Immanentize The Demise Of Ancient Evil In Human Disguise


…the Apocalypse is a coherent whole, symmetrical, and having every detail fitted into its appropriate place with studied care. In its orderly arrangement and concise statement the book is a model of precise literary workmanship. But it contains a series of elaborate puzzles, some of which are based upon the numerical values of certain Greek words, thereby serving to verify the correct interpretation of the more important symbols.
James Morgan Pryse[1]

…the Earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
Isaiah 11:9 [KJV] –



This is already the ninth part in a series of an unusual look into the Apocalypse, and especially the possibilities of an artificially induced version thereof. There are of course many advantages for the Dominant Minority to pursue such an agenda, because this way they cleverly play into the beliefs of literally billions of people and creates eagerness to cooperate. People will actually long for it to happen, the same technique used as in the New-Age Movement, where people also eagerly long for their consciousness to be expanded or their frequency to be pitched higher or so. And from the moment on that so many people were in this mindset, the Dominant Minority became able to add some slight deviations and alterations advantageous to their cause. And this goes by largely unnoticed if the Book Of Revelation  is still followed in broad outlines, because few fully understand what it really says. Because, as noted before, the writing is so vague and allegorical that with a thorough scrutiny of all verses and a good dose of fantasy, one always will be able to connect something to big contemporary events. And if we look at it from the premise that most malignant events in history are designed, planned and orchestrated by human beings—the Dominant Minority—and not by Satan as such, then this vagueness of the Book Of Revelation  is a great help if they want to make some world events look Biblical. A possible outcome then could be that they will follow Revelation until a certain point, only to then add a little twist in the tail and change the outcome into victory for them. Believing that, as in the original exoteric story of the Book Of Revelation, good will automatically prevail over evil, even if the world population just lets in happen, requires a huge leap of faith and a total absence of doubt and free will. And, as far as I know as a religious outsider, this was not among the original basic core teachings of the world religions! This is in fact part of the spin and distortion added to it by the organized churches, because it gave them absolute power and almost unlimited riches as ‘middle-men’. The idea of a God needing somehow selected human humans to understand and interpret his Word and Rules, and thus rule over the rest, sounds to me absolutely ridiculous. It’s basically the same as the shituasion we’re now facing in the secularized West, with our whole lives in the global Technocracy controlled and steered by ‘experts’; individuals who accidentally have happened to study a particular subject at hand a lot more than the general public and who are therefore drummed up on cue to say their approved opinion on it. In the end it largely boils down to playing in on the laziness of most people, or the fact that everyone is kept so incredibly busy all the time and thus doesn’t has time to really delve in to the subject material. This is the main reason why the powers that bee time and time again succeed in molding public opinion through this technique.

But, as more and more people start to understand now, many important big events, plans and writings in history have contained at least two levels, two sides of the coin: an exoteric and an esoteric. And often there are even a few levels of esoteric understanding included. Especially in APOCALYPSE NEVER VIII  we’ve delved into a possible esoteric level of the Book Of Revelation; the notion that it really is about an initiation into illumination, best described as a Kundalini-initiation. I dislike to use this term, because it has been misused and made ridiculous to such an extent in many decades of New-Age mumbo-jumbo. The story has originally been used for individual initiations of high esotericists and occultists, but as frequent readers of this website already know, one of the main leitmotivs I’ve woven into my writings here is that to me it looks like that the Dominant Minority is in the process of using this on the whole of humanity, or even the whole Earth as such. One of their main firestarters, Francis Bacon, already wrote about conquering the whole universe, so you probably won’t easily underestimate the scope of the plans of our contemporary Dominant Minority!

In Part VIII we’ve met James Morgan Pryse, who wrote the book Apocalypse Unsealed  [1910]. Besides a very detailed explanation of an esoteric level of the information in the Book Of Revelation, he also gives us a confirmation that the profane masses have always been called “the dead” by the initiates:

As every practical pyrotechnist’* knows, the human brain contains certain centres or components, including the pituitary body and the conarium, the higher functions of which are almost completely dormant in the normal individuals of the present races of mankind, who are therefore termed in the New Testament and other esoteric writings “the dead”; yet it is only through these organs of the brain that the spiritual Self of man, his overshadowing God, can act upon the consciousness of the psycho-intellectual self. This corpse-like condition of the finer organs of the brain does not preclude very high development of the ordinary intellectual faculties, apart from the epistemonic power; indeed, there are and always have been men who are lamentable examples of brilliant intellectuality combined with the densest spiritual stupidity. [2]
[* he means in this case a high illumined initiate, not a literal person who ignites fires: in the minds, not in the streets.—FS]

As we’ve already seen in earlier articles in this series, individuals who seem to have more advanced abilities in fields usable for the Dominant Minority tend to be ‘recruited’ to work for the Plan. This is also sometimes the case with individuals who Pryse calls “lamentable”, because clever or streetwise psychopaths are of course quite handy to put somewhere in as a controlled leader or tyrant. Those guys are just great for keeping population numbers under control or paving the way for megacorporations to come in and take over certain domestic markets. What’s interesting too is that Pryse here admits that the whole New Testament is an esoteric scripture, not only the Book Of Revelation. This adds to the idea that the whole of human history has been part of an esoteric initiation of humanity. I’ve tried as best as I can so far to couple this idea to the Global Brain, Darwinism, the Golem, the Avatar, Alchemy, the ‘Cosmic Week’, and a few other things. All to finally get a definite grip on the questions why the NWO exists, why it has been ongoing for so very long now, what the ultimate end-goal is, and what our place and role is in this all. Because satisfying answers on these questions haven’t materialized thus far anywhere, at least not that I know of. There have been many reasons given, but most of these are only side-issues, primarily because they’re contemporary. They’re building for eternity, always keep that in mind. Some say it’s solely about power and money, but that’s something the Dominant Minority of all times always has had enough of. Other people will rationalize the fact that humanity is being subjugated by a tiny elite, just by noting that they’re the bad guys and that they just do what evil does, preferably led by Satan. But isn’t that also a bit of a shallow and silly stance? Because there are few in history who have ever thought of themselves as being the ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ side in their particular battle. Hitler didn’t think of himself as evil, and nor do Muslim terrorists. Everyone always fights for a cause they believe in and what they would describe as good. Can we even be sure that we are the good ones? Everything we can relate to aims at this being the case, of course, but it doesn’t mean that it also has to be true on a higher level. The other side thinks just as deeply that what they do is the right thing. It’s easy then to fall in one of the traps set out by the Mystery Teachings and start to believe there is no right and wrong, only opinions or viewpoints. But the fact remains that all competing factions of all times have always thought as themselves being on the side of Good.

