The Flaming Phoenix and the Alchemical End of Man


In  PAX ALCHEMICA I wrote the following:

If you’re able to understand, and see the Great Work unfold
Humanity initiated from base metal to gold.


Although alchemy is nowadays mostly seen as a pseudo-science and the irrelevant predecessor of chemistry, it’s a fact that many of the great minds in history have been dedicated alchemists. In short alchemy can be described as the quest for enlightenment, which makes it completely in line with the Great Work which is one of the main subjects of this website. The phrase “Great Work” is probably even originally derived from alchemy. On the exoteric level alchemy has always been explained as the creation of gold, preferably from a lesser metal like lead. But on the esoteric level alchemy is the search for the philosopher’s stone, or the completion or perfection of life; the creation of the new androgynous human being, combining the best, or the total, of what both sexes now hold. Humanity as it is now is symbolically seen as the base metal, and H+, the New Man, the Posthuman, is seen as gold. Synonyms for the philosopher’s stone are the ‘Elixir’ or the ‘Tincture’. Alchemy has probably been practiced from the beginnings of human history, mostly among initiates of the Mystery Schools. The “lord of the ancient art of alchemy” is Hermes Trismegistus, wrote the masonic author Tobias Churton in his book The Magus Of Freemasonry; The Mysterious Life Of Elias Ashmole. The subject of his book, Ashmole, was the founder of the Royal Society and one of the major alchemists of his time, who wrote at least three books on the subject. Churton gives us the hermetic philosophy for the future of mankind, which rhymes exactly with the evolutionary agenda the NWO pursues:

Hermetic knowledge encompassed philosophical knowledge and primal wisdom: the original, clear knowledge inscribed for the future of humankind before ‘it all went wrong’ and knowledge and language became divided against themselves, generating confusion, conflict, and a profound sense of loss. Such a state represented the Hermetic Fall of Man, and the aim of the Hermetic Magus was to restore the original unity of man and God. Such a restoration would constitute a second birth, the opening of the spiritual eye, and the uncovering of a new being. [3]

In the graph below I’ve drawn out a schematic view of the alchemical process. It’s based on the description of alchemy in the book The Language Of Symbols by professor David Fontana. The ‘Materia Prima’, or the active, gets pulverized and the ‘First Agent’, or the passive principle, is mixed in. Together they are placed in a sealed vessel, and then the alchemical process commences, and in this heated “fight” the two leading principles become visible. This are the red SULPHUR and the white MERCURY. And to quote David Fontana, we find that as soon as the “fight” ends the “dark night of the soul” starts, a period

in which both active and passive principles seem to have been annihilated and the individual feels utterly forsaken. However, out of this despair arises the revelation [rainbow] that love and not force is required, and this is followed by the union of the two principles, the Red King and the White Queen, whose progeny is born of water and the spirit. [4]

Remember the words ‘Water’ and ‘Spirit’. According to the normal curriculum this process is only spiritual or executed by an alchemist in a dark little room above a distiller or gas burner or so, but your world will all of a sudden be turned upside down as soon as you lay this process over our recent world history. This will finally make it clear that the world is just a stage and we’re mere pawns on it.




I will explain it further with the help of some extra information sources. Let’s first look into the book The New Pearl Of The Great Price by Giano Lacinio, published in 1894. The book tells us that from

the one substance is evolved, first the White, and then the Red Tincture; there is one vessel, one goal, and one method. It is true that in the books of the Sages the impression is conveyed as if there were many substances and many methods: but they only mean different aspects or stages of the same thing. Solution, Sublimation, Distillation, Coagulation, Calcination, etc., are misleading terms; the distinctions are logical, or verbal, rather than real. Pythagoras tells us that Coction, Calefaction, Dealbation, Attrition, Affusion, and Tinging are only different stages of the same operation in the fire. There are many names, but one regimen. [5]

And so we learn that from one single source, first the active, Capitalist principle evolved, followed by the, passive, Socialist principle. Capitalism evolved out of people actively pursuing capital and wealth, socialism requires passivism from the masses by giving full power to the State. But both have always had one goal, which is world empire. The socialist ‘agents’ come in many different flavors, but in the end they are all the same. Of course also the Fabian method of attrition is listed. This is the flavor the Dominant Minority chose to achieve World Order, but it could have been one of the others just as easy.

The two competing principles, which stem from the same source, came into conflict in the Great War. And it turned out to be the heated all-devouring battle they hoped and worked for; one worthy a good alchemical process. It involved big explosions and gigantic beds of fire, with even some rumors about holocausts in the papers and the free flow of  gasses on the battle-field. While the initiates officially denounced this Great War for the “awful sacrifice” that it was, they were in reality behind the scenes orchestrating and steering it. The quote below is from a September 1917 edition of the leading Masonic magazine The Builder, which tells us that in

all of the history of this old earth never has there been a sacrifice so awful, so bitter, so heart-rending, so soul-terrifying, so overwhelming, as that which we are making today for the sake of human liberty, and just so surely as we believe that there is a God of Justice, just so certain must be the reward that will bless humanity for this mighty manifestation of divine devotion to a most holy cause. Out of it all there must come a world-wide unity and friendship, and a fraternity that shall reach wide-swept to the uttermost corners of the globe. There must be a union of the states, not of Europe alone, but of the whole world, and Masonry which has been never the destroyer but always the builder, must play a mighty part in erecting this world-wide temple of humanity. Even now Masons everywhere are praying for the dawn of that day so beautifully pictured by Albert Pike:

“When all mankind shall be one great lodge of brethren, And wars of fear and persecution shall be known no more forever.”

