The Esoteric Roots Of The Alphabet Agencies


“While much of the daily work of counterintelligence is laborious and humdrum, its complex and subtle operations are very much like a gigantic chess game that uses the whole world for its board”.
Allen Dulles[1]



How do the ‘alphabet agencies’ fit into the Great Work, the New World Order and the Global Brain? The official name is intelligence agencies, but haven’t they grown into a bit more than just intelligence gathering facilities nowadays? In this article we will see if we can achieve some kind of understanding of this very difficult and intricate but important question. The clandestine core cluster of the Anglo-American Establishment has received a lot of negative attention the last few years, due to for instance Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, as widely discussed in the press. More important whistle-blowers of course didn’t get so much attention, with former NSA-director William Binney probably as the most credible example. Binney has experienced much harassment and even slightly violent encounters with former colleagues, who want to silence him. This because Binney certainly didn’t held back and the London Guardian even dared to publish his exact words proclaiming that “the ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”.[2] Binney would later repeat similar statements and even more profound ones on radio interviews with several alternative radio hosts. Let’s put this into an historical framework to understand the complete meaning and consequences. Is this all a situation completely run out of hand, or was this the end-goal from day one? Because if you’re really honest and realistic then the intelligence agencies weren’t started to protect the people, but to safeguard the overseas investments and property of the Dominant Minority and their lower echelons of helpers, and to further the Great Work of forced globalization and unity. Let’s first go into the history and the esoteric foundation of the alphabet agencies, and see how they’ve been busy externalizing Intel.

The undisputed origin of a complete theory and practice of international espionage and information gathering goes back to China in the very important era around 400 BCE. As for instance also Allen Dulles agreed on, the manuscript The Art Of War  by the warrior-philosopher Sun Tzu really contains the full spectrum of intelligence, counterintelligence and psychological warfare. Dulles’ book The Craft Of Intelligence  [1963] is very interesting and informative and one of the main sources for this article you’re now reading. He was the first director of the CIA and he therefore was also one of the first in our time to write an in-depth book on these subjects. Before addressing Sun Tzu he wrote that the

earliest sources of intelligence, in the age of a belief in supernatural intervention in the affairs of men, were prophets seers, oracles, soothsayers and astrologers. Since the gods knew what was going to happen ahead of time, having to some extent ordained the outcome of events, it was logical to seek out the divine intention in the inspiration of holy men, in the riddles of oracles, in the stars and often in dreams. [3]

Dulles tells us that in China the situation was a bit more serious and that Sun Tzu already named all five kinds of intelligence agents as they are used until today: native, inside, double, expendable and living agents. The first two are clear: this are spies on the job, with the native agents living in the country where they are assigned to, often years prior to their official duty. Double agents are also clear, being the subject of many Hollywood flicks. The same goes for expendable agents. Living agents are “penetration agents” who briefly enter enemy terrain and have to return as soon as possible to HQ. They aren’t expendable and seen as valuable. The English translation of the manuscript by Thomas Cleary [1988] says in the Preface that “as a study of the anatomy of organizations in conflict, The Art Of War applies to competition and conflict in general, on every level from the interpersonal to the international. Its aim is invincibility, victory without battle, and unassailable strength through understanding of the physics, politics and psychology of conflict”. [4]


A later and in its own wording a much better translation of Sun Tzu’s cardinal work, is the one by Roger T. Ames. I have the Dutch translation of this version, and when I compare this with the older translation by Cleary the new is indeed much more complete, more candid and more up to date. In 1972 five extra chapters of the classic Chinese work were found, written in the dialectical form of the dialogue just as for instance much of Plato’s work is written in. I highly recommend you to opt for the Roger T. Ames translation from 1993 if you want to read this work. To highlight one interesting difference in translation that is important for this article, we go to chapter 13, The Use Of Spies. According to the Cleary translation Master Sun proclaimed that “when the five kinds of spies are all active, no one knows their routes—this is called organizational genius, and is valuable to the leadership”.[5] The Ames version on the other hand translates it as “when these five kinds of spies are all active and nobody knows about their methods of operation (tao), then this is called the imperceptible web and is the wealth of the ruler”.[6] This “imperceptible web” is quite interesting in our time, the Internet age, with this very system being invented and designed by the American military-industrial complex! The Internet, as I already wrote about in CLOSE TO PERFECTION, will unfortunately probably turn out to be more of a weapon against the people than its ultimate savior. The digital domain is where they really can be omnipotent and omnipresent, and we probably even in 2015 still only know a little bit about how much exactly. As soon as the Internet of Things [IoT] has been implemented fully, it will be almost impossible for us to win. As soon as everything is connected to the internet, the step will be small for the masses to connect themselves too. It will look self-evident, because that’s how it has been implemented. People will stand in line to be chipped as soon as their social managers ask them to. For additional information on this, see APOCALYPSE NEVER II.