In the FUNDAMENTAL PHRASEOLOGY we’ve seenAPOC9_caduceus the Liberal and Progressive pillar Saint-Simon say that

“Progress is not a straight line development but an oscillating series of stages, each one superior to the former, each one solving its own characteristic problem. In Saint-Simonian language, Western civilization was passing through a critical period of transition to a new ‘organic’ epoch”.

Read the above quote a few times, and then look at the picture on the right—the Caduceus of Hermes. Yes, that funny sound you just heard inside your head, probably barely audible, that was a penny dropping.

The mysterious ‘Magus Incognito’ published in 1918 a book called The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians. Although we can be sure that the deepest secrets aren’t disclosed, there certainly are some interesting things included. Speaking about the core of the Rosicrucian teachings regarding evolution and cosmology, the anonymous magus tells us that

the progress of the souls around this chain of worlds…is not merely like a circle in which the soul travels from the lowest to the highest, but is rather according to the plan of the spiral, in which the journey always returns to the starting point, but on a higher plane of activity.

This journey of the life forms from world to world has been in progress since the beginning of the present world period, and was made by the lower forms of life as they climbed the spiral stairway of evolution. [3]

If we then return to Saint-Simon, you should remember too that he also wrote that one of his personal intellectual mentors defined “the progress of the human race in its slow and majestic pilgrimage round our globe by the term Initiation”. In APOCALYPSE NEVER we’ve seen that this word is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “to enter into”. And in ADAPT AND DIE we’ve seen Éliphas Lévi note that the real initiate is “a man of no party; he desires only unity, mutual indulgence and peace. He has no opinions, for truth is not an opinion; for him all hostilities are errors, and all curses, crimes”. The main question then is of course: why? Everyone can fathom an intense longing for indulgence and peace, but perhaps complete world unity not so much. And the better you learn what exactly they mean with this, the more enigmatic it really becomes. And what’s maybe even more important: it also doesn’t exactly rhyme with the usual image we have of the Dominant Minority. Because they hate to intermingle with the profane, see themselves as totally different and better than the rest, thrive on secrecy, lies, deception, and they have been orchestrating and financing wars for most of ‘civilized’ human history. So this all is totally opposite to that what Lévi claimed! Let’s try to reconcile this. Luckily for us James Morgan Pryse added this to the equasion:

According to Plato, all true knowledge is derived from the recollection of the things in which the God abides: the immature souls, who can not feed on the vision of truth, fail of being initiated into the mysteries of Being, and are nourished with the food of opinion, but he who employs aright these memories is ever being initiated into the perfect mysteries, and alone Becomes perfect. [4]

Yes, they so very much like to Become one day. Become what they were [re]born to Bee, you see? For centuries initiates have shouted or written I AM. That’s probably the start of becoming gods themselves, because it also are the first two words of Genesis. And, as noted in THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM, George H.W. Bush in his famous NWO-speech even noted that “we will Be”, signifying their Progress made so far. The world was made ready for rapid globalization and the first walls came tumblin’ down. And when they did they were right behind it.  But what Plato long ago stated about the difference between the initiates and the profane does in fact rhyme with Lévi’s remark that a real Initiate or Builder doesn’t have opinions, because truth is not an opinion. They’re more like opinion-makers, which they spoon-feed the masses. Pryse also disclosed that in the

Greek Mysteries, which were also called the ‘perfecting’ or ‘finishing’ rites, the candidates for initiation, after receiving some preparatory training in semi-exoteric lesser rites, were termed mystai, “veiled ones”, while the Initiates were called epoptai, “those having super-sight”—or seers. The word apokalypsis, “unveiling”, is clearly a substitute for epopieia, “initiation into seership”. [5]

That last sentence is quite an illuminating statement, I think. You might remember too that for instance the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is also called the Rite of Perfection. That is the main goal, not power or money. It’s important, I think, to understand that those materialistic things all are means to an end and not the core reason why they build their global panopticon. This is also why for instance Orwell’s Ninety Eighty-Four  only describes a temporary phase, while Huxley, who was aware of deeper levels of the Agenda, was able to ‘see’ farther. This would also explain why Aldous Huxley openly proclaimed Orwell’s book as interesting and amusing, but only partially based on future reality. Orwell let O’Brien say about his Party that “we are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. […] We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end”.[6]  Seen in this light, Orwell’s story can even be a hindrance and fulfilling the same function as much of the controlled opposition and counterintelligence does, namely giving some factual information and ‘prophecy’ but stopping short of the full truth through the omission of deeper levels. The same goes with some of the more well-known whistle-blowers of the Orwellian world we’re entering, who’re only keep hammering on about ‘privacy’.  At the top they of course laugh at this, because the privacy threshold has been breached many decades ago already, as slowly is becoming clear for most people. Let’s say that the deepest secrets of the NWO-Agenda equal 10, then personal privacy is only 2 or maybe 3. So if that level is ‘breached’ by a whistle-blower, they cleverly arrange for this to become very ubiquitous in the media with all kinds of experts giving all kinds of spin to it, so that in the public mind becomes engrained that it only is an issue about privacy. But the end-goal is of course accessing your brain and ending individuality as we know it, and it always has been. And this is something even the most credible public whistle-blowers won’t or can’t acknowledge.