When that day comes we shall behold with our spiritual eyes the mighty Temple of Human Liberty made more magnificent than ever, and over its shining portal we shall read in letters of living light the words, “Liberty and union, freedom and fraternity, now and forever, one and inseparable, world without end.” [6]

About a year before the War ended, the Masons had their minds made up already and agreed with for instance H.G. Wells that it was the war to end all wars. A global body had to be created, a global lodge of brotherhood and peace. And what’s even more interesting is that with a stroke of sheer prophetic brilliance the Masons also already hinted how after the War a beautiful pallet of colors of the rainbow would emerge, carrying the flaming phoenix that would fold its wings around the world in a fiery embrace, ushering in the New Age:

But there is another banner here today, although we cannot see it with our mortal eyes. It is the unseen flag of Fraternity that floats above the dome of that great “house not made with hands,” that temple of liberty which stands forever eternal in the heavens. Its colors are all the colors of the rainbow and it spreads its flaming folds across the world from sunrise to sunset. It is a flag that shall fall upon the world as a reward for the awful sacrifice it is now being called upon to make.

After the Great War the world entered the ‘Nigredo’ phase of feeling utterly forsaken, with the old principles and securities more or less annihilated. Out of this the rainbow would arise, based on love and not on force. I wonder if they already had decided that “make love not war” was to be its slogan? This force of brotherhood would carry the phoenix into a fiery climax of world renewal, ushering in the white Albedo phase; the stage before Enlightenment. I a true heliotropic finale East and West would finally re-unite for…ever. Of course, forever! And we all know brotherhood and friendship are totally devoid of hate and envy, so what could possibly go wrong?

But, oh oh… something did went wrong!

The Great War backfired and turned out to be not so great for the Dominant Minority after all. The globalists were unable to get the United States signed into the League of Nations, which meant that the superpower wouldn’t be able to meet its designated role as policeman of the world and the forceful uniting principle under the banner of democracy. So the devious bastards decided to repeat the ritual once again, but this time so terribly and destructive that they had to succeed. From the onset they arranged at the peace meetings that within let’s say 20 years a new war would break out. And this time they put up such a bunch of psychopathic front-men at the heads of the competing parties, all funded from Wall Street so the end goal of uniting Europe would 100% surely be achieved, that the people yielded and let the globalists start their endgame for eradication of the nation. Good ol’ H.G. Wells was once again selected for writing the future history down. In his book The Shape Of Things To Come [1933], Wells accurately ‘predicted’ that the second war would start in 1940, and he even remarked with a naughty twinkle that “it would be a ‘gas-minded’ world in the 40’s”, even naming gas chambers![7] Historians nowadays agree that around 1940 the first gas killings commenced, and the first concentration camp was Dachau, built in 1933, after Wells’s book was written. His Fabian buddies Bernard Shaw and later Bertrand Russell were also entertaining the ideas of “humane gas” and “lethal chambers”. It seems everything is allowed en route to Utopia. The end justifies the means. That’s their meme, it always has  been.


The modern utopian scriptures started with Thomas More’s book Utopia, the book which in fact coined this word. There have been many utopias proposed and written about, but the only real one the Dominant Minority has ever taken serious, is Plato’s Republic. Plato is the plateau on which the pyramid of society it built. So the second orchestrated war achieved their long awaited goal of European unity, at least the start of it, but the whole world went into a real Nigredo phase. History books and newspaper articles from that time seemingly couldn’t stress enough how “utterly forsaken” humanity was. And after a preparatory phase of many decades, in the ’50 and 60’s finally their Rainbow was brought in, as foundation on which the fiery Phoenix bird will rise.

And as we know now, the Fabian Society has beenPERFECTION_moneyphoenix a very important intellectual and doctrinal center to bring in the World State. Sir Winston Churchill wrote in 1958, in his History Of The English-Speaking Peoples, that the emergence of the Fabian Society was even “of far greater importance” than any other Socialist or Marxist movement, because they

damned all revolutionary theory and set about the propaganda of a practical Socialist doctrine. They were not interested in the organization of a new political party. Socialist aims could be achieved by “permeating” the existing political parties. […] The outlook, in the main, was practical and empirical, owing little to dogmatic theory and nothing to Marx. Great stress was placed on the slow and intricate nature of the change to Socialism––the “inevitability of gradualness”. [8]


H.G. Wells already laid a firm foundation through his many non-fiction books, and especially his book Phoenix; A Summary Of The Inescapable Conditions Of World Reorganization [1942] tells us all we need to know. Wells wrote that the

answer of the practical revolutionary is that we hope to see a considerable number of present managers, research men, designers, organizers and foremen working with the consent of the general body of operatives and the approval of the consumer, without any interception of profits in the counting-house. The material forms of the organization need not change very much. The change will be one of spirit and status. [9]

Wells continued that he and his fellow ‘Open Conspirators’ would have to be radical anticlerical, just like their predecessors the French and the Russian Revolution were. They had to be extremely hostile against all world religions, except Hinduism; because for India, Wells saw a golden future in a globalized world. This makes sense, because Darwinism can somewhat be seen as the scientific version of Hinduism, and the Dominant Minority doesn’t mind calling themselves Brahmins either. Wells elaborated that

the Revolution is in itself a Religion, and it is quite prepared to retort to Jehovah’s intolerance, “Thou shalt have none other gods but me.” […] All over the world this propaganda of realization, this vast missionary task of the new world awakening, has to be carrying on in every possible language. A similar job was done all over the world by the Communist party […] It has to be done over again with all our available powers to-day. [10]

This of course explains the extreme hostility against all old world religions, but also the Intelligent Design movement. They want to become Gods themselves, become themselves the Intelligent Designers, hence all other gods that came before them must be discarded. As the Collins brothers already wrote in their book The Ascendancy Of The Scientific Dictatorship, the high Mason W.L. Wilmshurst told the world in The Meaning Of Masonry that bringing about

the evolution of man into superman – was always the purpose of the ancient Mysteries, and the real purpose of modern Masonry is, not the social and charitable purposes to which so much attention is paid, but the expediting of the spiritual evolution of those who aspire to perfect their own nature and transform it into a more god-like quality. And this is a definite science, a royal art, which it is possible for each of us to put into practice; whilst to join the Craft for any other purpose than to study and pursue this science is to misunderstand its meaning.