Allen Dulles wrote also some interesting things about ‘intelligence’ in ancient Greece. As touched upon in other articles, the extreme influence of Athens and the Greek philosophers on their contemporary ‘world order’ greatly mirrors this of the influence the NWO has in our time. With this I mean the Order of the initiate Dominant Minority: the NWO according to |2| and |3| as established in the FUNDAMENTAL PHRASEOLOGY. The Greek philosophers also started up both the mainstream scientific/humanistic side and also its antithesis, embodied by Theosophy and Atlantis and much more. The most far-reaching theories in that period also went into genetics, eugenics, atomic physics, Transhumanism and even robotics. All of it was far less sophisticated of course, but it’s clear that in some way the same overarching blueprint was used, and that the end-goal of illumination was always clear and known among the high initiates. After deep research it becomes clear that the initiates from the time of Francis Bacon and John Dee have been on a path of [orchestrated] rediscovery and societal reintroduction of systems and doctrines, only this time on a true worldwide scale. For more on this, see APOCALYPSE NEVER.

Dulles wrote both about ‘intelligence’ in Greek mythology and also its real physical and psychological center in Athens: the Delphic Oracle. For many people this will instantly give a reference to the Oracle in the Matrix  movies, and in some way there of course is. But the real Oracle was not one person, but in fact a whole group of females, led by a more secretive group of male priests, who had a gigantic influence and power over the Greek empire. Dulles didn’t make clear how big an influence exactly, maybe for reasons I will try to explain later. But he did write that

Over the centuries the Delphic oracle through a number of stages, from a ‘supernatural’ phenomenon to an institution that was apparently more human and more secular. In its earliest days a virgin sitting over a cleft in the rock from which arose intoxicating fumes received in a trance the answers of the god Apollo to the questions that had been asked, and a priest interpreted the magical and mysterious words of the ‘medium’.

What did make the oracle more of a secular institution at a later date, as we know today, was the fact that the priests apparently had networks of informants in all the Greek lands and were thus often better apprised of the state of things on earth than the people who came for consultation. Their intelligence was by no means of divine origin, although it was proffered as such. At a still later stage, a certain corruption seems to have set in as a result of the possession on the part of the priests of the secrets which visitors had confided to them. [7]

Another great source I have for the Delphic Oracle, and one that goes a lot further into providing the information we need, is the book Mythologie Der Grieken [1950] by the Dutch historian Hendrik Diephuis. It was published by the ‘university for self-study’ which doesn’t exist anymore.[8] Unfortunately there is no English translation of the book, for readers to confirm what I write. Another unfortunate thing is that there isn’t much information retrievable about Mr. Diephuis, to check his credibility. But it is a fact that on the Dutch Wikipedia his works are used as sources and also in some studies.[9] Diephuis in fact discloses quite much about the resemblance to our contemporary period with the old Greek one, with both being ‘New-Age’ periods. Even in 1950 Diephuis must have been very ‘awake’ to history being led along the same path again, as his way of writing—to me at least—clearly shows. Unfortunately this will certainly get lost in translation, and will probably only be recognizable by someone whose native language is Dutch. Diephuis even already mentioned the robot Talos of Crete, a concept that also already existed in Greece. It’s from the Jason And The Argonauts story, which in many ways resembles our Matrix Trilogy, and has also some remarkable similarities to 2001; A Space Odyssey. Now follow some of the translated quotes from the book about the Delphic Oracle:

The priests of Apollo didn’t only disclosed the chances ofINTELLIGENCIA_delphi a coming war, but also and especially about all spiritual issues of the people and society. They gave advice in leadership and advice in religious and political affairs. This was especially the case in the period which precedes the Golden Century of Greece, a period when there was a large spiritual confusion among the peoples and the need and want for order and leadership was enormous. In these centuries ‘Delphi’ attained an authority without precedent. Its word was binding for both friend and foe.

Delphi didn’t explained things out of a holy book, it didn’t possess a Bible or Koran, the temple priests didn’t belong to a priest class like that was known in the East. The men who compiled the answers given by Apollo were regular civilians from aristocratic roots, they were also aristocrats in their spirit. They saw their job in the temple as a duty of honor. They didn’t taught a new doctrine but they just kept the religious streams inside the borders of the traditions set by their forefathers. Everything they did was to honor the gods and for the honor of human life.

Delphi became able to understand in a very clear way what the topics of conversation among the populace were, and the way the people thought. It had mastered itself a deep proverbial wisdom, which later got summarized in the aphorisms of the Seven Sages of Greece. [10]

Note the “way the people thought”, which is an interesting resemblance with our Intelligence Oracles nowadays. So when combined with Dulles’ earlier remarks on the Delphic Oracle, this makes already quite an interesting picture, resembling in our Age what liberalism, liberal realism and humanism stand for. This becomes even more clear when we look at the just mentioned Seven Sages of Greece and their seven wise sayings:

|1| Cleobulus of Lindos: “Moderation is the best thing.”
Tyrant of Lindos, on the Greek island of Rhodes. Famous for writing songs, hymns and riddles and other forms of public entertainment.
|2| Solon of Athens: “Keep everything with moderation.”
Framer of the laws that shaped the Athenian democracy. Famous for writing propaganda and was temporarily awarded autocratic powers by Athenian citizens on the grounds that he had the ‘wisdom’ to sort out their differences for them in a peaceful and equitable manner. Forefather of Plato.
|3| Chilon of Sparta: “You should not desire the impossible.”
Famous for the militarization of society.
|4| Bias of Priene: “Most men are bad.”
Famous as gentleman politician, great orator, helper of the needy, especially women.
|5| Thales of Miletus: “Know thyself”
Famous for attempting to explain natural phenomena without reference to mythology and with rational hypotheses.
|6| Pittacus of Mytilene: “You should know which opportunities to choose.”
Famous for being against ruling by nobility, and governed himself with the help of lower classes.
|7| Periander of Corinth: “Be farsighted with everything.”
Famous for the redistribution of the wealth amongst the public.  [11]

