The Eye Of The Storm


In the early morning I was often mourning
During a dreary day I couldn’t find my way
But after a dark night something shined so bright
Only the foolish hide when the time is right

It are troubled times where nothing is what is seems
Even feelings of freedom fade into the faintest dreams
My fellow countrymen looked foreign to me
Because the people kept sleeping as far as my eyes could see

I chose the stance to choose, the road less travelled by
A difficult one to take because I really didn’t know why
It took me quite a while going through doubt and through sorrow
Because the road ahead foresees quite a troublesome tomorrow

Then I stumbled on some people with a similar belief
Read their books, watched their movies, found some kind of relief
I witnessed wide awakening, thinking became the norm
People started to gather in the eye of the storm

So I opened
My eyes
And didn’t let the storm pass me by

So I opened
My mind
And got my view of life refined

All is quiet
And clear
New insights appear

I overcame
My fear
When I joined these people here

But this is not my story, it’s also one of you
Because you are reading this now, so I know you feel it too
You see the same as me, you’re eyes are no longer closed
Yes, the secrets of our prison are exponentially exposed

Enjoy the great journey when you are awaking
The warmth of the sparks of your consciousness breaking
Pretty pleasant moments in a world filled with war
Getting back the sense of knowing who you really are

But suddenly you’ll be hit, with the most awful feeling of all
The demise of all that’s pure in life, felt deeply in your soul
You’ll see we’re in the middle of the biggest mental war
And we’ll have to change the structure of society from the core

So stop the narcissistic nonsense and the materialistic mayhem
The hiding behind hope and grow a spine onto your brain stem
The storm we are facing will be a difficult one to ride
But if we soundly stand together ‘we the people’ won’t subside

So open
Your eyes
Don’t let the storm pass you by

So open
Your mind
Jump and you will start to fly

If you
Get there
It will be worth it, I swear

And you will
Get there
Because I know you still care

But this is not your story, it’s the story of us all
The most important story, one of rise or one of fall
The mighty message of peace must be shouted all around
Let’s hope this time for once, people recognize its sound

Democracy, we now see, only resembles being free
It’s just the passing stage on our way to tyranny
Too many people suffered for so very long
Where was our primal sense of what is right and what is wrong?

Will in the coming years humanity re-claim its power
Because we are getting now to the decisive final hour
Things will start to happen with an increasing speed
Which might end up in a world freed from being run by greed

The old paradigm is clearing, the new Age is in sight
It won’t be one of might, but one which in our heart feels right
After a long time of solitude, it’s starting to get warm
In the place where people reunite; in the eye of the storm

We have opened
Our eyes
And let nothing pass us by

We have opened
Our minds
For the first time we’re alive

All is quiet
And clear
Because we overcame our fear

All is quiet
So clear
We dare to care; we are here