Man who has sprung from earth and developed through the lower kingdoms of nature to his present rational state, has yet to complete his evolution by becoming a god-like being and unifying his consciousness with the Omniscient—to promote which is and always has been the sole aim and purpose of all Initiation. [11]

This of course rhymes with the Man And Superman of Bernard Shaw and the Übermensch of Friedrich Nietzsche. It’s interesting to note that the famous scientific polymath Arthur C. Clarke ended his prophetic books Profiles Of The Future with the notion that humanity nowadays is more or less like the transitional species between Man and the Übermensch, and Clarke wrote he was unable to feel sorry for the fact that humanity would finally be phased out in this next step in evolution. He thought we as a species are doing a great job in bringing this about. But the matter of the fact is that only the 0,01% is consciously bringing this about, without the knowledge and agreement of the rest. Bernard Shaw’s most important admission about the Agenda is the little pamphlet The Revolutionist Handbook, published around the beginning of the last century. I will quote from it substantially, because otherwise the full picture might be lost in translation. The pamphlet should of course be read completely, for instance on the website of the Project Gutenberg.[12] Shaw tells us that

now Man must take in hand all the work that he used to shirk with an idle prayer. He must, in effect, change himself into the political Providence which he formerly conceived as god; and such change is not only possible, but the only sort of change that is real. The mere transfiguration of institutions, as from military and priestly dominance to commercial and scientific dominance, from commercial dominance to proletarian democracy, from slavery to serfdom, from serfdom to capitalism, from monarchy to republicanism, from polytheism to monotheism, from monotheism to atheism, from atheism to pantheistic humanitarianism, from general illiteracy to general literacy, from romance to realism, from realism to mysticism, from metaphysics to physics, are all but changes from Tweedledum to Tweedledee. […] But the changes from the crab apple to the pippin, from the wolf and fox to the house dog, from the charger of Henry V to the brewer’s draught horse and the race‐horse, are real; for here Man has played the god, subduing Nature to his intention, and ennobling or debasing Life for a set purpose. And what can be done with a wolf can be done with a man. […]

Now as happiness never matters to Nature, as she neither recognizes flags and frontiers nor cares a straw whether the economic system adopted by a society is feudal, capitalistic, or collectivist, provided it keeps the race afoot (the hive and the anthill being as acceptable to her as Utopia), the demonstrations of Socialists, though irrefutable, will never make any serious impression on property. […] He will presently see that his discarded formula that Man is the Temple of the Holy Ghost happens to be precisely true, and that it is only through his own brain and hand that this Holy Ghost, formally the most nebulous person in the Trinity, and now become its sole survivor as it has always been its real Unity, can help him in any way. And so, if the Superman is to come, he must be born of Woman by Man’s intentional and well‐considered contrivance. Conviction of this will smash everything that opposes it.

From this quote it becomes quite clear that with Nature they in fact mean the Dominant Minority, the active force behind the forced globalization, and not some some kind of abstract higher force as conventional curriculum wants us to believe. But only if it’s written with a capital letter,  and to make it more difficult for the profane they probably have a lot of exceptions on this too. But it seems their helpers are working like bees or like ants to bring in Utopia. Keep this in mind. In my other articles I also refer to this a lot. The question is if they mean the same with both Bees and Ants, or maybe we have  to see it in the light of ‘as above, so below’?

If we look at another one from their Fabian circle, one of Shaw’s former lovers, we can deduce that Annie wanted to Be-S-Ant. Did she want to be as an Ant, or does the name translate as Bee-S-Ant, with the letter S meaning “the way” in the esoteric teachings, making her and her family “the way between the Bees and the Ants”? This would lead to the possibility that the initiates of the West are the Bees, and the initiates of the East are the Ants. If you look into her life and what she has done to further the agenda, it becomes quite clear that she was born and named for her task in the Great Work, just as so many others were. Among her extensive legacy is a school they’ve called the Besant Hill School, which is quite funny. At the Anthill new generations of world revolutionaries are taught and vetted, in none less than the Socratic Method. The anthill has been worshiped in India since time immemorial, and according to the study The Sacred Anthill And The Cult Of The Primordial Mound:

Ethnographical reports of the last hundred years suggest that anthill worship is an ancient cult that survives in many parts of India up to the present day. The cult once occupied a central place in Vedic and Hindu religion, and from at least as early as the first millennium B.C., and probably earlier, it has figured prominently—if somewhat incomprehensibly— in rituals associated with all the critical events of human life, including birth, marriage, sickness, and death. Anthills have also played an important part in the consecration of temples, the warding off of evil, ritual destruction of an enemy, calling divine witness, and securing material prosperity.

One last admission Shaw gave in that mind-blowing pamphlet, was that “equality is an essential condition of bad breeding also; and bad breeding is indispensable to the weeding out of the human race”. So here we see that the doctrine of equality has been used for the weeding out of the 99%, as all good researchers into the NWO-agenda have concluded for themselves already. But how will they maneuver themselves into the position of weeding out the human race? The most important pillar which has to be erected yet, is the unification of the world; economically and politically on the surface, but the real goal is unite us physically and psychologically.

