Dear readers,


Unfortunately I have to take a time-out regarding this website for now. About four months ago I’ve started here in order to put out as much of information on what’s happening in the world now, as far as I hope to understand it. And in this period I put almost all my time in it, sometimes literally day and night. Lost a lot of sleep, but gained a lot of knowledge.  This was possible because I quit my job at the end of last year and am in a process of starting up my own business. I was occupied with this the first months of 2015, but as soon as I noticed that the Agenda was starting to accelerate dramatically I temporarily dropped everything else and put all my effort into this site. This meant that almost no money was coming in while the bills of course kept coming, so now I’ve come to the point that I really have to pick up my business work to avoid getting into serious problems in the private sphere.

I’m glad I’ve managed to put out a lot of information, which hopefully helps people in understanding where we came from, are now, and are going. I hope some people might find comfort in it, and that it helps in their own understanding and that my message is able to motivate and lessen the burden of your daily worries. Much of what I’ve written is based on work of others, wherefore I thank them once again. They know who I mean.  But also a large chunk  of the information is as far as I know quite original, in both source material and in viewpoints or conclusions. Some things turned out to be more controversial than I initially believed or wanted to put out here, but I followed the information wherever it led and, well, that’s what you now can find here.  I’ve tried to source everything as directly as possible, so you can go into this source material for yourself to see if I’m crazy or only just a little bit. I suggest downloading as much as possible, because you never know how long it will stay online anymore.  The total volume of text and material on the website  equals to a book of somewhere between 700 and 800 pages, I think. About 32 articles of 10.000 words on average, and a lot of text in newspaper articles, book clippings and also many additional images. I also linked several documentaries and interviews that all contain valuable info, and even two blog posts with music videos. So for most people there has to be at least a little something there that they didn’t knew.

I will still be posting some new material, but how much and in what tempo will depend on how my business startup will run and if I can keep it afloat in this economy. [Yeah yeah, I know…terrible timing!]   The articles already shared will be improved too, by deleting mistakes and irrelevant paragraphs, and improving spelling, etc.  Because with hindsight  there is a lot of room for improvement left, especially in the older articles. I might have been a bit too direct sometimes, but that’s how we are here in Holland. Because it’s only a small country we always have had to bark a bit harder than others to be heard.  Besides producing music I also write lyrics, hence I’m used to thinking in rhyme, which sometimes shines a bit through in my writing style.  Furthermore I always try to make the things I write as timeless as possible, so that it doesn’t really matter if you read an article now or over a year. But it’s probably better to read them today.

Maybe I will combine the best information here and make one big PDF e-book of it, if people would be interested in that.