How The Builders Build Their House

Staring at the stars gave the architects understanding
And the houses of the Zodiac, a time-scale for their planning
Through secrecy they got squarely, in league with their vows
To re-make humanity, they had to externalize their house

 They stretched out their foundations, with pipes to the Middle-East
To filmly expand their assets, Wall Street became their beast
Draining the world of wealth, by pushing dirty banking tricks
We approach the global village, by the resourceful use of BRICS

They use mortar to build high, but mortars to break down again
It’s an endless life of dying, until we stop say ‘Yes We Can’
They use Bushes to obscure vision and Put in – Arab destabilization
The Big Brotherhood seeks perfection of the united Corporation

From the other side of the wall, the llaw protects them from police
BLOCS used by master-builders, while they rob and steal and fleece
With funny monopoly money, they craft castles in the air
They Bild-a-Berg out of debt, people’s misery and despair

A smart GRID inter-connected, filled with people not-so-bright
From their Gates and their Windows, they spy on every other site
The elect and their power wants to awake eternal lux
Secret data goes by cables, so their in-form-a-sion stays in flux

In the field their berg blooms, and Forbes, honey, is for-bees
Without removing their stinger, we will never get some peace
Zoom zoom zoom in your Buzz-feed, and IBM says I Am Bee
To get their waxing on the wane, remove your cell-phony and you’ll see 

The U.N. is the Global blueprint, that’s why blue is often seen
They made Asia yellow peril, and mixed it progressively into green
Through the reds came revolution; white appeased us on the brink
And to standardize us further, they mixed it slowly into pink 

To rap things up nicely, grinding metal and rock
Children learn to pop their homies, leaving them stoned in futureshock
Jack synthesized the music, declared House-music born
With our Garage full of Techno, flee your I-POD or be torn 

If we bite their sweetest Apple, swallow their Backest Berry whole
Making us run on Android; don’t let that I-Phone take your soul
Entertained on the Cloud,  they’ll think they’re Gods who can reach all
But when the raining really starts, who will be there to break their fall?

Un-chain you from your dungeon; that living-dead room with TV
Let’s together open the window, one of opportunity
A strong coalitsion, to re-start life in people’s mind
Because as long as we are here, there is a future to mankind