Charles Galton Darwin [CGD], who embodied the synthesis between the two so extremely influential families, philosophized further on ideas set out by Shaw and others in his book The Next Million Years [1953]. Where Shaw admitted that the beehive and the anthill were approved for the World State, Galton Darwin went further into the beehive, and tells us that the

artificial use of hormones has already been shown to have profound effects on the behavior of animals, and it seems quite possible that hormones, or perhaps drugs, might have similar effects on man. For example, there might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire, and so reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive. Or there might be another drug that produced a permanent state of contentment in the recipient—after all alcohol does something like this already, though it has other disadvantages and is only temporary in its effects. A dictator would certainly welcome the compulsory administration of the “contentment drug” to his subjects. [13]

This book by CGD is quite peculiar. Because while he saidPERFECTION_beehivemasons writing about the next million years, the time it would take for a new man to evolve through the normal accepted laws of evolution, the book could on many details better have been named ‘The Next 100 Years’. We are now of course already living in the early stages of the global Beehive, which is one of the most revered symbols in Freemasonry and many other Mystery Schools. We’re already starting to form hive-minds, will soon be surrounded by drones and are slowly but surely getting caught in our I-pods and Cell-phones. We’re following buzzfeeds, using buzzwords, and it doesn’t surprise me Honeywell is at the forefront of the smart home revolution. Moreover, as contemporary science tells us,

bees fly through the air outside the hive, they collide with charged particles, from dust to small molecules. These impacts tear electrons away from their cuticle—their outer shell—and the bee ends up with a positive charge. When they return to the hive and walk or dance about, they give off electric fields. And Uwe Greggers from the Free University of Berlin has shown that they can detect these fields with the tips of their antennae. Despite our long history with the honeybee, there could still be a secret world of electric communication within the hive that we know nothing about.

Aldous Huxley was also fully in concordance with the agenda, as we for instance can read in the book The Hidden Huxley, which features much of his less well-known writings, and some enlightening examples of his private correspondence. And so we read that in 1927, well before his Brave New World, which would settle his name as some kind of whistle-blower or someone who had some kind of empathy for the common man, Huxley published an article detailing the long-term plan. He tells us that in

the future we envisage, eugenics will be practiced in order to improve the human breed and the instincts will not be ruthlessly repressed, but, as far as possible, sublimated so as to express themselves in socially harmless ways. Education will not be the same for all individuals. Children of different types will receive different training. Society will be organised as a hierarchy of mental quality and the form of government will be aristocratic in the literal sense of the world – that is to say, the best will rule… Our children may look forward to a new caste system based on differences in natural ability, to a Machiavellian system of education designed to give the members of the lower castes only that which is profitable for the members of the upper castes that they should know. [14]

Note the “we” Huxley placed himself amongst, which at that point meant the likes of people like his brother Julian, H.G. Wells and J.B.S. Haldane. Also the ghost of Francis Galton of course, who already hinted on the caste system in his book Hereditary Genius [1869]. The beehive has also the quite distinct caste system as an important characteristic, just as large numbers of stupid worker bees who are genetically programmed to work themselves to death without ever wondering why. If we return to the book by Charles Galton Darwin, we find that he went even a step further, by proposing for whole new kinds of human beings to be bred. These will constitute the caste system in the world. He tells us that in order

to create such specialist breeds there would have to be a master breed at the summit, and this would be a totally different kind of thing from all the other breeds, because it would have to create itself. At every turn the argument leads back to this question of the master breed. Nothing can be done in the way of changing man from a wild into a tame animal without first creating such a breed, but most people are entirely inconsistent in their ideas of what they want created. [15]



The image below is again from the book The Language Of Symbols by David Fontana, and tells us about the final phase of alchemy. They will be gods as soon as they have taken full control over land, sea and air, and as soon as they have conquered the four elements; fire, water, air, earth. Then the final step will be the Second Genesis, as it was called by scientist Albert Rosenfeld. The New Man will enter center stage; and it will be an androgynous post-human being, regarding humanity in the same way as we ourselves regard the animal kingdom. And that would be the positive outcome.





Someone who really hovered somewhere between Capitalism and Communism was the famous initiate Andrew Carnegie. He wrote in his pamphlet The Future Of Labor  [1908] that, given

a just system of taxation, and a system of partnership between labor and capital, and there is no assignable limit to the progress of the worker. Let us never forget that under present conditions the world has grown and is growing better, and we steadily approach nearer the ideal. Never was there so much of the spirit of brotherhood among men, never so much kindness, never so much help extended by men, and especially by women, to their less fortunate fellows. Whatever the future may have in store for labor, the evolutionist, who sees nothing but certain and steady progress for the race, will never attempt to set bounds to its triumphs, even to its final form of complete and universal industrial co-operation, which I hope is some day to be reached. [16]

How more one studies both Capitalism and Socialism, how more one sees that both have always been working towards the same end-goal, only through different means. The British Fabian socialist Herman Finer published the book America’s Destiny  in 1947, which was advertised as being of extreme importance to the Anglo-American establishment. In it, he makes an emotional plea for world government and the fact that the US had to take the lead in achieving this. They were expected to use force, and only people with bad intentions would be against this forced American democracy. The book contains chapters as Nationalism, Not Sovereignty, The Enemy and No Time For Peace Of Mind. But he also touched on another important thing. He cited a then recent article in the New Yorker magazine that told the world that the

Nation still persists in people’s minds as a tangible, solid, living and breathing thing, capable of doing and thinking, feeling and believing, having and enjoying. But the nation is not that at all. A nation is a state of mind. (For ‘State’ read ‘state of mind’, and you will understand the day’s news better.) [17]

On which Finer agreed: “Yes, the nation is a state of mind”. So if we turn this around, globalism or the World Order is also a state of mind. This might make it clear why H.G. Wells and others have so often called their world empire a World State. Finer started his book with the message that

[t]hose who seek peace of mind will lose both peace and mind. For mind is life, and life is not peace when peace is surrendered; it is not peace that comes, but enslavement of the mind of another. If mind is valued, then it is best served by striving, striving which includes the persistent struggle for peace. It is possible to have peace if life extinguished or the mind is drugged. But while there is life there is power, for every individual is a mass of explosive energy, with physical power, spiritual value, and moral force. Power politics begins with the individual, and while he remains as he is, power politics must continue. [18]