And while some helpers of the NWO undoubtedly can be enticed and persuaded to ‘join in’, solely on the promise of money and power, there always has to be an end-goal as such provided to at least the lower and middle management of the United Corporasion. Or some big intermediate goals they are working towards. This keeps them focused and motivated. Some well-known ‘carrots’ used are of course a world-government, world peace, life-extension, possible immortality, and just being part of a special elite that controls the world. But real complete world unity and the merger with machines goes much deeper than that , and it’s something probably only a very tiny group really wants to push through.

What my research until now has pointed to again and again, is that it all in the end must constitute to the next step in the evolution through the transformasion of all life on Earth in a spiritual synthesis with technology. All into One giant new species, a far superior organism as what hitherto has existed here. It would mean both annihilation and regeneration, both Fire and Water of Life, both Hell and Heaven. This sounds really unbelievable and freaky at first, but seen in the light of the normal dialectical method they always use, it does make some sense. This because it would then both be an Apocalypse and the End-Times on the exoteric side, but also a spiritual illumination and ‘evolution’ on the esoteric side. The synthesis in a ‘third way’, this time one much bigger than ever before. How exactly this third way will be played out is unfortunately impossible to learn upfront, but we surely can try to come as close as possible.


Let’s briefly look into the mainstream exoteric eschatological teachings of the world religions, especially the thoughts about the Seventh Day. The study of eschatology is probably the most prominent in Christianity, with many Christians anxiously awaiting the Second Coming of Christ. The Christians of all denominations have always been very divided on the End Times, especially on how and when it will happen. For us only the Futurist faction of Christian eschatological thought is relevant, because that’s the only one that puts the Apocalypse in the future or in present times. They expect a Rapture of the Church, the emergence of the Antichrist, a Great Tribulation and a Second Coming somewhere in the [near] future. After the defeat of Satan they expect both Earth and Heaven will dissolve and all people will undergo judgment by Jesus Christ, who will determine who will enter the newly formed Heaven on Earth. The rebirth of the State of Israel is of course seen as a major sign of the times, a prerequisite to the Tribulation and possibly Armageddon. The progressive arms buildup of the last years also add a lot to these tensions. When and if all will happen nobody really knows. That’s why we’ve seen many thousands of guesses and claims made, often on the most flimsy bits of evidence. Almost every week predictions are made of the end of the world and everything related to End Times, keeping people perpetually frightened and on the edge.

If we look into eschatology in Judaism, we find that in the Talmud a parallel is drawn between the Shmita year and the seventh millennium. The Shmita equals the Sabbatical, and has been quite a hot issue in 2015 in the alternative media. But as always it starts out with some basis in truth, but is blown out of all proportions into a frantic fest of fear-porn. The standard translation reads that “for six years, or millennia, the earth will be worked, whilst during the seventh year, or millennium, the world will remain ‘fallow’, in a state of ‘rest’ and universal peace”. This of course is quite the same as what we’ve seen in this series so far, only the start- and end dates deviate:

According to classical Jewish sources, the Hebrew year 6000 (Gregorian year 2239) marks the latest time for the initiation of the Messianic Age. The Talmud, the Midrash, and the Kabbalistic work, the Zohar, state that the deadline by which the Messiah must appear is 6000 years from creation. According to tradition, the Hebrew calendar started at the time of Creation, placed at 3761 BC. The current (2015/2016) Hebrew year is 5776. [7]

So in the official Jewish teachings, that what we would call the ‘Age of Aquarius’ has to start before 2240. It’s notable that here also the Kabbalistic book the Zohar is listed. In APOCALYPSE NEVER IV we looked into the teachings of the Jewish scholar André Chouraqui, who wrote in his book on the Ten Commandments that “while it took the Creator six days to create the Heaven and Earth, the Creation now continues in all kinds of ways in anticipation of the Seventh Day”. From this and from the rest of what he wrote, Chouraqui clearly seemed to indicate that the start of this Sabbath is pretty forthcoming and certainly not yet another 224 years in the future. But, as said, this year 2240 is seen as the absolute deadline, so any time before would suffice according to the Jewish books. And looking at what is happening around us in the world, there will happen a lot ‘Apocalyptic’ or ‘Revelationary’ even in the coming decade to twenty years, while the world is digitalizing and dematerializing more and more, slowly dissolving the barriers between Heaven and Earth. The Walls are slowly coming down. They are made to be.

In Islamic eschatology there are of course many similarities with the other two Abrahamic religions. The main fields of study are the Yawm al-Qiyāmah [the Day of Resurrection] or Yawm ad-Dīn [the Day of Judgment]. This moment in history would be the final assessment of humanity by God, and lead to the annihilation of all life, followed by resurrection and judgment. The Hadith scripture describes the end times more specifically than the Quran. Just as in the End Times as described by the other religions, in the period leading up to the final judgment corruption increases and chaos reigns. The Muslims anticipate both minor and major signs that will signal the End Times. Many of those signs are very strange to Western people, or so common and generic that they have applied many times in history before. A few examples are “the death of righteous knowledgeable people”, “abundance of earthquakes” or the “spreading of killing”. Some are very far-fetched, like “the Quran will be forgotten and no one will recall its verses”, “The sun will rise from the west” or “Muslims shall fight against a nation wearing shoes made of hair and faces like hammered shields, with red complexion and small eyes”.[8]  One of the signs is very profound though: “Mecca will be attacked and the Kaaba will be destroyed”. In PEACE OF MIND  I already highlighted a relevant event from a few years ago, where the US Army allegedly were training scenarios of doing just that. This came out via Wired Magazine and from then on the emergence of a death-squad like ISIS was ensured. For many Muslims this news reaching them certainly must have been a giant omen for immanent End Times.

