more and more. While there is more music published than ever before, the boundaries of what’s tolerated as being ‘hip’ are getting narrower and narrower. A very large part of what most people think of ‘normal’ pop-music recorded by bands is in fact also produced digitally. I work myself in this industry, so I know much of the technology behind the scenes. What’s interesting is that since the eighties an increasing amount of the music is produced in a so-called music sequencer. Yes, this term is also cleverly borrowed from Eugenics/Genetics, which are into for instance DNA-sequencing. And with the right kind of sequencing, one can come up with something totally new. “I am you see, I am the creator”, Jack boldly declared, remember?  These techniques literally breathed new life in the music industry! The Electronic Music revolution also kick-started the Ambient Music genre, which combines the sounds of the environment with musical compositions, blurring the lines in between.

There are several types of musical synthesis that are commonly used, and all are based on genetics:

Subtractive Synthesis Subtractive genomics
Additive Synthesis Additive genes
Frequency Modulation Synthesis Frequency Modulation in gene regulation
Physical Modeling Synthesis Physical modelling approach in population genetics
Granular Synthesis Granule and granular cells


Phase Distortion Synthesis is so obvious that it’s not listed, because everything that has a frequency can also experience phase distortion. To give an example how interchangeable the jargon really is in both fields, we find that a recent American study gives us

two applications of genetic programming to the domain of digital audio synthesis in an attempt to increase automation and accessibility of these processes. The first application is a command line tool which can automatically generate synthesis algorithms that mimic the timbre of an input sound file. The second application is a VST audio plugin that allows users to interact with genetic programming to search for pleasing or novel synthesis algorithms. [20]

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology and are basically software synthesizers. Although this is of course a great technology, it made it possible for music to be completely produced on a computer without extra tools or instruments, signaling the end for all other music. This might take another few decades, but that time will come. And in that timespan music will be degraded and standardized even more. The worldwide spread of music has been artificially stimulated too of course, through the digital music formats and the peer-to-peer download platforms. This is another example of a pseudo-freedom laid out as bait for us, just like internet forums for instance, to encourage us to share everything we’ve got with each other. That’s because we’re going into a digital interactive participation society. Such file-sharing programs almost all originate from the military-industrial complex and are often financed and designed by them. Sometimes by whizzkids or clever hackers and early on taken over by companies controlled or aligned to intelligence agencies. As Reuters for instance reported in 2014:

The now defunct collective known as w00w00 (pronounced whoo whoo) had thrived on Internet Relay Chat channels in the late 1990s and early 2000s, between get-togethers at hacking conventions such as Def Con in Las Vegas, where a member said Koum “came across like a big, friendly kid”. Although the elite group was not well known outside hacking circles, its members have spawned more than a dozen companies, mainly in security. The two most famous exceptions are WhatsApp, the messaging service that Koum co-founded, and Napster, the pioneering file-sharing company that was shut down by the music industry in 2001. [21]

Napster was the first big worldwide file-sharing service out there, and was used as ‘sacrifice’ for the large groups of complaining musicians and record labels, by publicly taking it down because of copyright infringement. It was in fact only a search program and didn’t store music files itself. The search engine looked into the shared files of all users, in a way ‘redistributing’ the personal wealth which MP3 collections quickly became. People began to start collecting and sharing the catalogs of whole record labels and many people nowadays have for instance more than 100.000 different songs in MP3 format, way more than they will ever be able to listen to in their lifetimes. But there has never really been made a concerted effort from the powers that bee to combat this file-sharing, because it helps the Agenda of world unification. They run on Change, never forget that!  MIT professor and one of the designers of the early ideas on Smart Cities, William J. Mitchell, wrote in his book ME++ The Cyborg Self And The Networked City  [2003] a curious statement, connected to this all. Speaking about the emergence of file-sharing systems and digital music formats he revealed its real function in the Agenda. To him, Napster “had completed the job of dematerializing and radically mobilizing recorded music”. He also proposed a new year-numbering system with B.D. [Before Dematerialization] and A.D. [After Dematerialization]. He concluded that “the more you deal in dematerialized goods, the less location and distance concern you. And the less visible are the relationships that really matter”. [22]

In the book The Future Of Music  [2005] we find an interesting analogy of music compared with water. We have paid way too much for many decades for over-priced ‘bottled’ water, but with MP3 and similar file formats music is starting to look and act like tap-water. I might add that copying a CD or MP3 is basically akin to cloning. The authors tell us that

customers are starting to discover the unstoppable ‘tap water’ music that seems to be flowing freely on the Net. Yes, the quality is not the same, and it’s not entirely legal (to say the least), but the benefits to the users still outweigh the drawbacks.

Perhaps, as in the past, we can once again become part of the experience of music, rather than the static purchasers of it. We can be involved, we can cheer our favorite artists on, we can participate in events and react to them, and we can actually make a difference—as the audience or the creator, or both. This fits in nicely with a general trend in our society, of moving, step-by-step, from the ‘Information Society’, via the ‘Knowledge Economy’ to the ‘Experience Society’…that is, from a place where we are mere recipients of a flow of data and information, as in the traditional media models, to a place in which a lot more value is being placed on experiencing things first-hand and unfiltered. [23]