Hmm, interesting! I only learned this while writing this article, but there might even be a complete new future article only about this subject. Because these seven ‘wisdoms’ to me more or less seem to cover the whole basic tenets of the NWO-Agenda: media and entertainment, autocracy under the flag of democracy, militarization of society, men blamed for being bad [feminism], rationalism / secular humanism, socialism and communism! Were these Seven Sages together in Ancient Greece the ideologues for the take-over of society and the breakdown of civilization? Did they embody or steer the foundation of the New-Age? According to Alice Bailey, as she wrote in The Seventh Ray: Revealer Of The New Age,[12] this is how their system works:


Was Edward Mandell House maybe our Seventh Sage? He surely wanted to redistribute wealth among the masses too. More on this in HAUNTED HOUSE.

If we then return to the book by Allen Dulles, we find him also writing about the emergence of intelligence agencies as we now perceive them. This started in fifteenth century Venice, Italy. In these city states the ruling class who controlled the flow of money started to deploy groups of intelligence agents, who informed them on the whereabouts and events in the more advanced parts of the world. By the sixteenth century, Dulles tells us, most European governments had followed the example of the Italian moneyed class. With the rise of nationalism and the various religious struggles until deep in the seventeenth century, the need for specialists in intelligence gathering became more stringent. The first big professional in this was Sir Francis Walsingham, the “chief spymaster” under Queen Elizabeth:

Walsingham’s hand can be discovered behind many of the major undertakings of Elizabeth’s reign, preparing the ground, gathering the necessary information, provoking conspiracies and then exposing them. There is hardly a technique of espionage which cannot be found in his practice of the craft. [13]

Yes, this of course has never really been a secret and every sane person knows conspiracies and false flags are with us from time immemorial. But according to the well-funded logic of the Skeptic societies and contemporary intelligence agencies, poor mister Dulles was a paranoid and possibly dangerous tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist! Maybe even a terrorist, but certainly racist, and a hater. Yes, it’s so much fun to accuse others! And for the social engineers to constantly play on this very human trait it must also be very funny. Like real psychological prodigies they keep on pushing all our dissonant chords simultaneously, until our once beautiful tune of life has become one ugly cacophony.

For the few people who are actually still living in the real world it was of course already clear for a long time that most key events in history that have ignited the fire of war, have been ‘false flags’ or ‘inside jobs’, because contrary to what the rulers want us to believe, an extremely small amount of people will become violent through their own will and action. There just doesn’t happen that much out of itself with which the military-industrial complex can tighten its grip on the world, and without professional and continuing agitation and psychological warfare until some target individuals can’t cope any longer, we would still be living in a free society. And that’s of course a no-no in a planned scientific dictatorship. So once in while they have to conjure up one of their convenient ‘lone nuts’ to do the dirty job for them, to help civilization a bit on their way to the abattoir. There are just too many people. And all the armies of experts and pundits want us to believe that the world is just way too difficult to understand, but most of what happens is in fact a lot simpler than what they portray to us. I already touched on this cardinal issue in earlier articles, but I will add here a very important one. Namely psychologist Erich Fromm, who said it perfectly in his classic and unfortunately largely forgotten masterwork The Fear of Freedom [1950]:

With regard to all basic questions of individual and social life, with regard to psychological, economic, political, and moral problems, a great sector of our culture has just one function—to befog the issues. One kind of smokescreen is the assertion that the problems are too complicated for the average individual to grasp. On the contrary it would seem that many of the basic issues of individual and social life are very simple, so simple, in fact, that everyone should be expected to understand them. To let them appear to be so enormously complicated that only a “specialist” can understand them, and he only in his own limited field, actually—and often intentionally—tends to discourage people from trusting their own capacity to think about those problems that really matter. The individual feels helplessly caught in a chaotic mass of data and with pathetic patience waits until the specialists have found out what to do and where to go.

The result of this kind of influence is twofold: one is a scepticism and cynicism towards everything which is said or printed, while the other is a childish belief in anything that a person is told with authority. This combination of cynicism and naivety is very typical of the modern individual. Its essential result is to discourage him from doing his own thinking and deciding. [14]

With the German Reichstag many historians and otherwise experts seemingly are willing to concur that this was a false flag, the Nazis being the personifications of the evildoers in history and diametrically opposite to our angelic Anglo-American heritage, but in most other cases you are immediately escorted into the loony bin if you whisper “inside job”. The best description about the Reichstag false flag I know of can be found in William Shirer’s seminal work The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, for which he had entrance to hitherto sealed-off Nazi archives and therefore had a more thorough total picture than most of his predecessors. His opinion has of course been widely debated and challenged, but which isn’t? Shirer told us the story of a classic false flag though:

The whole truth about the Reichstag fire will probably never be known. Nearly all those who knew it are now dead, most of them slain by Hitler in the months that followed. Even at Nuremberg the mystery could not be entirely unraveled, though there is enough evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that it was the Nazis who planned the arson and carried it out for their own political ends.