Hinduism and Buddhism have a completely different mindset and hence also a different philosophy on time and life itself. But they do of course also have eschatological theories. Especially the timespan that Hinduism recognizes is infinitely bigger than the Abrahamic religions, really going into the trillions of years. This time is considered cyclic, with a big cycle called ‘Kalpa’ signifying a full day and night in the life of Brahma, the cosmic entity that embodies the universe. Such Kalpas consist of succeeding Yugas, which come in blocs of four:

– Satya Yuga [duration: 1728000 years]
– Treta Yuga [duration: 1296000 years]
– Dvapara Yuga [duration: 864000 years]
– Kali Yuga [duration: 432000 years]

Hindus believe that humanity is spiritually degenerated during the era of Kali Yuga. This is their Dark Age, because in this period people are as far away as possible from God. Most Hindu religious leaders think that we’re now about some 5000 years in the Kali Yuga period, and some think we will enter this period soon. So in these teachings we won’t find direct usable material for impeding end times, because we still have many hundreds of thousands of years before the end of the Kali Yuga. But we do have Shiva the Destroyer dancing in her Wheel in front of CERN.

But if we look at the Freemasons [and some other Mystery Schools] we find at last what we’re looking for. In the Lodges namely even another and different time count is used. Instead of Anno Domini [A.D.] they add 4000 years and call it Anno Lucis [A.L.], which translates to Year of Light. We’re now living in the ‘Year of Light’ by the way, according to UNESCO. In the 18th century this change of dates was debated and widely accepted in Masonic circles, because they of course had to bring this out in the open at one time. One of the most well-known proponents of this 4000 BC as the date of Creation was Isaac Newton. [9]

This date of 4000 BC was described by myself in APOCALYPSE NEVER V, without even realizing that the Masons exactly use this date too! So that is a nice back-up and gives new impetus that we might be on the right track. But this date is of course not when Earth and life was created—as some young-Earth Creationists really seem to believe—but the start of the vast esoteric alchemical plan to remold it nearer to the Heart’s Desire. Our ‘Cosmic Week’, as written in the stars. The race for Becoming; becoming gods themselves.


Conspiracy researcher Phillip D. Collins also came to the conclusion that the Masons reject the notion that Man is created by a God like the three Abrahamic world religions adhere to, and that they more or less have decided to take the matters in their own hands. In his article Immanentizing The Eschaton: The Gnostic Myth Of Darwinism And Socio-Political Utopianism  [2005] Collins focused on the occult roots of Darwinism. This ‘immanentizing’ translates to ‘self-inflicting’ or ‘orchestrating yourself’, so simply said: creating Heaven on Earth. The modern usage of the phrase “immanentizing the eschaton” probably started with American political philosopher Eric Vögelin, who was also part of the German intellectual groups who fled the Nazis and ended up in the United States. Collins highlights how both Communism and Nazism had their roots in Gnosticism and how the legacy of Georg Hegel formed the cross-roads where both split up, only to ultimately ending up almost the same. My own research and conclusions often rhyme with the research of the Collins brothers, and in this article the conclusion is spot on:

The scientific dictatorships of communism and fascism represented two such efforts to consciously engineer humanity’s evolution and immanentize the Eschaton on earth. Yet, these two Gnostic experiments in socio-political Utopianism are but microcosms of a larger religious vision. It is the religious vision of the supranational elite. Fanatical in their blind faith in the Gnostic myth of Darwinism, the supranational elite still pursues the same objectives today. [10]

Some would use Nazism instead of Fascism, but I think the latter is better because Nazism was only one incarnation of Fascism. One of the Dominant Minority’s social experiments, but one that went rogue a bit and hence had to be eradicated in total. Collins also pioneered in uncovering of the alchemical level of the NWO-Agenda, and in the same article he concluded that

for the socio-political Utopian, science represents a special gnosis designed to manipulate matter and reconfigure reality itself. It is an instrument for the re-sculpting of prima materia and immanentizing the Eschaton. Technology has become the chief means of achieving this alchemical transformation of reality. Technology’s potential for such an application is evident in the etymological origins of the appellation itself. It is derived from the Greek word techne, which means craft. Simply defined, crafting is the skillful creation of something. […] In the context of socio-political Utopianism, crafting is the skillful creation (or, more succinctly, re-sculpting) of reality itself. […] Evidently, the Gnostic ambitions of socio-political Utopianism are alive and well. In fact, in the Gnostic tradition of Ariosophy, Transhumanism advocates the enthronement of an elite. […] Like communism and fascism, Scientology and Transhumanism are but microcosms of the ruling class religious vision for man.

As I already concluded in MOB FOOL: “Their god is the World God. Their rites are veiled and their ceremony is secrecy. We are their Satan, Earth is their Hell”. And an immanentized Eschaton would then be their version of Heaven conquering Hell. We will proceed with the premise that the Seventh Day, or the Cosmic Sabbath, officially started in 2001. This means that we’re overdue and gives a good explanation of the fact that since this new millennium the Agenda for forced globalization has gone into hyper-drive.




