Pax Alchemica


Bacon and Dee wrote how great Britain once would be
The steppingstone to worldly domination, you see
The designers of the New Atlantis and the embryo of a plan
Uniting States to reunite the world once again

Secret societies in the world coalesced their might
Set the scene for revolutions based on equality and right
Disguised like fights for freedom, as done so much in the past
Along with sovereign states, it was never built to last

The movement became notorious by Weishaupt and his kind
Through their works the meaning of revolution was refined
Arrests and persecution drove the movement underground
But through corporate councils their foundation was rebound

Herder, Hegel and Fichte lead the Dialectic of the Enlightment
The con of constant conflict, our 20th Century’s excitement
We got Capitalism and Communism, two sides with a common fate
Which are synthesizing now to a sustainable state

World Wars have been staged by the oracles of the occult
The opposing Red and White which gave the Rainbow as result
Through the phony Cold War the merger went in acceleration
A hard road to World Order for eradication of the nation

As Billington wrote in his Fire In The Minds Of Men
Secret Societies formed the base of this big alchemic plan
A plan that would take, a few centuries to complete
But which might end up for the elite into finally being freed

Freed from fear of the public and of losing grip of power
They will use the Tree of Life to crush life’s delicate flower
Their weapons of choice are science, fear and law
Mesmerized by entertainment the stupid masses stand in awe

The Darwins forged the theory of natural selection
Which meant the world was on its way losing its affection
Life was no longer sacred, people degraded to beasts
The stage set for eugenics on which the white-coat priesthood feasts

The System became God and left the individual departed
All old world religions are on their way to be discarded
Played off against each other so that all of them will fall
Writings on the wall, as prophesised by Manly Hall

The new God will be green, a Deus ex Machine
A system like the Beehive; with workers, drones and Queen
All Is A Way to Baal, as Alice Bailey revealed her role
Externalization of the Hierarchy and the end goal is your soul

Due to Bernays and Freud, the world went paranoid
Obsessively about sex, hence of love in life devoid
The late great Carl Jung, the high-Masonic scion
Gave in his books a glimpse of the road ahead to Sion

As Huxley and Russell wrote of the dictatorship in the making
Scientism would open up our minds for the taking
This final frontier of freedom of the whole human race
Is the area where the ‘Ultimate Revolution’ will take place

We’re conditioned by computer to never really use our brain
The social media maze will turn the Netizens insane
The prison of Kybernetes, biometrics and wi-fi
Might take over the human mind in the blink of an eye

Most people will think they’re hip, standing in line for their chip
Their virtual life will seem like a psychedelic trip
Stuck on the World Wide Web, interred in the Net
Merged in the Global Brain, freed from anxiety and regret

Then the long foreseen ‘1000 Years Of Peace’ will commence
All the people in the world in a perpetual State of Trance
New Agers will be One, with no real thoughts of their own
No longer afraid of everything, most of all of being alone

The real meaning of Sion is the merger of Sun and Moon
Dissolution of the sexes: androgyny will reign soon
Then the despised Fall of Man will be finally overcome
By another Great Leap Forward, for an Illuminated some

‘As Above, So Below’ is how the plan’s supposed to go
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, as Blake said us so
Jachin-Boaz intertwined, singularity near
Completion on the globe; a perfect dictatorship here

It’s difficult to wade through the exoteric woes
To actually see how deep the rabbit hole goes
As with Babylon’s whore, you’re not in Kansas anymore
Understand Revelations to see what’s for us in store

If you’re able to understand, and see the Great Work unfold
Humanity  initiated from base metal to gold
All the world is but a stage, you will conclude in a rage
Pawns on the Grand Chessboard till the end of our Age

The window of opportunity for reaction is closing fast
Use your word as a sword as free expression will not last
Exposure by whistleblowers might have won a bit of time
But know that in the future even thinking is a crime

If we don’t act quickly our freedoms will be repealed
Our individual self, hermetically sealed
So for every human seeing, with the courage and will to learn
The moment to choose is now; this time it’s your turn