Van der Lubbe, it seems clear, was a dupe of the Nazis. He was encouraged to try to set the Reichstag on fire. But the main job was to be done—without his knowledge, of course—by the storm troopers. Indeed, it was established at the subsequent trial at Leipzig that the Dutch half-wit did not possess the means to set so vast a building on fire so quickly. Two and a half minutes after he entered, the great central hall was fiercely burning. [15]


The classic story of the duped nut-job who thinks he’s helping his country or leader, but is in fact used as a pawn in a game he not even remotely understands. About for instance the CIA most of the American people are quick to believe that they have been guilty of overthrowing governments who weren’t subservient to the US government, hence ‘bad guys’, but as soon as something happens within the own American borders this magically completely disappears out of the equation? Of course it’s hard to believe at first that a false flag in one of our own home countries in the West could possibly be perpetrated by fellow country-men, but the key into understanding this is that these alphabet agencies weren’t started and have never really been there for the common people, but for the individuals and insitutions that fund them.

Allen Dulles again connects some dots for us in The Craft of Intelligence. He incriminates himself as being a ‘conspiracy buff’ even more when he writes about nineteenth and twentieth century Europe and its growing need of secret police forces:

Under Napoleon, first the infamous Joseph Fouché, a product of the turbulent conspiracies of the French Revolution, and later Colonel Savary served as Ministers of Justice and chiefs of purely political secret police and counterespionage organization.

In the period up to the outbreak of World War I, under the aegis of the General Staffs of most European armies a single military intelligence agency developed and became the major foreign intelligence arm of the country. It was directed by military officers rather than by civilians or cabinet ministers, Political intelligence was left largely to the diplomats. [16]

Dulles also touched upon the fact that the craft of intelligence was still deeply imbedded in the ranks of the banking establishment in the nineteenth century, by telling us that the House of Rothschild followed the example of for instance the Fuggers of Augsburg into creating and maintaining their own intelligence forces:

That the Fuggers made few errors in the placements of their investments was in large measure a result of the excellent private intelligence they gathered. The Rothschilds, however, once they had attained a position of some power, benefitted their clients as well as themselves by their superior intelligence-gathering abilities. In promoting their employers’ financial interests from headquarters in Frankfurt-am-Main, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples, Rothschild agents were often able to gain vital intelligence before governments did. [17]

These kind of practices are of course still widely utilized by the big financial institutes, probably more than ever. Because the power-center in the global NWO-network of course lies at the meeting point of the banking, law and intelligence branches, here also is to be found one of the largest flows of important data. In the seventies Paul Hoffman wrote a book called Lions in the Street; The Inside Story of the Great Wall Street Law Firms. In it he also briefly described the deeper interconnection between the bank and its law firm and the role intelligence gathering plays:

A bank has other assets to offer its law firm. Lawyers can call upon the bank’s resources in nonrelated matters. An attorney in a firm that represents one of New York’s largest banks explains: “Let’s say that you file a suit against one of our clients. All I have to do is call up—[the bank] and the next morning I’ll have on my desk a complete credit report on you, where you’ve worked, what you’re worth, how much you owe. I’ll know how badly you need the money you’re suing us for and have an idea of how long you can afford to wait before you’ll have to settle for something less. It’s an incredible advantage. If we need to, the bank can put its private detectives on your tail, find out if you’re cheating on your wife or playing around with little boys. They’ll even tap your telephone or bug your office if they have to. Probably half the illegal wiretapping in town is done for—[his law firm]. And all this at no cost to us; the bank’ll do it as a favor”. [18]

Now let’s go a bit into the connection between intelligence agencies and secret societies or the Mystery Schools. For instance, it seems the Knights of Malta also helped in bringing about some of the first modern intelligence organizations and are in fact quite candid about it, because on one of their websites we can read how the

English started a private intelligence gathering operation supported by their government in 1904 called the Legion of Frontiersmen. This organization, composed of wealthy patriotic English volunteers, prefigured MI6. Members of this group, traveling worldwide as was their customary lifestyle, became an important source for the British Empire’s constant need for information. The American White Cross was being used in similar fashion, and the new American Grand Priory expanded on that practice. The most prominent families in the United States joined the American Grand Priory of the SOSJ, and thereby developed the first American civilian foreign intelligence network. American Grand Priory leaders, Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University, Archer Huntington, founder of the Hispanic Society of America, William Nelson Cromwell, Wall Street lawyer and Francis C. Nicholas, founder of the American International Academy, are among those who crafted the American Grand Priory into an intelligence organization. [19]

We have already met Nicholas Murray Butler in THE BOREDOM OF SKEPTICISM and DEEPER INSIGHTS INTO WORLD ORDER–PART I. Let’s move on to Freemasonry now. The word ‘clandestine’ is probably even derived from the Craft, because as Albert Mackey wrote in his Lexicon Of Freemasonry [1869], this word means:

Not legal. A body of Masons uniting in a lodge without the consent of a Grand Lodge, or although originally legally constituted, continuing to work after its charter has been revoked, is styled a ‘Clandestine Lodge’, and its members are called ‘Clandestine Masons’. [20]

So according to this, the clandestine forces can be described as groups somewhere between the upper and the underworld; somewhere between the legal and the illegal initiates; somewhere between the white-collar criminals and the gangster criminals. One could argue that this resembles the reality of the Intelligence Agencies and their known legacy quite well.