“In this Third Aphorism of Creation the Rosicrucian is directed to apply his attention to the conception of the World Soul—the First Manifestation of the Eternal Parent—as a Bi-sexual Universal Being. This Bi-Sexual. Universal Being, combining within itself the elements and principles of both Masculinity and Femininity, is known in the Rosicrucian Teachings as The Universal Hermaphrodite, and The Universal Androgyne.[11]

In 2001 something highly symbolical happened in the world, something that became inscribed into world history as a watershed between two worlds—one between the Old and the New. What a luck for the Dominant Minority that it just happened to happen at the very start of the new Millennium! It turned out to be a day everything changed, sending shockwaves around the world. The ignition of the major war of the new millennium, perpetrated by forces who want to end war. The terrible events on 9/11 constituted the official start of the final phase of the demise of the ‘New Atlantis’. The destruction of the Twin Towers has been compared with the fall of the two towers of Salomon’s Temple, which were called the Jachin and Boaz. They represented multiple things, but for us the most relevant is Male and Female, or Earth and Heaven. In esoteric lexicon you can also say ‘Below’ and ‘Above’. The fall of both pillars in ancient times signified the beginning of the end for the old order of things and the start of a new. As one Masonic source tells us about the interconnection between the two symbolic pillars and humanity at large:

In relation to these two pillars as representing parallelsAPOC9_pillars of mankind, we should study the illustration of their ornamental adornments. The lily, and the retired situation in which it flourishes, teaches us that we must learn to open our minds and hearts to all of mankind, to retain the fact, in our compassion, that as one pillar only serves to support the other, we are also obligated, and should offer our support, not only to the brother who may have stumbled and fell by the by the wayside of life but to the aggregate of all mankind; to offer help, aid and assistance to those who may be in dire need; to make that total concentrated effort to add to, and not subtract from, the whole of human existence.

From the intricate connection of the network, we can also perceive that all of mankind must learn to live in peace and harmony with his brothers and sisters and with nature; to appreciate the beauties which God has given us to enjoy, not to dominate, or exploit and manipulate it; and finally from the network, we should also be taught to discern the sounds of brotherly love which ring loud and true to all those who will only take the time to listen.

There is no alternate misunderstanding of the two pommels or globes which adorn the top most portion of Boaz and Jachin. Their symbolic acknowledgment announces to the whole of humanity that Masonry is as unending, and as universal as the blue arch of heaven. Summarily the most inspiring feature of our two friends, Boaz and Jachin, is the fact that God created us to be of equal status. [12]

Yes, the Builders of eternity and equality. But the synthesis or merger of both pillars wouldn’t only constitute to male and female becoming one, but also Earth and the Heavens. In the book The Hidden Power  [1921] by initiate Thomas Troward we learn that

very likely some of us have wondered what was the meaning of these two mysterious pillars set up by Solomon in front of his temple, and why they were called by these strange names; and then we have dropped the subject as one of those inexplicable things handed down in the Bible from old time which, we suppose, can have no practical interest for us at the present day. Nevertheless, these strange names are not without a purpose. They contain the key to the entire Bible and to the whole order of Nature, and as emblems of the two great principles that are the pillars of the universe, they fitly stood at the threshold of that temple which was designed to symbolise all the mysteries of Being.

Thus the two pillars typify Unity and the redeeming power of Love, with the significant suggestion that the redemption results from the Unity. They correspond with the two bonds, or uniting principles spoken of by St. Paul, the Unity of the Spirit which is the Bond of Peace, and Love, which is the Bond of Perfectness. The former is Unity of Being; the latter, Unity of Intention. [13]

So here we find a confirmation that the unification of Jachin and Boaz will constitute to redemption through Unity. Sometimes even our old friend Baphomet was spotted slouching around the twin pillars, as you can see on the added picture below. He is the illumined androgynous creature who was popularized by the occultist and ‘usual suspect’ on this website, Éliphas Lévi. This deity has in fact many similarities to the nature god Pan, who we’ve met in for instance APOCALYPSE NEVER V. Another ancient equivalent of the Twin Towers in New York were the Pillars of Hermes. As the Encyclopedia Mythica  tells us:

Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached APOC9_baphto fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries. His name coming from herma, the plural being hermaiherm was a square or rectangular pillar in either stone or bronze, with the head of Hermes (usually with a beard), which adorned the top of the pillar, and male genitals near to the base of the pillar. These were used for road and boundary markers.

The offspring of Hermes are believed to be Pan, Abderus and Hermaphroditus. Hermes as with the other gods had numerous affairs with goddesses, nymphs and mortals. In some legends even sheep and goats. Pan, the half man half goat, is believed to be the son of Hermes and Dryope, the daughter of king Dryops. […] He was an androgynous deity, depicted as either a handsome young man but with female breasts, or as Aphrodite with male genitals. [14]

And another study tells us that

in the 9th chapter of the [Egyptian] Ritual Of The Dead they are referred to as the Pillars of Shu, the “Pillars of the Gods of the Dawning Light”, and also as the North and Southern Columns of the Gate of the Hall of Truth”. In the 125th chapter, they are represented by the sacred gateway, the door to which the aspirant is brought when he has completed the negative confession. The archaic pictures on the one Pillar are painted in black upon a white ground, and those on the other in white upon a black ground, in order to express the interchange and reconciliation of opposing forces and the eternal balance of light and darkness which give force to visible nature.

The general design of the White Pillar is a pictorial synthesis of the gradual freeing of the soul from the body, left to be mummied and its union with Osiris, Lord and Judge of the Dead and of the resurrection, the sun in his rising….The Black Pillar symbolizes the pathway of darkness, the Negative Confession, as the White Pillar represents the Hymn to the Rising Sun, the Pathway of Light, and the Positive Confession. [25]

Out of the ashes of the North and South World Trade towers one even APOC9_trianglebigger tower emerged: the One World Trade Center, also called the Freedom Tower. But not the freedom for the profane masses, that’s for sure. As you can see on the photo of the New York skyline above, the design of the tower somewhat resembles two pyramids or obelisks shoved into each other, the male and the female or active and passive principle, used by Mystery Schools since time immemorial. It signifies the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the New Jerusalem. Remember that we saw Francis Bacon proclaim in APOCALYPSE NEVER that “the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, where into none may enter except as a little child”. Is it yet again one of those remarkable coincidences of history that the main ‘key-architect’ in the process of the rebuilding of the WTC complex was named David Childs, which somewhat translates to ‘Beloved Children’? And one of those favored ones could just have been the architect who won the 2002 contest for coming up with the new design for the tower: Daniel Libeskind, another ‘lovely child’ or ‘love child’. Later in the process his design was scrapped though, and only his proposal that the tower’s height had to be 1776 feet has survived. [16]  It was an illuminating year.