Yes, it’s sold so very nicely and polished to us…what an adventure! With a nice shiny brain-chip you will be able to tune into every radio station available, or instantly download any song to your brain. But it’s not about the signals you yourself will attract to your brain, no, it’s about the signals which will be sent to you by your programmers! Long before we all can become One, silly things like copyright and private property must of course be eradicated. Those will be things of the past within a few decades tops. In Brave New World Revisited  [1958] Aldous Huxley agreed that for almost all people in the world

music is intrinsically attractive. Moreover, melodies tend to ingrain themselves in the listener’s mind. A tune will haunt the memory during the whole of a lifetime. Here, for example, is a quite uninteresting statement or value judgment. As it stands nobody will pay attention to it. But now set the words to a catchy and easily remembered tune. Immediately they become words of power. Moreover, the words will tend automatically to repeat themselves every time the melody is heard or spontaneously remembered. Orpheus has entered into an alliance with Pavlov—the power of sound with the conditioned reflex. For the commercial propagandist, as for his colleagues in the fields of politics and religion, music possesses yet another advantage. Nonsense which it would be shameful for a reasonable being to write, speak or hear spoken can be sung or listened to by that same rational being with pleasure and even with a kind of intellectual conviction. [24]

Yes, Orpheus meets Pavlov—the power of the ancient techniques combined with the modern ones. And of course the subtle or sometimes obvious use of Psychic Driving in music lyrics. This might explain why such drivel as “I hate you so much right now!” by Kelis is released, or, as noted in OUR DEMON-HAUNTED ELITE, Madonna ad nauseam repeating “I got you under my skin”. Because that’s where they aim for! If you listen with an awakened and conscious mind to music lyrics on the radio it really becomes humoristic, so obvious that it is done sometimes. We are constantly mocked and fooled. Below you can see how it was depicted in Ancient Greece. Note the ‘ear-smiths’, “remoulding it nearer to the Heart’s Desire”, as the Fabians of their Age. Compare it with the Fabian Window in OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN.


And with the advent of the big festivals, house-parties and even local discotheques also the extra dimension of lighting was added to the flavor. This really opened the possibilities to put large groups of people in total ‘ekstasis’, munching on lollipops tripping on acid on the beat and a stroboscope. And with the help of these experiences, people are slowly usurped into the virtual-reality world. Some new e-merging evolutionary steps nowadays are immersive music and immersive virtual musical instruments, ensuring us to become virtue-all. And as with all other parts of the NWO-Agenda, it slowly transforms into its designated component in the new global world religion. In the book The Soul In The Brain  [2007] by Michael Trimble, M.D., we read how music and other art-forms can act through symbolism on an altogether religious way :

Joy, ecstasy, and melancholia are noted by several of the quoted writers as themes that underpin religious states and allow exploration of links between religion and mood disorders.

[R]eligions have the potential, using the mechanisms of normal psychic activity, to hijack our primitive feelings and institutionalize them for the benefit not of the individual but of the high priests. Writing has been a potent instrument in this process. This brings us to at least one of the functions of art. Art and religious belief are close not only in terms of the huge amount of artistic expression that has an avowedly religious theme but also at the conceptual level. They both communicate through symbol and metaphor, they bring various special beliefs to a community, they use ritual, and they require an illusion, a suspension of reality. [25]

So just as with mass sports—as concluded in ADAPT AND DIE—also the various art forms are primarily used to create illusions and to suspend reality or take the masses away from the realities of life. On one level this is of course well-known, but the problem is that most people don’t really know or understand the difference between reality and virtual reality anymore. Their brains are slowly opened and ready for the taking. One Karl Deisseroth of Stanford University gave in 2009 a presentation called Controlling The Brain With Light, which tells us how far the mainstream science already is:


How convenient that it’s possible to control and steer a brain with concentrated light if one looks for universal illumination! Another one of those many checkmates-in-the-making the Dominant Minority has up its sleeve.

Is the New-Age notion that we are all One true? At first it seems that way, because if you’re honest you will probably understand that all people basically and intrinsically have the same needs and wants. We all have somewhat the same necessities of life, like freedom, a home, love, peace. No matter what the propagandists tell us, there isn’t one person in the world who really loves to wage war or being in a battle. They do this because they’re convinced that they can get these life’s necessities out of it. Or they are convinced that someone else wants to take those away from them. At the core we are all similar, but not the same, and certainly not all One. Look around you, even amongst the people in your own country, town or even friends and family. Even with your best friends and family you aren’t completely one and never was. Even between best friends there is always division, and most people will always think of themselves better as their peers. As soon as someone from a circle of friends temporarily leaves all others will talk in a different way about this person, gossip if you will, until this person returns. Most friendships aren’t really about depth and spiritual symbiosis, but more about the fear of being alone or the fear of being perceived as alone and without friends. Many friendships, mostly among males, are more based on convenience or a common cause or hobby.

We haven’t really forgotten who we are, but we have forgotten what life really is all about and why we are here. We aren’t tiny and irrelevant, but we are kept in the mindset that we are. We don’t have to evolve because we even haven’t begun to really appreciate or develop what we already are and have. We don’t need to tune our minds to a higher frequency, because that means giving your mind away to something you can’t understand upfront.  The only upgrade humanity needs is from human being to human seeing. It can be compared with the subliminal message below. As soon as you in the picture below recognize a certain three-letter word that is both humanity’s greatest blessing as its gravest sin, you ‘see’.  And you will never be able to ‘unsee’ it again!


That’s how waking up works, I think. The start of a personal quest. A quick upgrade from human being to human seeing, and all someone needs. No mysterious and unknown powers, forces and energies are needed, only the one real treasure that you have: your brain. You can guide people along the road and advise and warn them for the many pitfalls of disinformation set out for us, but in the end they will have to do it alone. But with one profound statement you can wake someone up and change their lives for the better. Is there something higher and more respectable that one can do in this world? I think there isn’t.  I think.



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