A well-known example of how extremely important INTELLIGENCIA_washingtonthe Craft is for the individual members, is the fact that the bust of George Washington first mentions him as Freemason, and only second as first American President! This was done deliberately, as noted for instance by historian Daniel J. Boorstin. He tells us how Paul Revere, “a prominent Mason, helped organize the town’s funeral ceremony, which became a procession of the Masonic Lodge with all the ritual and regalia of Masonry. They mourned Washington more conspicuously as a fellow lodge member than as the Father of his country”.[21]

The only way that this really can be explained is that they really see themselves as being different than the profane. Under Washington the first American intelligence organ was launched in 1778, named the Culper Ring. Its task was of course mainly spying on the British Empire. “Secrecy was so strict that Washington did not know the identity of all the operatives”, the quite good Wikipedia entry on the Ring Culper reads. It also gives us another example that conspiracies certainly can stay hidden, sometimes for centuries, because it says that the mere existence of the Ring was secret to the public until the 1930s! [22]

And with this separate Brotherhood we even find that as soon as two brothers recognize each other, all other divisions cease. This probably because they’ve committed themelves to strive for the same end-goal of global unity in peace. A good example of this can be found in the book Go Spy The Land [1932], by the British secret agent George Alexander Hill. He tells about his undercover work in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, which was very dangerous at the time of course, because as he wrote himself, “murder, assassination, and hold-ups in the street were the order of the day between 1905 and 1907”. At the start of the book he tells about when he was still a young man and went alongside his father on the job. Amidst the revolution they met with a suspicious German merchant:

At the second meeting my father’s attention was suddenly attracted, for the German had quite unconsciously given a Masonic sign. My father caught the German’s eye and returned the sign. This led to the two men becoming very friendly, and we learned that our German companion was making for Barfurush, where we had a depot. When we were well out in the Caspian our German friend confided to my father that he was really an Englishman and on special service. He took my father into his confidence because he wanted a place at Barfurush where he could stay and whence he could disappear in another disguise. [23]

And so we learn that even in the middle of ‘Hell’, where every INTELLIGENCIA_doggymiscalculation could have cost him his own and his son’s life, the fact that both were Masons overruled everything! In Mackey’s Lexicon Of Freemasonry we also find that another word for the profane is “cowan”, which according to him is derived from the petty Greek word “kuon”, meaning dog. [24]


Another good example of the importance of initiation in to a secret society was disclosed by retired MI5 agent Peter Wright, who in his memoirs Spycatcher also talked about the importance of being a Mason or similar if you want to make it in the Secret Service. A woman named Evelyn McBarnet asked him early on in his career “Are you a Freemason?” on which Wright replied “No, and I don’t approve of it”. The woman then told him darkly that “I didn’t think you looked like one, but you’d better join if you want to be a success in this place”. Later Wright wrote about his recruiting conversation with Personnel Manager John Marriott:

“Just wanted to have a chat—a few personal details, that sort of thing,” he said,INTELLIGENCIA_mi5 giving me a distinctive Masonic handshake. I realized then why my father, who was also a Mason, had obliquely raised joining the brotherhood when I first discussed with him working for MI5 full-time. “Need to make sure you’re not a Communist, you understand.” He said it as if such a thing were impossible in MI5. [25]

The first modern techniques of personal identification were also invented by initiates into the Mystery Schools. Sir William Herschel was among the first to start with the art of fingerprinting, and he was member of multiple organizations with the most prominent of them the Freemasons.[26] Sir Francis Galton is credited for the scientific technique of fingerprinting, as we can see in the nice fingerprint-sunrise from one of his studies.[27] Galton was married to a woman from the Butler family and it would be interesting to find proof if the aforementioned Nicholas Butler was related to her. This would make an interesting Anglo-American connection.




“The size and power of an internal security service is generally in direct ratio to the extent of the suspicion and fear of the ruling clique. Under a repressive and autocratic ruler secret police will blossom, a dreaded parasitical force that permeates every element of the populace and the national scene.”
Allen Dulles[28]

“…the rule of military operations is that if you can stir up the soldiers of all ranks with a common anger, then no one can stand up to them. Therefore, when opponents first come and their energy is keen, you break this down by not fighting for them for the time being. Watch for when they slump into boredom, then strike, and their keen energy can be taken away.
Sun Tzu[29]


Through the years there have been written many valuable works about the endless amounts of conspiracies hatched by the intelligence agencies to overthrow governments, assassinate annoying dictators, instigating false flags and take over or influence mass media outlets. I will touch upon this briefly, but I will especially emphasize how these things actually are helpful in to advancing and quickening the ‘Great Work’ of uniting the world. This will involve the propaganda, psychological warfare and outright mass manipulation and fear-porn instigated on the peoples of the world.