The mysterious French master-alchemist Fulcanelli, who we’ve met in APOCALYPSE NEVER VIII, gives us some fine additional information on the alchemical synthesis of the male and female principle. He wrote that

the whole work of the art consists in processing this mercury until it receives the above-mentioned sign. And this sign has been called by the ancient authors the Seal of Hermes, Seal of the Wise, the Mark and the Imprint of the Almighty, his Signature, also the Star of the Magi, the Pole Star, etc. This geometric pattern remains and shows up more clearly when the gold to be dissolved is put into the mercury in order to restore it to its first state, that of young or rejuvenated gold, in other words to infant gold. That is why mercury—that faithful servant and Seal of the earth—is called the Fountain of Youth. The Philosophers are, therefore, speaking clearly when they teach that mercury, as soon as the solution has been carried out, bears the child, the Son of the Sun, the Little King (Kinglet), like a real mother, since the gold is indeed reborn in her womb. [17]

Note that the Womb is another word for Matrix, as we’ve seen in CLOSE TO PERFECTION. And therefore the initiates metaphorically have to become like a baby or child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because in a womb one is reborn. In Part VIII we already touched on the concept of ‘speirema’, which could be described as something like ‘spiritual sperm’ that generates ones illumination. Below another explanasion and some necessary context on the connection with Revelation. The clipping is from the book Youth Is A State Of Mind  [1979] by Eugene Beadle, who was then advertised as the “world’s foremost symbolist”: [18]


So here we again see the world and a human body described as being interconnected, or even treated as basically the same in the esoteric teachings. The seven seals covering the chakra points are even called “seven wonders” here, making an interesting connection to the Seven Wonders of the World, which both in the ancient world as in our Age have always been called highlights in craftsmanship and vigor. It are the places where the ley-lines meet and also meeting points of esoteric and occult societies. But before the cosmic sperm of [re]generation can be brought in, first the Womb has to be ‘in heat’ and thoroughly prepared, courted, or ‘initiated’. Because that’s how Nature works. This would give another interesting layer to ‘global warming’, don’t you think?

It seems a song called This Bitter Earth [1960]—written by one Clyde Otis and spine-tinglingly performed by Dinah Washington—perfectly conveys the melancholy the initiates seemingly so intensely feel:

This bitter earth
Well, what a fruit it bears
What good is love
Mmm, that no one shares

And if my life is like the dust
Ooh, that hides the glow of a rose
What good am I
Heaven only knows

But while a voice within me cries
I’m sure someone may answer my call
And this bitter earth
Ooh, may not, oh, be so bitter after all

It starts out bitter, but in the end it should after all be sweet as honey, remember?  If they would just answer their call for help. Sad, lonely, imprisoned in a cell.

High initiate Rudolf Steiner held in 1906 a series of presentations called On Esoteric Cosmology  for his acolytes. Most of it is quite far-out and dated, but on the teachings of the Rosicrucians—which had great overlaps with his own—he said some things that are still interesting for us:

We cannot speak of evil in the absolute sense. APOC9_steinerEvil, indeed, plays a part in the development of beings and the unfolding of freedom. […] The thoughts we derive from the universe are actually there. All that we create is contained somewhere in the universe. It is a false idea on the part of certain mystics to disparage the value of the physical body. It has just as much value as the astral body; its mission is to become the temple of the soul.   [he doesn’t mean a human soul here!—FS]

The physical world is the expression of wisdom incarnate, divine wisdom. The Rosicrucians taught that the Earth, in primeval times, was an Earth of wisdom. Today we may call it an Earth of love. The mission of man is to accomplish for the imperfect part of his being what divine wisdom once accomplished for his physical body. He must ennoble his astral body and therewith the world around him. All that has entered into us without our conscious will under the influence of divine wisdom — that is Involution. All that we must bring out of ourselves by dint of conscious will — that is Evolution.

The Art of today will be the Nature of tomorrow and will blossom again in her. Thus does Involution become Evolution. Here we have the point of intersection between the divine and the human, the twofold power which brings God to man and raises man to God. [19]

Yes, they wanna raise the dead and give them some virtue. We’ve already met the esotericist William Blake before. In his Marriage Of Heaven And Hell  [1790] he already hinted that it are the Bees who’re pollinating the Rose, working towards illuminated unity, heralded by the Lions at the Dawning of the New Day:

Once meek, and in a perilous path,
The just man kept his course along
The vale of death.
Roses are planted where thorns grow.
And on the barren heath
Sing the honey bees.
The fox provides for himself, but God provides for the lion.
Think in the morning. Act in the noon.
Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night. [20]

And since the Lions don’t sleep no more, according to some New-Age gurus and aligned psycho-wizards who want to raise our base consciousness, we’re on the brink of Change—Change the Dominant Minority believes in! This change was heralded even earlier, by a bright illumined light in the sky. For instance the influential occultist and ‘universal spiritualist’ William Juvenile Colville [1862-1917] described this neatly in his book Ancient Mysteries And Modern Revelations  [1910]. He wrote a dedicative poem on the most famous of recurring light bodies in space; Halley’s Comet:

Bright harbinger of glorious light
Illumining both morn and night
Fair messenger thro vibrant space
Running thy rapid wondrous race
Untiring as the Ages roll
Suggesting our undying soul
Witness to Heaven’s all-constant law
From thee we inspiration draw
Welcome, thrice welcome, in our sky
Pointing to days of freedom nigh. [21]