So here we find another conformation that the individual was to be the enemy, and also that the individual has to be changed in order to achieve peace. Earlier, in 1925, another Fabian socialist named James Woodburn Hamilton also wrote about the same worldly state of mind. This Magna Charta Of Peace For The World was highly endorsed by famous fellow-Fabian Gilbert Murray, and the underlying organization, the International Magna Charta Day Association [IMCDA], was a global movement set up to unite and educate the English-speaking peoples through the promotion of a great charter. They were probably the first to work towards the ‘Interdependence Day’. I’ve put up some clippings of the pamphlet below: [19]


One recent British study compared the IMCDA with the Anglo-American League, the Pilgrims Society, and the English-Speaking Union [ESU]. It further tells us that a “number of the IMCDA’s supporters were prominent individuals with links to the other British-American groups. For example, people like Nicholas Murray Butler, James Bryce, along with Gilbert Parker, David Lloyd George and Arthur Balfour, were described by J.W. Hamilton in The New York Times in 1926 as having given the IMCDA their ‘hearty endorsement’.” And also we learn that Bryce was “the president of the Pilgrims Society from 1915, and chaired the formal dinner that marked the Atlantic Union’s amalgamation with the ESU in 1919.”[20] More information on this can be found in my article DOUBLE-DUTCH.


In 1942 H.G. Wells published his book Phoenix:PERFECTION_phoenixwindow A Summary Of The Inescapable Conditions Of World Reorganization, which can be seen as a summary or synthesis of the plans laid out in several of his preceding books. Some other important quotes can be read in my article THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM, but on human evolution Wells wrote that

Lawyers will still be ‘learned brethren’ but instead of their learning be the amazing jumble of tricks and precedent it is at present, they will proceed from the common school to a thorough study, first of general biology, then of general ecology, and then of that very special branch of ecology, human ecology or sociology. They will treat the human species, the world society, as a living organism made up of individuals with rights and duties towards that biological whole. They will develop a very considerable literature of research into the operating causes in the world society and upon their influence upon that continual adjustment between consumer and producer and between the great producing and distributing systems which will constitute the bulk of litigation and legislation in the new world. [21]


Nowadays one of the leading globalist authors on the agenda is the Frenchman Jacques Attali. He was once an advisor to Prime-Minister Francois Mitterand. In his 1990 book Millennium: Winners And Losers In The Coming World Order, Attali was still a bit anxious on Transhumanism and the Global Brain idea, but in his less advertised follow-up book A Brief History Of The Future he gives a very detailed outline of the unfolding of the NWO agenda we will experience the coming decades. He follows Alvin Toffler in speaking about the coming waves of the future. We learn how a “mercantile order” started many thousands of years ago with a plan for Progress on their way to world  unity. The first wave, “Planetary Empire”, will become visible for everybody in the period 2025-2035. Democracy will fade away, and a global stateless world market will take over. It will be led by “an informal world government”. And the “single nomadic object”, probably the smart phone which will by then have evolved into a tiny microchip, “will be integrated one way or the other into the body”. The insurance companies will become the last standing world powerhouses, after they have taken over or have merged with the world banking system. The first wave won’t be very positive for the future of the West, because

with the advent of super-empire, we shall witness the return of those city-states that dominated the beginnings of the mercantile order. To prevent this destruction of national identity and stand up to the immigrant waves that will follow, racist dictators (whether theocratic or secular) will seize power in certain states. What will soon play out, particularly in countries like The Netherlands or Belgium (the first cores of the mercantile world, and among the planet’s most ancient democracies), will be revelatory of the evolution that next settles on the most robust states (and on those most concerned about their freedoms).

While Africa vainly struggles to construct itself, the rest of the world will begin to deconstruct itself under the hammer-blows of globalization. Tomorrow’s Africa will therefore not resemble today’s West. Rather, it is tomorrow’s West that will resemble today’s Africa. [22]

The slow decline of the West has been foreseen for a very long time, as every empire in history has gone under, many in a quite similar fashion. Controlled demolition is something of all ages. The controlled demise of the West was already described by Georg Hegel in his Phenomenology Of The Spirit [1807]. In it, he gave the task to science to do the necessary preparatory work for both the construction as the deconstruction of the world, which is nowadays happening simultaneously. The most important part of the very dense book might be the preface, On Scientific Cognition, in which we read that [for the initiates] it

is not difficult to see that ours is a birth-time and a period of transition to a new era. Spirit has broken with the world it has hitherto inhabited and imagined, and is of a mind to submerge it in the past, and in the labour of its own transformation. Spirit is indeed never at rest but always engaged in moving forward. But just as the first breath drawn by a child after its long, quiet nourishment breaks the gradualness of merely quantitative growth—there is a qualitative leap, and the child is born—so likewise the Spirit in its formation matures slowly and quietly into its new shape, dissolving bit by bit the structure of its previous world, whose tottering state is only hinted at by isolated symptoms. The frivolity and boredom which unsettle the established order, the vague foreboding of something unknown, these are the heralds of approaching change.