Lamenting the terrible specter of nationalism, national pride and selfish conservativeness that was haunting the peoples of the world, John Foster Dulles, the brother of CIA director Allen, asked in the book The Universal Church And The World Of Nations [1938] the following questions:

How are we to overcome the obstacles created by pride and selfishness? Not by negative measures. We cannot expect the elimination of these very human sentiments by a mere effort of the will, leaving as it were a vacuum. We can get rid of them only by replacing them by some sentiment more dominant and gripping and which will contain in it the elements of universality as against particularity.

This is no visionary dream. Before us today we have the spectacle of communism and fascism changing almost overnight the characteristics of entire peoples. Millions of individuals have been made into different and, on the whole, finer people. Elemental virtues are again treated as matters of concern. Immoralities and dishonestness, personal prides and prejudices are replaced by courage, self-sacrifice, and discipline. There is a conscious subordination of self to the end that some great objective may be furthered. We may, on our part, question the worthiness of the objective. We may deplore the fact that so fine qualities can be evoked for the accomplishment of such inferior ends, but we cannot deny the power of the spirit. [30]

Yes, it was a great “spectacle”, the struggle between Communism and Fascism! According to Dulles, the most important ‘improvement’ both systems gave to the citizens was the collectivization and the usurpation of the individual into the mass man. Of course both systems achieved that, because this was an essential element they needed to speed up the forceful globalizasion of the world. And following Sun Tzu and his Fabian technique, Dulles also went into the utilization of the “energy” of the people in warfare:

But I prefer, in the present paper, to start from the simpleINTELLIGENCIA_eyebeam generalization that modern war constitutes a violent manifestation of the mass energy of human beings. I believe that if we avail ourselves of this concept as a provisional and working hypothesis there readily emerges the general outline of a solution. For once we see the problem as that of controlling energy, we at once find ourselves in a familiar field.

The problem of controlling energy is far from a new one. Mankind has always had to deal with it in relation both to animate and inanimate forces. In the world of the physical we know that everything is in motion and that if there is any one principle of general applicability, it is that of movement and change. Everything is energized to greater or lesser degree. We recognize that there is no possibility of suppressing the dynamic forces which surround us and substituting a static world. Many forces, indeed, we welcome. They are gentle and benign and readily lend themselves to our purposes. But there are others which are violent and destructive. These we might prefer to see wholly eliminated. [31]

So here we see a few interesting observations and in some way admissions. Dulles advised his own elite caste, for which this book was clearly written—it is the same book as the one in which nationalism is called “demonic” as I’ve noted in OUR DEMON-HAUNTED ELITE—to see the peoples of the world from then on as units of energy. The handling of energy is according to Dulles a “familiar field”, which seems kinda strange for a lawyer to claim, don’t you think?

And we once gain see the psychopaths blaming the victims for what they themselves do, because the destructiveness of the 0,01% has of course always been many times greater than that of the common man, just as nowadays with the carbon footprint. A normal citizen just doesn’t embark on a tour of rampage and destruction that often, and without the controlled aid and orchestration of the ruling classes and their executive arms like the intelligence agencies there wouldn’t hardly be any terrorist attacks and mass uprisings. Blaming the normal people for the World Wars is as hypocritical as blaming the Muslim population at large for an insecure world and continuous attacks nowadays. This all wouldn’t have been happening if the Anglo-American Establishment hadn’t bombed the living daylights out of the people in the Middle-East for about the last forty years or so, whilst simultaneously arming, instructing and agitating them.

The same goes for the preceding ‘hot-beds’ in South America and Asia, which were the main targets in the 1960s and 1970s. For instance former CIA officer Philip Agee came to the fore in that period as a big-shot whistleblower, because he couldn’t live anymore with knowingly propagating such criminal and unorthodox behavior the CIA and aligning agencies perpetrated in the world. In his memoirs Agee formulated quite clearly how his hypothetical resignation letter to CIA Director Richard Helms would have looked like:

I joined the Agency because I thought I would INTELLIGENCIA_ciadiarybe protecting the security of my country by fighting against communism and Soviet expansion while at the same time helping other countries to preserve their freedom. Six years in Latin America have taught me that the injustices forced by small ruling minorities on the mass of the people cannot be eased sufficiently by reform movements such as the Alliance for Progress. The ruling class will never willingly give up its special privileges and comforts. This is class warfare and is the reason why communism appeals to the masses in the first place. We call this the ‘free world’; but the only freedom under these circumstances is the rich people’s freedom to exploit the poor.

Agency operations cannot be separated from these conditions. Our training and support for police and military forces, particularly the intelligence services, combined with other US support through military assistance missions and Public Safety programmes, give the ruling minorities ever stronger tools to keep themselves in power and to retain their disproportionate share of the national income. Our operations to penetrate and suppress the extreme left also serve to strengthen the ruling minorities by eliminating the main danger to their power. [35]