The Dominant Minority seemingly sees absolute freedom in androgyny, as we’ve seen several times before in this series. They seek the eradication of love, marriage, the family as such, and in the end male and female. We’ve seen millions of people around the world taking the bait, as they always do when enticed with visions of a better tomorrow or more rights. Or people simply fight for other groups to receive less rights, hoping themselves to come out better in the end-equation. Because we’ve been brought up only thinking in short-term, and preferably never growing beyond ‘carpe diem’ we fail to see the middle and long term implications of what it exactly is we are supporting. Especially people who are awake and still vehemently support militant Feminism, LGBT-rights and the like, unfortunately suffer from serious cognitive dissonance. Of course those people also deserve equal rights, but in the end they are only used to destroy the hetero-sexual middle class families, until the strong majority group in society is lost and no one is able anymore to really make a fist against the emerging totalitarian State. Every single group will be devoid of rights in the NWO, so everything the minority groups now and in the coming few years seem to win and achieve, will be swept away instantaneously only several years later. Totally relentless, in one fell swoop. Because that’s how the Commies roll. The hardest pillar to knock down was the relation between Man and Woman, which has been under total attack for a long time now. Children are manipulated and destabilized from an ever earlier age, until they never grow up at all and are sad and depressed emotional wrecks for the rest of their lives. And those are the ones used as pawns to push through the androgynous agenda.

One of the earliest scientifically based writings I have found until now on the subject of Androgyny in an evolutionary and anthropological context, is the book Bi-Sexual Man  [1912] by Francis H. Buzzacott and Mary Isabel Wymore. Although these authors diametrically opposed the official stance of Darwin, they in fact were acolytes of his and T.H. Huxley’s legacy. The Darwin/Huxley/Galton clique of course again laid the foundations for the theory, but these two succeeding scientists lamented that no one before them had pursued this premise on bi-sexuality before to a deeper degree, and therefore they took up the challenge. A classical dialectical move here. They formulated their premise thus:

We cannot but consider, therefore, that the suspension of any vital function is a mark of degeneration and of imperfection. On this view or the case, the unisexual state is surely inferior to the bisexual, since unisexuality compels a creature to put itself under the power of another in order to exercise one of the most fundamental functions of all life, that of reproduction. If, therefore, this is the case, then has the evolution of the sexes been retrogression instead of progression—descent instead of ascent—degeneration instead of regeneration. [22]

This is one of the basic tenets of why gods of all ages have been depicted as androgynous beings, because the male initiates who designed them have always seen the female as degenerate. This thought also seeped through in the philosophies of other LGBT factions, who all have been taught and indoctrinated that they’re better than the ‘old human’. Buzzacott and Wymore continue:

The farther back we go in ancient history, the more evidence do we find of bisexual forms of life; and even to-day there are many adults who possess, in a more or less developed condition the partial reproductive organs and sexual characteristics of both sexes.

Simplicity of organization is a mark of perfection: the most perfect of all forms is the simple spherical cell, because this is least liable to degenerative influences. Such was the teaching of the ancient philosophers: and it is founded upon an important principle. Vitality increases with degree of organization, hence man is the most conscious of all creatures: but this very conscience in man renders him more liable to degeneration than any other creature; and it is because of his superior reasoning faculties (which accompany his high organization), that man is able to be either a moral or an immoral being. [23]

So here we see that as soon as the androgynous agenda emerged from the underground stream into the mainstream humanity was scheduled to become like blood cells in the global organism, ‘perfected’ so to speak. It was also immediately coupled to consciousness. And for this global consciousness to become vital and strong first the reasoning capacities have to be totally destroyed. In this way humanity becomes more or less a closed system, less prone to ‘pollution’ from outside sources. That’s how they called it in Communist states. The impenetrable Borg, you could say. Another one of the main tenets of the androgynous agenda since its public emergence is becoming godlike, as you can read in the clipping from still the same book:


And near the end of their short but mind-blowing book—remember this is published in 1912—even more real dot-connecting remarks are to be found. We meet our regular sparks of intellect and consciousness, the Borg-collective as featured in Star Trek, Cybernetics, Eugenics and even space exploration and subjugation. Because that’s where it in the end is all about. Masters of the Universe! But first they’ll have to go past the youniverse. First they must conquer the microcosm, then they will go for the macrocosm.


Much has already been said and written about sexual deviancies and how it has been pushed in our Western societies. Some try to sell it to us as being a logical outcome of extreme materialism, narcissism and boredom. As something which befell preceding great civilizations too and therefore inevitable. But this is of course not true, because very much planning and cooperation has been put into degrading us so much. In APOCALYPSE NEVER III we’ve already briefly seen some techniques which were available and tested forty to sixty years ago, to change people’s behavior in all sorts of ways. Even by electronic stimulation to change sexual preferences, at least for a short while. If we again open Vance Packard’s book The People Shapers  [1978], we read about experiments with scientifically administered aphrodisiacs like LSD, L-Dopa and Para-ChloroPhenylAlanine:

Doses of PCPA given to animals caused great increases in sexual activity. One member of the team….reported that when rabbits injected with PCPA were put into the same cage with cats there were efforts to cross-breed without inhibition. [24]

It’s of course not by accident that we have seen a surge in popularity of rather sick sexual deviancies like bestiality in the last few decades. So-called health websites proudly publish articles like Bestiality Is Much, Much More Common Than You Think  [2015] and Bestiality; No Longer Taboo? [2015]   The clinical term is Zoophilia. Yes we’ve come a long way:

Man to monkey  >>  monkey see, monkey do  >>  monkey see, do monkey!

Everything is turned backwards in our society. Everything is upside down. We can be proud of ourselves, to have it let happen, while we were sleeping. The documentary Animal Fuckers says it all basically. Also remember what H.G. Wells wrote in Island Of Dr. Moreau, as featured in APOCALYPSE NEVER IV.