Hegel here describes the spirit of Progress, so to speak; an inner force which at some moment enters the minds of some people, who from then on dedicate their whole life in order to bring about Progress. Hegel lead the way, enlightened the path, but also disclosed their working methods. If you substitute “spirit” in Hegel’s work with the “Dominant Minority” it might become clearer. Hegel also discloses that after a long and gradual [Fabian] growth process, a great leap forward will come. The old world would slowly but surely be weakened, whereby only isolated symptoms are visible on the surface. The masses living in the old systems would be recognizable by their sheer boredom and frivolity; two of the main pillars why especially the West has been degraded to a weak, unhealthy, unsure and mentally unstable bunch of narcissistic automatons. Maybe ‘carbon copies’ is a better description.  And all these symptoms would be “heralds of approaching change”–we can believe in! Hegel continued that this

gradual crumbling that left unaltered the face of the whole is cut short by a sunburst which, in one flash, illuminates the features of the new world. But this new world is no more a complete actuality than is a new-born child; it is essential to bear this in mind. It comes on the scene for the first time in its immediacy or its Notion. Just as little as a building is finished when its foundation has been laid, so Iittle is the achieved Notion of the whole the whole itself. [23]

Yes, it is indeed essential to bear this in mind, because the mind is where they’re after! And now we’ll have to wait for that mysterious flash of light which will illuminate the world in a truly alchemical process, where the flaming Phoenix bird will somehow breathe life into the Global Brain. Hegel warned though, that the Great Work wasn’t finished as soon as these Foundations were built. This because it really is an ongoing work, one started in the mists of time and one which probably will not end before the whole universe has been conquered.

The second wave of the future will according to him be “Planetary War”. We of course have seen the buildup for this for a long time, with an orchestrated unstable Middle-East, and a progressive armaments build-up between East and West. This will be the time when “apologia for dictatorship will once again become a respectable subject of conversation”. The third and last wave will be “Planetary Democracy”. This wave will start way before the first two waves end and will largely gain its strength by “many forces” who have been “working underground to lay its foundations”. It is “in Europe where hyperdemocracy will begin”. This process is an important stepping stone to the Global Brain. Near the end of  the book Attali concludes that

the development of freeware forms an exemplar of universal intelligence as a kind of global brain network, a collective golem. […] History will thus drive the integration of collective intelligences into a universal intelligence; it will also be endowed with a collective memory that will preserve and accumulate its knowledge. […] Universal intelligence may next bring about an intelligence peculiar to the species, a hyperintelligence that will act on its own interests, distinct from the interests of the universal intelligence of a single generation of human beings. Finally, at the ultimate stage of evolution, we might witness (we may already be witnessing) a hyperintelligence of the living, of which humanity will be but an infinitesimal component. This hyperintelligence of the living would no longer act solely in the interests of the human species. And there the singular history of Homo Sapiens Sapiens would achieve consummation. Not in annihilation, as in the first two waves of the future, but simply in being overtaken. [24]

By then the transhumans will be organized and strong enough to “contain the first wave of the future and destroy the second”.


The Global Brain can be described as the end-point of technology and Transhumanism, in which the whole world would start to act as one giant organism. A Golem so to speak, that encapsulates the whole of humanity into a unified whole. This would be the next stage of evolution, but simultaneously also the end of Man as we know it. It will also be the final stage in the global alchemical process. The earlier quoted Giano Lacinio further wrote in his same book that in changing

the base metals into gold and silver by the projection of the Stone, it follows [by an accelerated process] the method of Nature, and therefore is natural. But if we consider the digestion and generation, the conception and origin, of the Stone, we have, in Sublimation, the creation of a soul through the mediation of the spirit, and rising heavenward with the spirit. At another stage we have the soul and spirit permanently fixed at the end of the Sublimation; and this happens through the addition of the Hidden Stone, which is not sensuously apprehended, but only known intellectually, by revelation or inspiration. […] There are two stages in this Art, that which you see with the eye, and that which you apprehend with the mind. The hidden Stone may be called the gift of God, and if it does not mingle with our Stone, the work of Alchemy is marred. [25]

Here is hinted at a third level, or dimension maybe, besides the visible and the psychological, from where the Philosophers Stone will come. It will be an outside force that will come, or which will be invoked to enter the human species. It will be enlightenment, they say. But light means different things in different parts of the world:

At a deeper level, colour symbolizes all the aspects and energies of life itself, so that death is seen as either black (the total absence of colour), as in the West, or white (the totality of colour, symbolizing the completion of life), as in the East. [26]

To unite us all they gave us the internet; a web around the world, or a net. Both a net and a web are essentially weapons, put out for unsuspecting victims to get caught into. A victim caught in a net will most of the time get stuck more rigidly with every move it makes. A spider’s web is almost invisible, or if it is visible, the victim will be attracted to its shiny beauty and approach it maybe with caution, until it’s stuck and can’t get away. It will be hard for you to think of one reason or argument how a net or web can be positive for the one caught on it. And with millions and later billions of people we have been approaching the world wide web with caution in the ‘90s, happily stuck on it in the first decade of the new millennium, but nowadays it’s becoming quite obvious that a large part of the people is really getting stuck on the web, without much chance of ever coming out unscathed. Is there a spider, and will it come out on the moment nobody expects? The British professor David Fontana wrote in his book The Language Of Symbols  that “spiders stand for the Great Mother in her devouring aspect. For the Celts, their webs symbolized the web that held all life together. For the Egyptians and the Greeks the web stood for fate; for Christians it represented Satan’s snare”.[27]

On February 8, 1845, Friedrich Engels already lifted the veil a bit on the end-goal of the world state they were working towards. He told the world that in a communist society,

where the interests of individuals are not in opposition to one another, but, on the contrary, are united, competition disappears completely. The impoverishment of certain classes, and the very existence of classes as such, in terms of rich and poor, will, of course, be a thing of the past. […] To protect its members from crime, from acts of naked violence, society today has to maintain a vast and complex network of administrative and legal institutions which call for an unlimited expenditure of human energy. In a communist society this will all be infinitely simplified, because, strange as it may seem, in that society the authorities will be responsible not only for certain aspects of public life, but for public life as a whole, in all aspects and in all its forms. We have set out to destroy the antagonism between the individual and society. [28]

Yes, with the help of a truly magical mystery the technocratic elite was to take control over all society and all individuals in it. This thought was then of course totally incomprehensible for the regular citizen, but nowadays the contours of this framework can clearly be seen. Will the advent of the Global Brain start with some kind of global intellectual cleansing, wiping the minds of the masses out? For the network administrator this might be as simple as pushing Control + Alt + Del, making a ‘tabula rasa’, a blank slate, from all those stupid people who thought they were going to be smart!