So during the Cold War the intelligence agencies really grew in power, reach and clout exponentially, as did the engineered atrocities. Behind the scenes an intricate network of people, information and disinformation was spun, akin to the earlier reference by Sun Tzu of an “imperceptible web”. A worldwide web was already spun, behind the scenes, but only as predecessor of the digital one to follow. The idea of something like the internet go back to the thirties or maybe even the twenties, as I’ve touched on in several earlier articles on this website, like APOCALYPSE NEVER. But for it to be implemented worldwide, first the world had to be standardized and made psychologically susceptible. In PEACE OF MIND I already went into the dividing of the world in two, and the inevitable synthesis into a one world system. This all ran on fear, paranoia and careful and intricate planning from behind the scenes. And as ‘glue’ to connect it all the emerging intelligence web provided the ability for worldwide communication, interrogation, agitation and in the end subjugation. Around 1970 Noam Chomsky published the book At War With Asia, in which he wrote about the post-war world and the role the US played in it. On the “American crusade against Communism”, Chomsky noted that it

provides the psychological climate in which a continuing public subsidy can be provided to technologically advanced sectors of American industry for ‘maintenance of a huge war machine’. Only a population that fears for its own survival can be induced to consent to this subsidy, which has become a central factor in the American post-war economy. This, indeed, was the primary economic lesson of World War II. New Deal measures had smoothed many of the rough edges of the great depression, but had not succeeded in bringing it to an end. The depression was overcome by wartime government spending, and this lesson was not lost on those who own and manage the economy. [36]

Another good book to read on the exoteric side of the Postwar forced globalization is John Pilger’s The New Rulers Of The World  [2002]. He goes into the terrible genocide instigated in Indonesia under the puppet government of General Suharto, and rightfully concludes that “it might be said that globalization in Asia was conceived in Indonesia’s bloodbath”. The predecessor Sukarno had kicked out the IMF and the World Bank [‘good cop’], and hence the ‘bad cop’ USA was sent in and once again installed a dictator who would re-install the economic stronghold and simultaneously help with the terrible problem of overpopulation. Pilger described some interviews he held with some ex-CIA and UN officials, who told him that the success in Indonesia became the blueprint for Chile and Vietnam, amongst others. Pilger also cites the then-president of Time Inc., James Linen:

We are trying to create a new climate in which private enterprise and developing countries work together…for the greater profit of the free world. This world of international enterprise is more than governments…It is the seamless web of enterprise, which has been shaping the global environment at revolutionary speed. [37]

Yes, the big Builders really can’t get enough of shaping and creating new climates at revolutionary speed in their international enterprise. According to a statement in the Congressional Record of 1970, Mr. Linen was “a sponsor of the occult Temple of Understanding and a member of the C.F.R, Atlantic Union, and The Pilgrim Society”.[38] Another important contribution John Pilger made in his book, is pointing out how liberal realism and its globalizing vision was a creation of the military-industrial complex:

The study of post-war international politics, ‘liberal realism’, was invented in the United States, largely with the sponsorship of those who designed and have policed modern American economic power. They included the Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, the OSS (the forerunner of the CIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations, effectively a branch of government.

‘Good international citizen’, ‘good governance’ and ‘third way’ are from the same lexicon of modern imperial euphemisms adopted by the new ‘progressive’ movement in world affairs. [39]


Also the American cultural historian and sociologist Morris Berman put it quite clearly in in his book Dark Ages America [2006]:

As is the case with the ‘war on terrorism’, I believe much of the Cold War was an illusion, a large mythic structure or narrative co-created by the United States and the USSR for their own respective domestic political agendas. On both sides, the presence of a powerful enemy served to generate a huge apparatus of employment of government expenditures, including elaborate structures of espionage, military research and development, scientific research institutes, and the like. The two ‘threats’ thus maintained each other and enabled each system to define itself in opposition to each other. [40]

I agree that it was a co-creation, but besides for their own domestic agendas, there was also the collective agenda for the synthesis of both systems working underneath, as I argued in PEACE OF MIND. Another often used source for this fusion through Foundations, which certainly has some value in it, is René Wormser’s book Foundations; Their Power And Influence [1958].[41] Here we find for instance that the head of the Ford Foundation told the writers of the book that they were embarked on a mission “to so alter life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable merger with the Soviet Union”.

The French sociologist Jacques Ellul wrote in his masterwork Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes  [1956] that “the mass society was a primary condition for the emergence of propaganda; once formed, it evoked the power and functions of propaganda”. Another tool the social engineers needed was total control over the mass media, because as Ellul tells us too that where “film production, the press, and radio transmission are not centrally controlled, no propaganda is possible”.[42] Before the most important newspapers and magazines were taken over by the globalists the methods of pamphlets and leaflets were used. This goes centuries back to for instance the Rosicrucian Manifestos, which were spread amongst the peoples to get them into a certain mindset and to start the needed subjects of conversation. One of the primary experts on the psychological manipulation of the masses as perpetrated in World War II was Paul Linebarger. In his very good book Psychological Warfare  [1948] he tells us about how the Americans used this leaflet method in the European and Mediterranean domains. He tells how eight billion leaflets were dropped from planes in the residential areas, packed with both pictorial as textual messages which would pacify and nullify the target populations. Linebarger also tells us how complete newspapers were designed per area, based on the literacy and known mindset of the peoples in the area. This even also included remote areas in Japan, Birma and Tibet. He tells us how all-embracing the operations already really were in the forties:

In getting at the enemy, the United States printed leaflets, cartoons, pamphlets, newspapers, posters, books, magazines. In black operations enough fabrications were perpetrated to keep the FBI busy for a thousand years. Movies in all forms (commercial, amateur, all known widths, sound and silent, even lantern slides) went out all over the world. Radio talked on all waves in almost every language and code; loudspeakers, souvenirs, candy, matches, nylon stockings, pistols you could hide in your mouth, sewing thread, salt, phonograph records and baby pictures streamed out over the world. Much of this was necessarily waste. [43]

