The content on this website is produced by one individual from The Netherlands, and its main focus is the ongoing process of forced globalization into a one-world system with a single government, law, religion, army and culture. This is often called the New World Order [NWO], a well-known and unfortunately much misused and troubled phrase which means different things to different people. In contemporary historiography we can trace the phrase back to around the period of World War I, when a large part of the civilized world was in great turmoil. The phrase is mostly used in geopolitics as a term for describing major changes in the balance of power in the political, military or societal theatre. The phrase was also immediately hijacked by vigilant and sometimes radical individuals and groups from the left and right sides of the political spectrum. Many fundamental religious groups and movements carried the phrase as well and wove in into their millenarist eschatology. But in reality the NWO-phrase was coined by the elites themselves, because it’s their brainchild.

Many of the people reading this might have the same experience as myself; spending thousands of hours of research into for instance history, philosophy, economics, music, sociology, psychology, and inevitably stumbling upon conspiracy related material. You quickly learn there exists a vast underground scene which propagates an often diametrically opposed worldview to the mainline history that is given to us. The standard response by these alternative groups is that when the mainstream media or the government says A, they say, or scream, B. The market of alternative and conspiratorial media and literature is like a minefield or quicksand, where every careless step can suck you under into La La Land, with only a slim chance to emerge out of it unscathed. Many people go all the way and delve into every conspiracy they can get their hands on, and my god there are many. But as soon as you learn that the majority of them are bogus, unsubstantiated or irrelevant, it leaves you confused. Some learned about this the hard way; due to militant convincing-methods of true non-believers, the so-called Skeptics, they flipped 180° and converted into unbelievers too, thinking that they were duped into believing some conspiracy. Just as there are many mindless conspiracy theory website, there are almost as much websites ready and waiting to provide ‘believers’ with the same kind of simplistic and over-generalized answers which sufficed them earlier on. No, the only way to really know what’s real is to take your time and to really do your own research. Use the research by others as guideline, but always draw your own conclusions.

On this website you will find information on the truths and flaws of both sides, but centered around the debate about the New World Order. All the completely different takes on the same phrase have long been absolutely incompatible, but since the spectacular real start of the new millennium, on September 11th, 2001, we have witnessed three major processes which have put these radically different viewpoints on a possible collision course, to a point where some kind of convergence might be possible. This point of convergence might lead us to the situation where for the first time in our recent history the complete truth on how the world is really run from behind the scenes is uncovered. The three major processes which have drawn the alternative research into the forefront can be described as:

|1.|  Improving scholarship on the anti-New World Order side, combined with better interaction through the Internet.
|2.|  Detailed exposures and leaks by credible whistleblowers on the emerging Orwellian world state.
|3.|  Evermore clearly visible steps on forced globalization and centralization of power. World Government is out in the open; it’s no taboo anymore.

The information on this website is intended to describe all three processes in great detail, in the hope of possibly being of some assistance into reaching this point of convergence and mutual understanding, before it is too late, and freedom and individuality is lost altogether. In the last decades we’ve seen many of our primary rights incrementally being eroded, with the majority of the people too apathetic or indifferent to even bother anymore. The main question is if this erosion has been planned, orchestrated and managed, or just an unfortunate coincidence, bad luck for us and the only possible outcome in an evolving society. The latter is what most people believe; a more complex and interconnected society equals and justifies the erosion of privacy and individuality. But there is also an increasing amount of people who think that it has been planned and orchestrated this way. There are dozens of perpetrators called out by different factions around the world, mostly from a political or religious outline. Most of the suspected perpetrators aren’t, but on the other hands of most of the groups most often mentioned, probably a small minority at the top in fact is. The term used on this website is the ‘Dominant Minority’. This was the name Aldous Huxley used for the small group of rich elites and social engineers of where he himself was part of. So this might be the best name we’ve got to describe the subject in question. The Conspiracy Industry and Hollywood-version is called the Illuminati, which has especially been made famous to ridicule everyone researching the subject of forced globalization. Although this group of course existed in the 18th Century and later reemerged under other names this name isn’t used by themselves openly and therefore has no relevance to the information provided on this website.

As with most pivotal moments in history, the future of the masses might be decided by the courage and efforts of only a small and differentiated minority. A small group who is able to see through the vast web of deceit that’s all around us, and who have enough acuity and vigilance left to care. Let’s call us the Vigilant Minority.  And the time is nigh, more than most people will ever understand. I hope that the information on this website adds to your knowledge, and might help you teaching others what’s really happening.

And then, maybe, in a not-too-distant future, our progeny will be able to think; think back on how their forefathers withstood what Huxley once called the ‘Ultimate Revolution’. They might speak joyful of how some small but courageous group of human beings decided to counter and against all odds stopped the emergence of a totalitarian world state. They might speak about how they scrambled the NWO, as soon as they started to OWN their mind, said NOW it’s enough, and finally WON their freedom. They might speak on how this small group in their simple but constructive way became ‘thrice greatest’ and withstood the first real test on humanity, with at stake the future of most of the world population. Our progeny might speak fervently on how for the first time in history people of all creeds and beliefs completely set aside their prejudices and differences, stopped blaming all others for their own shortcomings and used the inner power that dwells in us all to finally stop the encroaching danger, thus letting the next generations being born without bondage. Then maybe, just maybe, they will be vigilant enough to let it never happen again. It would be the greatest and most important step forward in all of human evolution. What an honor for us to be part in it!




Place your life, place in time
It pays to sway way from the line
Save your death, save it in life
You reach most high if you dare to dive

Keep the past, keep it close
It’s not all now that matters most
Mind the future, mind it oft’
You won’t know how, but you’ll be loved

See what’s not, see through the tale
Your journey starts where others fail
Feel what is, feel what’s not there
You in normality so very rare

Take it in, take all you can
Surviving struggle makes you man
Bring it out, bring with it your soul
You don’t know now, you have a role

Face the dark, face it without fear
It’s the essence of you being here
Teach the light, teach fill that gap
You dared to think, that first big step

Enjoy it near, enjoy its warmth
How it enflames your inner guard
From afar, from far you came
Promise me: don’t let them fade your flame


It is joyous being awake. The path to get there is hard, lonely and long, and you never seem to have reached the end of it. But do something with your accumulated knowledge. Don’t stay caught up in futureshock; help others to shock the future! Learn what’s coming and fully understand it. Use your knowledge to describe and dissect the control system, because as soon as you understand its nature and where they want to take us, you instinctively know what the next steps will be. Then the fear and uncertainty will cease automatically. Never waste that little time that’s been given to you here with the irrelevant escapist entertainment laid out for us. It’s fun to learn, it’s even addictive to learn. For the first time in your life you will actually feel alive and establish a firm grasp on what’s happening in the world. The time will come, sooner as you might think, that the people around you will crave for knowledge and understanding on what’s happening with their lives and society, because less and less will make sense anymore and the pace of change will only accelerate. Be there for them, so that they can be there for you too.

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