Oxford scholar Kathleen Taylor gave in her book Brainwashing: The Science Of Thought Control  the essence of this particular term, where she said that brainwashing is

the idea that our every move and thought could be controlled by someone (or something) else, without us even realizing. [29]


A science-journalist for German newspaper Die Zeit named Erwin Lausch wrote a book in 1972 on the scientific possibilities of brain manipulation. There never is published an English translation, but there is a Dutch, named Manipulatie: De Beheersing Van Het Brein. In English this would be Manipulation: The Control Of The Mind. In the book Lausch also went into the possibilities of large-scale manipulation and control by governments or dictators. He mentioned the well-known propagandists for this kind of control, like José Delgado and Arthur Koestler, but also interviewed critics, like for instance Seymour Kety from the Massachusetts General Hospital. Kety had an interesting observation which rings terribly true these days. Kety told Lausch that “it really would make no sense at all” for nation-wide manipulation, because

anybody who will manage to get enough influence and power to get a whole population to connect electrodes into their brains voluntarily, would have achieved his goal a long time before the first electronic signal would be sent. [30]


In 1985 the documentary series World Of Strange Powers  ran, and it was presented by Arthur C. Clarke. The third episode was called From Mind To Mind  and featured a peek into telepathy and extra-sensory perception [ESP]. Clarke seemingly had the task of enticing the people for the hidden powers of telepathy and he convinces the viewer it would be great if we had a global network of telepathy, because this would help us to save thousands of lives annually. Clarke also said that his novel Childhood’s End  was based on the foundational work of Joseph Banks Rhine on ESP. Nowadays we see that this very thing is pursued through the means of social media, with Facebook as its contemporary flagship.




By our efforts, we have lit a fire as well a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power, it burns those who fight its progress, and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world.
George W. Bush, second inaugural address, January 20, 2005[31]

Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here, because you want toPERFECTION_matrixchip know something. Because you have felt something, not for your entire life, but probably only the last ten to fifteen years, or less. Let’s talk about the Matrix. This phrase was of course not invented by the Wachowski brothers. It probably dates from the late 14th Century and it means something like “uterus, womb”, from the Old French word matrice. The Latin word was also matrix and its translations are pregnant animal, source or origin, from the word mater“. [32] Another less well-known but very important translation is “parent tree” or “tree-trunk”. [33]  Other more known usages of the Matrix-phrase are in older action-series, like the Transformers cartoon series from the ‘80s. [34]

If we also include the written medium we find an even earlier source in the book The Aquarius Conspiracy, by Marilyn Ferguson. This book was published in the early ‘70s, as follow up to the initial New-Age awakening in the 60’s. The book became one of the major pillars on which the New-Age movement was built, but nowadays it is probably largely forgotten. This book goes into detail on how a very powerful and international movement slowly but surely was ascending into prominence while simultaneously undermining the old order of politics, business and science. This book can be seen as a follow-up of some non-fiction books by H.G. Wells, of which the most well-known are The Open Conspiracy  and New World Order. As Wells already wrote in his time, the Fabian movement would not come into full fruition for many decades after his death.

The Matrix-phrase was in fact already used by none less than Sir Francis Bacon [1561-1626], for instance in his seminal work The Advancement Of Learning. Some passages from the book below, in which Bacon talks about physical alchemy at the stage of turning bodies of silver to gold. [35]


Here we see Bacon describing the heating process of bodies of material. He theorized that if these bodies were hermetically sealed from the outside world the heat wouldn’t be able to escape, and in this way “forced to undergo numerous transformations”, achieving an alchemical transmutation. This process became known later on as induction. Nowadays neuroscientists use these methods on a still primitive basis, for instance in the field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. “Non-invasive” they call it, quite funny.  Bacon tells us that this particular situation

is a kind of natural matrix, where heat has its effect without separating or throwing off the parts of a body. In a true matrix, indeed, there is nourishment supplied; but in point of transmutation the case is the same.

Also note Bacon’s reference on what would later become the book Novum Organum Scientiarum, meaning something like ‘New Method’, or ‘New Tools’. He called it information which is “more important than all the rest.” This book can be seen as an update on the Age-old book Organon, meaning ‘Tools’, by Aristotle, and it contains the basic blueprint and instruments for the high initiates of the Mystery Schools who further the Great Work, on their way to complete unification of the world. Bacon and his contemporaries, like John Dee, must be seen as the Plato and his ilk of our Age. This small group of intellectuals worshiped the Greek sages, and Dee for instance started his English translation of Euclid  [1570] with an invocation to the “Divine Plato”. The court of Queen Elisabeth at the start of the 17th Century can be seen as the advent of the race for the New World Order. From there the ascendency from the Dark Ages got into an acceleration, and the whole world on a long and winding road to enlightenment. You can almost say that human learning received a divine impulse, a spark from above, and took off as not seen before in at least 1800 years. And just as their Greek predecessors, Bacon and his ilk spawned both the scientific movement, and its antithesis, the New-Age movement. These are the two main forces that have been undermining and destroying the old world order based on the old world religions.