So we find a few important details here. First that much of what the military industrial complex spreads out over the public is consciously irrelevant or disinformation, or as Linebarger called it: necessary waste. Furthermore that they spread both professional and amateur video material, and if we extend this to nowadays we can presume beyond a reasonable doubt that much of the nonprofessional looking stuff that floats around in the anti-NWO Movement is also produced by counterintelligence agencies or their subsidiaries. You often see people denouncing certain videos or books or whatever because they look too professional, but this notion can also turn out to be wrong, because they know many people think this way. It’s nowadays quite easy to make professional looking video’s and e-books yourself, so you should really base you opinion on the information provided and the person giving you the information and not how it looks or ‘resonates’  with you. Take the interesting nuggets out of it and try to find a few independent confirmations of them. And only then add them to your own intellectual arsenal.

And as soon as this was in place and the war-trumpets had faded, the world came into the next stage of development with the simultaneous commencement of both the regular Cold War and also the ‘Cultural Cold War’. It was called this way for instance by Frances Stonor-Saunders in her very informative book Who Paid The Piper; The CIA And The Cultural Cold War  [1999]. This book is largely based on then-recently declassified material from the CIA and aligning organizations, and contained therefore quite some details that weren’t published before. It gives a good insight in how total / totalitarian the control in Europe really has been, and probably largely still is. There is so much information in this book that I really don’t give it much credit by only providing a few quotes. So I really urge the reader to buy the book itself. It gives a very clear picture of how the international invisible government has unfolded in the second part of the twentieth century and how the interplay between the agencies and the Foundations are. Speaking about the “criss-cross” of CIA money, of which they never had any danger of running out because of the courtesy of the taxpayer, Mrs. Stonor-Saunders tells us that this money

filtered its way through a raft of host foundations, some acting as fronts, some as conduits. Known to have wittingly facilitated CIA funding ‘passes’ were over 170 foundations […] On their boards sat the cream of America’s social, financial and political establishment. Not for nothing did these foundations announce themselves as ‘private’. Later, the joke was that if any American philanthropic or cultural organization carried the words ‘free’ or ‘private’ in its literature, it must be a CIA front. [44]

That’s also an important thing to remember, that the making fun of the people and mocking them because of their ignorance has always been important in their globalization rituals too. And this is an interesting quote on the early stages of uniting Europe into what later became the European Union:

The principal pressure group for advancing the idea of a united Europe in partnership with America was the European Movement, an umbrella organization covering a range of activities directed at political, military, economic, and cultural integration. Guided by Winston Churchill, Averell Harriman, and Paul-Henri Spaak, the Movement was closely supervised by American intelligence and funded almost entirely by the CIA through a dummy front called the American Committee on United Europe, whose first executive secretary was Tom Braden.

As for those liberal internationalists interested in the idea of a Europe united around internal principles and not according to American strategic interests, they were considered by Washington to be no better than the neutralists. The CIA and the Psychological Strategy Board were specifically instructed to ‘guide media and programs towards destruction’ of this particular heresy. [45]

The CIA’s involvement in the creation and training of the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union has of course been widely exposed many times. This article won’t repeat those facts, but for sake of completing the picture it has to be sketched out succinctly. Speaking about befriending the thugs in Afghanistan and making them stronger than they ever could have achieved by themselves, the aforementioned Morris Bergman tells us that

the logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” was a dubious one, and it had a powerful chain reaction. Afghan casualties included one million dead, three million wounded, and five million who were rendered refugees — in all, about one-half of its population. (Since the United States no longer had use for the country by 1992, it just walked away from the entire mess. This too did not go unnoticed by the Arab world.) For all intents and purposes, Afghan society was destroyed, and the Taliban subsequently rose on its ruins.

In the wake of September 11, the causal links are pretty obvious. Part of our funding for the operation found its way into the hands of Osama bin Laden, who was then a Saudi engineer in his late twenties. By the late 1980s, Saudi intelligence was, with America’s approval, using bin Laden to channel millions of dollars to the rebel forces. Through Pakistani intelligence, he was indirectly trained by the CIA (we trained his trainers, in effect). [46]

And with the help of the seemingly perpetual fear of terrorism which they themselves have largely created, they are finalizing the global electronic cybernetic prison grid. Below you see the otherworldy and almost transcendental terrain of the NSA Headquarters at night, already looking like a real electronic hub in the Global Brain.


Aren’t Intelligence Agencies an intrinsic part of a Global Brain? They indeed are starting to control the total information and energy flow of the global organism that is humanity. One of the phrases they’ve coined through the years is Total Information Awareness, which would really mean that they are the controlling factor of the total consciousness of the World Brain. The globalists are eager to call humanity a cancer on Earth and seek in technology their savior. But is that really true? Is planet Earth maybe like a tiny cell in a vast unimaginable large cosmic brain, slowly getting infected with an electronic virus? Because can you interpret the picture below in any other way than concluding that it’s not humanity, but technology, that is the real cancer that’s eating planet Earth?




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