In the farthest corners of your mind
Where you don’t dearly dare to go
There is much hiding in the dark
Looming from deep down below

Thoughts go back to those awful moments
Shadows dying a gruesome death
The haunting screams won’t seem to cease
These noises make you never forget

When silence crept across the field
Mingled with some distant sound
You realise you are all alone
Left for dead in darkness bound

The endgame is over for some time now
Moments fade but they remain
Closing in all around you
The souls of all those people slain

You can hear them all approaching
And know that when you open your eyes
You will have to face your demons
Time to pay your ultimate price

Oh yes, you see your self-reflection
Watching back but never alone
Roaming through a maze of mirrors
Forever in your own sweet twilight zone

Your body has since become weaker
Hearing and sight have steadily dropped
The weapons have all long been silenced
But the war in you has never stopped

You were awake and knew what was coming
But chose for safety and your job
So lost the only chance we’re given
Now the war in you will never stop

Why the fuck didn’t you wake more people up?