Around Bacon’s and Dee’s sphere of influence also a new wave of Mystery Schools started, like Rosicrucianism and what later would be called Freemasonry. For instance in the books by Frances Yates we can read how the Baconian and the German Rosicrucian movements for the advancement of learning were strongly connected and aiming for a similar end-goal. Bacon’s New Atlantis  [1627], which was published post mortem, include many “echoes” of the Rosicrucian Manifesto’s, wrote Yates in her book Occult Philosophy In The Elizabethan Age. Yates also tells us that in the philosophy of the magician John Dee the name of the so-called founder of Rosicrucianism, Christian Rosenkreutz, could easily been derived from ‘Red Cross’. She also wrote that the Rosicrucian Manifesto’s  called for “a universal reformation of the whole wide world through Magia and Cabala”. [36]  From this spawned also the Christian Kabbalah, which soon was propagated by the Jesuit priest Athanasius Kircher [1602–1680]. Yates also said that most of the brilliant men in history have been melancholics, and I can add to this that framing this state of mind yourself can greatly help into understanding the NWO-agenda. Other important initiates and alchemists who inspired the Baconian circle were Henry Cornelius Agrippa [1486-1535] and his De Occulta Philosophia, and Johannes Reuchlin, who was according to Yates even called “Pythagoras Reborn”. And even earlier Ramon Lull, who laid a foundation for Bacon’s scientific method with his Lullism. In my series APOCALYPSE NEVER much more on this particular subject can be found.

As we’ve seen the Red Cross has for long been a main emblem of the Dominant Minority, but is it still? Because green is of course also the sacred color of Freemasonry and other similar movements. Albert Mackey’s Lexicon Of Freemasonry  tells us that green represents the

emblematic color of the Knight of the Red Cross, and of a Perfect Master. The Red Cross Knight is reminded by this color that Truth is a divine attribute and that like the green Bay tree it will flourish in perpetual verdure. The Perfect Master is admonished by it, that being dead in sin, he must hope to revive in virtue.

The red-crossed revolutionary Master Masons have been continuing their world revolution under a Green cloak. [37]  But the green doctrine is only a tool of the red-hot revolutionary initiates. The green Bay tree is almost certainly a reference to the Bible, which says in Psalms 37:35  “I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree”. Later on this Psalm mentions the destruction of the wicked men, whilst the new perfected man lives. This signifies that the green doctrine will be used to unite the world, but only as a cover. The goal is not to save nature, but to conquer it.

The phrase E Pluribus Unum  on the great seal of the United States signifies the deepest and most intense desire of the Dominant Minority all though history; the complete unification of every molecule on earth, merging into a Global Brain. There also exists another famous Latin phrase on unification, but seen from the other side: Ex Uno Omnia. This was the personal motto of Elias Ashmole, the founder of the Royal Society, the first powerful scientific stronghold in modern history and still one of the most influential scientific centers in the world. The society was founded by Freemasons, a very large part of its members through the centuries have been initiates and its goals and aims are exactly along the Great Work. [38]  Their main goal is to further and complete the goals Sir Francis Bacon set out for them. Ashmole’s motto is nowadays translated for the public as Everything Out Of One,[39] but among the initiates themselves we find a better translation: From The One, All. [40]

How will the new being, the higher form of life look like? Will it be fully electronic, partially organic, or is it something we cannot comprehend? Did the naturalist transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson foresee it? In his essay Nature  [1836] we find him

Standing on the bare ground,—my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space,—all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eyeball ; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me ; I am part or parcel of God. The name of the nearest friend sounds then foreign and accidental : to be brothers, to be acquaintances,—master or servant, is then a trifle and a disturbance. I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. The greatest delight which the fields and woods minister, is the suggestion of an occult relation between man and the vegetable. I am not alone and unacknowledged. They nod to me, and I to them. [41]


With the transparent eyeball Emerson meant “a representation of an eye that is absorbent rather than being reflective, therefore takes in all that nature has to offer. Emerson’s intention is for an individual to become one with nature, and the transparent eyeball is a tool to do that”. [42]  The right picture is a drawing which was made for the Emerson essay. This immediately reminded me of the mascots of the 2012 London Olympics, which even has a name; Wenlock. The middle picture can almost be called ‘Warlock’, because it is the glyph from John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica [1564]. It contains the Moon, Sun, the elements, and the external fire; so all ingredients necessary for the alchemical transformation.

In some ways transcendentalism was an early forerunner of transhumanism, where humanity would become one with the Earth. One of the major science-fiction movies of the last years was even called Transcendence. Besides Emerson also Henry David Thoreau was a major influence in this field, a philosophy much influenced by Hinduism. But in some sort of cross-pollination the transcendental movement also influenced the more recent adaptations of the Indian philosophies.. Thoreau wrote his utopian book Walden, which in our time got an unexpected successor in Walden II, by the radical behaviorist B.F. Skinner. Skinner’s operant conditioning techniques have been an important pillar in the scientific dictatorship we’re facing. Infamous for his psychopathic ‘research’ methods and his controversial experiments with remotely controllable pigeons, his wretchedness found its climax in the book Beyond Freedom And Dignity  [1971]. In this book it becomes quite clear that Skinner was perfectly acquainted with the long-term plan of the Dominant Minority:

The defenders of freedom and dignity object to solving the problem of punishment that way. Such a world builds only automatic goodness. T.H. Huxley saw nothing wrong with it: ‘If some great power would agree to make me always think what is true and do what is right, on condition of being some sort of a clock and wound up every morning before I got out of bed, I should close instantly with the offer. [43]

Written originally in 1893, we see Huxley’s dream slowly coming true, with a humanity targeted for subjugation and basically becoming like a programmed clock, with individual nodes daily receiving their software-update containing their designated task in the Global Brain. And if we come full circle back on good old H.G. Wells, we see that in his 1902 book Anticipations he even went further, already referring to a higher kind of cognizant life-form that must evolve out of humanity, or a part of it:

Whether violently as a revolution or quietly and slowly, this grey confusion that is Democracy must pass away inevitably by its own inherent conditions, as the twilight passes, as the embryonic confusion of the cocoon creature passes, into the higher stage, into the higher organism, the world state of the coming years. [44]










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