So, are we really evolving? Are we on the road to becoming free?  For us the main contradiction of course remains why this so-called road to Illumination and Freedom is paved with the very bad intentions of a global tyranny! This because, as I already noted in the FUNDAMENTAL PHRASEOLOGY, evolution and illumination [as defined by them] have never really been meant for the whole of humanity. That’s just the New-Age spin they’ve added to the mixture for us to cooperate in our own demise, which may for someone familiar with world history come as no particular surprise. Earlier in this article Orwell’s Ninety Eighty-Four  has been mentioned. The gifted British author let Party-member O’Brien say so many things to Winston that have come true, in such an eerie and coherent way. While many little factoids and details haven’t come true [yet?], most of the broader outlines have materialized in gruesome detail. Unfortunately there are also some leads in the book that later have been used in the New-Age disinformation campaign, like solipsism and the already existing dictatorship being one solely of mind. Even some young-Earth Creationism is lumped in into the book, which makes it resemble our present world of so many conflicting worldviews even better. Much is said about the collectivism of the Party too, which in the official approved interpretation has always been coupled to Communism. This because Orwell published it in 1948 and for many decades thereafter this was the big bogeyman under everyone’s bed. But O’Brien makes it quite clear that his party aren’t Communists, no, they are the superior successors:

We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. [25]

Orwell of course didn’t call the Party in his story Ingsoc by mistake, and, as we know, Fabian Socialism and the Fabian Society have long been at the heart of the NWO and its methods and philosophy. It was the intellectual faction of the NWO and dealt with its long-term planning. And the top of the pyramid designed both Communism and Fascism, making is logical for the Party having resemblance to both, because that’s how their dialectical system works. What’s interesting is the notion that Orwell chose to let O’Brien say that both dictatorial systems “never had the courage to recognize their own motives”. This suggests that Orwell meant to convey that for both there was a deeper real underlying reason why they did their mischievous deeds. For both thought-streams hundreds of books had been written, detailing about everything possibly imaginable on why they held the ultimate truth and why it had to be done, so this makes it a very strange claim Orwell did. One can say a lot about Hitler, but not that he did never make his motives clear, right? The same goes for the Communists. But as always, the reasons given to the public were in fact very different to the real objectives in the Great Work. This real reason was the same for both systems, and that’s the real reason why the two in the end resembled each other so much, whilst starting out very differently, at least on paper.

Another funny little quip Orwell gave in his book is when he let O’Brien say that “you will learn by degrees, Winston”, a clear wink to Freemasonry or a similar Mystery School. Orwell also gave us some hints that makes it possible for us to tie it back into what we’ve gathered until now in this series on the Apocalypse. O’Brien tells Winston that

the first thing you must realize is that power is collective. The individual only has power in so far as he ceases to be an individual. You know the Party slogan: “Freedom is Slavery”. Has it ever occurred to you that it is reversible? Slavery is freedom. Alone—free—the human being is always defeated. It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures. But if he can make complete, utter submission, if he can escape from his identity, if he can merge himself in the Party so that he IS the Party, then he is all-powerful and immortal.

What here is described is of course not collectivism as such, it’s way beyond that. And the ruling elite doesn’t join the proles in a collectivist system. No, what Orwell described is more like something akin to the Borg collective, where the Dominant Minority in some way connects into each other’s minds, letting go of individuality, and hence achieving their equivalent of immortality. Not in body, but in intellect; by adding some to the execution of the Great Work and thus become part of it. And it could just be that those people have been promised to be brought back from the grave, as soon as the technique of genetics makes this possible. The Borg—the Freemasons of the skies—floating squarely above the circle in their airborne Ashlar. What’s even more interesting is that this perfectly cubed spaceship eerily resembles how the New Jerusalem is described in the Book Of Revelation:

And he carried me away in the SpiritAPOC9_borgcube to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel…

The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it is long…

On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there… The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it…. Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.
[Chapter 12]

Emanuel Swedenborg was both an influence on many of the well-known Mystery Schools as on William Blake. He came from a wealthy family of Swedish scholars—the Borg [fortress, city] from Sweden.  He also wrote a book on Revelations called Apocalypse Unveiled, which was never finished or widely published. The aforementioned J.W. Colville wrote that “according to Swedenborg a new age of the world began in 1757, and it was after that year that he undertook to minutely explain the Apocalypse, which he declares symbolically describes the ideal condition of humanity yet to be realized”. His explanation of the Book Of Revelation  is completely different than the one given by James Morgan Pryse though, and contains few details interesting for us. On Genesis he also wrote that its inner meaning signifies seven days or seven states, with the seventh signifying “a condition of complete regeneration”. [26]  Swedenborg has also been called the ‘Prophet of the New Jerusalem’, and one particular interesting ‘prophecy’ he gave out was that

within the human body, the heart carries life-giving blood to every organ. Very soon society will have the social blood which is the love of man for man. Charity is acting with faith and justice in all circumstances. We are part of one another; the crime of one is the crime of all; the virtue of one is the virtue of all. [27]

And as designated blood-cells the whole of humanity was divvied up into White and Red, for the big alchemical process, and is from then on slowly becoming part of the Whole, trapped inside an electronic Wi-Fi membrane.  Cells are autonomous and asexual, just like they want us to be. It’s also a prison, and everyone will be their own prison-guard. And, as Swedenborg hinted, the big charitable organizations are indeed acting in unison with the leadership in Faith and Justice to form a globally ordered new order of things, bent on giving us their One Virtue in a Virtue-All world. They call it Love, or even better, Paradise.

So let’s end this article with a few words from someone who once received a Kiss from a Rose too: Seal.  One of his biggest radio hits was  Future Love Paradise  [1991], in which he sings:

One day
All the Queens will gather round
Spreading Love and Unity so we can be found

When your love
Inject me with a love, all right

If you change your mind, Ill do anything
Just to make the world peaceful
Just to make life wonderful
I will drown all your sorrows
In a Future Love Paradise





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